April 06, 2011


Myths and Masters - The Game Sequel?

Review of "Myths and Masters of the Game"

Author: Adam Brown
Format: Ebook or Paperback
Pages: 175 (ebook), 182 (paperback)
Price: $19.97 (ebook), $35.00 (paperback)
Location (ebook):www.MythsAndMasters.com
Location (paperback): www.tinyurl.com/mythsandmasters
Review By: Nick Savoy

I don't usually write reviews - my life is pretty fun and I'm kind of busy and most of the time what people want me to review is some jerkoff recycling 2008-era Love Systems material without properly understanding it. No point in that for anyone.

So, I wasn't expecting much when I heard about Myths and Masters of the Game. And then a few things got my attention:

      1. It wasn't written by "some jerkoff." It was written by Adam Brown, a well-respected and well-known professional journalist and investigative reporter with 20 years experience and credits in the New York Times, Bloomberg, Newsweek, etc.

      2. It wasn't a "how-to" book (though it ended up containing a lot more how-to insights just by observing and following successful men and writing what they did). It was a story, kind of like The Game... but...

      3. Unlike The Game, Myths and Masters doesn't seem to have a self-promoting agenda or scores to settle. In fact, author Adam Brown doesn't put himself in the story at all. He's a reporter, an observer. It's not a positive portrayal of the community and it's not negative. Some people in the book have positive experiences, some have negative experiences, and for some it's mixed. The author lets them all talk, in their own words.

        A pretty promising beginning, but our experience with the media has been a bit mixed. I never thought I'd see an article in print in which the writer admits explicitly that his goal is to make Love Systems look bad (Las Vegas Weekly) or that she finds the concept of average guys with hot girls to be "horrifying" (Boston Globe), etc. Anyway, /end rant. Time to talk about the book.

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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