October 25, 2009


Soul's Story - From Introvert Virgin to Day Game Expert

Soul’s journey has been so amazing, and so fast, that I asked him to share some of his thoughts here.  He starts with a question: 

What do you really want from Love Systems and from the women in your life?  

  • Do you want to have sex every week (or every day) with a new, beautiful woman?
  • Do you want to find your one, true love?
  • Are you looking to improve your social skills?
  • Or do you want high quality, beautiful and intelligent lovers in your life that inspire you to be a stronger man?

When I started studying Love Systems years ago, my goal was simple: be able to date, sleep with, and get into relationships with beautiful women.  Ambitious goals for a 19-year old virgin.  I want to take you through my journey a little bit, since there are a lot of shortcuts you can use to get good, and a lot of dead ends that I see guys fall into... over and over.

Lesson One: Forget “natural skills” - everything you need to know can be learned

After my talk on “Deep Rapport” at the Super Conference (see reviews), a few guys asked whether I was a “natural.”  Have I always been warm/likeable/attractive/confident/etc.?  Actually, no.  The only thing I was born good at was Mathematics (kind of a Sri Lankan trait).  Everything else I learned.  When I was 19, I was:

  • A virgin.
  • An introvert.
  • A stutterer.
  • Without any confidence in my looks.

The first barriers I had to overcome were within myself.  I didn’t truly believe that a shy, stuttering Sri Lankan kid could have beautiful women left and right.  I was a virgin, and most people who looked and acted like me didn’t have much more success than I did.  

Like a lot of men, this all changed for me when I heard about Love Systems and especially the book Magic Bullets.  This was in the old days, when it was Magic Bullets version 1.0.  It’s been the basic blueprint ever since, though of course every Love Systems instructor, myself included (and Savoy included), goes well beyond what Savoy wrote in Magic Bullets when teaching bootcamps or one-on-ones.  The way I see it, Magic Bullets is the instructional manual, the secret bible of seduction for men.  Live training (like bootcamps and one-on-ones) is the application of all of that wisdom and all of those techniques to YOU.

I’ll give you an example.  The book helped me be better looking.  That sounds ridiculous until you absorb the insight in the Fashion chapter that “being good looking for a man is much more about fashion and grooming than it is about what you look like naked.”  You can see in my YouTube videos that I am still not an especially good looking guy in general, but I learned how to be good looking to beautiful women .  One of the big “problems” holding me back... gone.

Magic Bullets didn’t solve my stuttering under pressure or introverted nature directly, but it got me on the path to success with women.  It’s amazing how confident you can be when you have a proven step-by-step plan to seduce beautiful women, compared to seeing a beautiful woman on the street, watching her, watching her walk away, and then wondering if you’re destined to be a virgin forever...

So, what I am trying to say here is the same as when people ask me whether it’s more important to learn the basic Love Systems theory or whether it’s more important to go out and practice and develop your unique skills: the answer is both.  So when I get an email or a PM on The Attraction Forums with a standard theory question and I respond by referring to a specific chapter or page number in Magic Bullets, it isn’t because I’m lazy, it’s because what’s in there is solid and stands the test of time.  My goal with questions like that is to get you up to speed on the basics as soon as possible so we can start having fun with the more advanced stuff we do.

Lesson Two:  Push yourself and set higher goals

This leads me to my next point.  Don’t get Magic Bullets or our other amazing products and then stop learning.  I fell into this rut myself.  When I started being able to walk into a bar or shopping mall and be able to choose a woman and have a good chance of sleeping with her or dating her, I thought I was done.  Just like I had to believe that getting to this level was possible, I had to make myself believe that the next level was also going to be possible.

Put another way, as you get better at dating and have increasing levels of success in your life, you need to keep setting the bar higher.  Dating science to me now is about more than just Day Game, Night Game or sleeping with beautiful women.  It’s about enriching my life with inspirational and supportive people whose company I can enjoy physically, mentally and emotionally.

We all need to make sure we keep on setting the bar higher as we achieve more of our current goals.  A typical Goal Evolution for many of the clients I’ve met and trained is:

  1. Find an attractive girlfriend.
  2. Have a multitude of same nigh lays with beautiful women.
  3. Have non-exclusive casual relationships with multiple attractive women.
  4. Find one or more high-quality women that you enjoy spending time with physically and emotionally.

The preferences and standards you have for women in your life (which are critical for the Qualification stage of an interaction with a woman – covered in Chapter 8 of Magic Bullets) normally evolve concurrently with your goals. For example, a typical preference evolution could look like this:

  1. I want hot women.
  2. I want hot women that are also interesting to talk to and spend time with.
  3. I want attractive women who have specific goals in their lives and are working towards them.
  4. I want women that inspire and support me in my goal to become a better man.

One student I met at the Super Conference was a young, confident and good-looking guy who had good skills.  As we talked for the first few minutes, it became clear that this guy had slept with hundreds of beautiful women but was not happy and unsure where he was supposed to go next.  I asked him a few questions to elucidate what he really wanted from life.  Within a few minutes, we had dug deep into the key characteristics that he needed from women who were going to keep him interested.

The epiphany he reached was clear from his face.  He went on to have a bootcamp weekend with us unlike any other weekend he’s ever had – having breakfast with his arms around two high-quality women he had just had a threesome with whilst millionaires and other high status guys eyed him enviously was just one of the highlights.

The lesson here is that you need to periodically update or evolve what you want from dating science and women in your life.  If you are unhappy or frustrated in your current endeavors, it is because you have not evolved a new goal or are not working towards it.  The two things to consider are:

  • How can you set the bar higher and create more evolved goals?
  • How can you change your current methodology to achieve the new goals?

This year, as well as helping clients to reach and evolve new goals, I’ve been impressed with those of the people around me.  That’s why I’m so proud to work for Love Systems.  Whatever you want to achieve from your dating life, I personally guarantee you that there is at least one person if not many more at Love Systems who can help you get there – just pick up the phone and speak to us today...

... Or procrastinate and let women choose you for another year.  Your choice.

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