October 26, 2009


Be a Pickup Artist - An Introduction


Today, I want to share a few secrets with you.    

This isn’t going to be the typical “say this and when she says that, you do this” kind of advice.  

No – it’s going to be, for the first time, really getting at what underlies Love Systems.  Why it works, and what you have to understand to get 100% out of it.  Right now you’re probably only just scratching the surface.    

(Not that there’s anything wrong with that... a lot of guys just scratch the surface and blindly do whatever Magic Bullets tells them and have amazing girlfriends, dates, and adventures.  But you can do so much more...  You might even be the next Love Systems instructor!)  

Take the next six minutes and explore this with me.  I guarantee that when you finish, you’ll never look at picking up or dating in the same way again.  This article has been a LONG time coming...  

Where does this come from?  

A couple years ago, I realized that I’d had just about everything a man could conceivably want with women.  I’ve dated runway models, Playboy girls, beautiful actresses, even multiple porn stars – and equally beautiful women with advanced degrees or exciting careers.  I’ve had threesomes, more-somes, multiple girlfriends, even a three-way relationship with two amazing women.  There have been enough scandalous nights to fill a decade’s worth of Penthouse Forum.  

I reached a point when I started to wonder: what’s next?  

Sure, I could keep getting better.  And I do.  I work all the time with the Love Systems team of 20+ instructors around the world - most of whom are so good that they could easily be leading their own Love Systems if they wanted to.  But we’ve been doing this for so long now that we “get it.”  We have handled “cold approach” (cold approach = approaching women you don’t know, like at a bar).  It’s still fun, but I’ve been focusing on three other goals:    

  1. To teach this to others.
  2. To push our breakthroughs beyond “cold approach.”
  3. To understand why Love Systems works so well (the main point of this piece).  

#1 – Teach this to others  

It took me three years to get good, and to me, that was at least two years too long.  

It didn’t take me so long because I was stupid, or not trying.  It took me a long time because there was nothing really to guide me.  I wanted models and threesomes, not email addresses from three-minute conversations.  

Back then, there wasn’t even an Attraction Forums, where men like me and you could get together to trade ideas and experiences.  

So I got to thinking about what I really wished had been around back when I was starting out.   Bootcamps existed and were obvious – guys like me get together with guys like you to show you solid game – live – in bars, clubs, restaurants, and lounges and work on your game until YOU are picking up properly.  Beyond that, the obvious first step was to write a book.  I called it Magic Bullets, and it gives away half of the essential Love Systems approach.  

(I said “half” deliberately.  No, it’s not so we could go back and then release “Advanced Magic Bullets.”  Later in this section, I’ll explain why Magic Bullets - or any book - can only be half of the battle.)  

I haven’t written another book since, because I don’t need to.  Every time I – or one of our 20+ instructors around the world – learn or come up with something new, we just revise Magic Bullets .  People who buy my book should have the best Love Systems material on the day they start reading – and they should have the best Love Systems material when they come back to it a few months later.  So, Magic Bullets is kind of like a lifetime subscription – you get the book, and all future versions and upgrades are free and automatically mailed to you.  

I’m proud to say that guys who follow our programs get good much quicker now.  Instead of three years to achieving success, we even have guys reaching instructor level in about a year.  With Cajun, for example, I think it was just over a year between his taking a bootcamp and winning Keys to the VIP 2008, a competitive pick up show.

I don’t know that it’s ever going to happen much quicker than a year, but I’m really proud of the team and what we’ve done.  I’ve always tried to be modest before, but I think now it’s safe to say that we’ve cracked the code.  

#2 – Beyond “Cold Approach”  

Going to a bar or a street corner and meeting a beautiful woman and either getting a date with her or taking her home is fun... but it’s inefficient.  The 100th time you go out and maneuver to take a beautiful woman away from the group of guys she came out with, you start to realize that it’d be a lot easier if you were one of the guys who she came out with in the first place.  

And that’s the essence of Game 2.0.  Take the Love Systems expertise in “cold approach” and apply it to other things.

I’ve talked about these “other things” at length in previous LSis, and it’s not the point of this article, so I’ll just leave you with a couple of examples so we can get onto the fun stuff – why and how this all works.  

  • Social Circle Mastery - Developed by Mr. M and Braddock, Social Circle Mastery uses Love Systems to break into high-status social groups, convert “friends” into girlfriends, and create a lifestyle that beautiful women will be drawn to without you having to work for it.
  • Relationship Management - Okay, you’ve slept with her.  Now what?  Wrong question actually – good relationship management begins before you sleep with her.  Managing expectations, multiple relationships, changing your relationship type, building long-term relationships or friends with benefits... that’s Relationship Management.
  • Inner Game - “Fake it ‘till you make it” only goes so far.  Inner game is an inside-out approach, to create the internal beliefs, confidence, and mental models so that you have the behaviors of a guy who succeeds with women – without constantly thinking about it.  As Mr. M and Braddock said, “to change the world, you must first change yourself.”  

... and we’ve got some more fun stuff coming, like Love Systems for Business, College Game, and so on... you’ll hear more here.  But I’m impatient to get to...  

#3 – Why does Love Systems work?  

On one level, this question is easy to answer.  We have a data-driven, bottom-up approach and an incredible testing lab.  We have an infrastructure that no one else has, and would be prohibitively expensive for anyone else to develop.  

Example – Let’s say one day I randomly think of something... say, a new way to get a girl comfortable leaving her friends and going home with you.  Just because I thought of it DOES NOT mean it will   get taught.  Unlike others, we only teach what we’ve tested.    

So let’s say I go out and test it a whole bunch of times, and find that it works.  

Do we teach it then?  Still no.  

And this is the mistake a lot of our friends outside Love Systems make.  They don’t understand the difference between theory and application.  

See, like everyone, I have my own style.  I have a way I use the techniques and material in Magic Bullets and our other products.  I have my own look, and I have a specific age, place where I live, type of woman I’m attracted to, and so on.  I have my own identity.  Some things that work for me – the things based on female psychology or social dynamics – will work for guys like Mr. M (a 5’3” Asian lead instructor in London) or Braddock (much younger than me, much higher-energy, and a totally different vibe).  Some things will NOT.  And vice versa.  

Which brings me to our testing lab.  When we have 20+ instructors, from Sweden to Thailand, of every major ethnic group, of a variety of ages, careers, preferences in women, desired venues (day vs. night game, one night stands vs. dates, etc.), and so on, each with access to hundreds of past and current students, we can test new ideas and developments with a degree of rigor that no one else can. We’ve spent years building this lab and months figuring out how to use it properly.  No one else has it, and no one else is in a position to build it.  

This is why guys can really go wrong, even when they learn from “gurus” who actually have game, even when these “gurus” are sincerely trying their best to teach you.  Avoiding this is one of the major reasons why we all came together to form Love Systems.  

Remember when I said before that Magic Bullets was only half of my system?  Well, this is why. Magic Bullets is like an Armani suit.  You can buy one off the rack and do wonderfully with it.  Almost anyone can.  But to make the most out of Love Systems – to make it part of you and your daily reality – you need to go to a tailor.  Someone who will cut a bit here, add a bit there, and tailor your suit – your game – so that it fits you perfectly and conveys who are to the beautiful women you want.  In a way, a Love Systems instructor is a bit like a tailor.  

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