October 25, 2009


Meeting Women During the Day

Do you want to meet beautiful women during the day? Bars and clubs are not the only places where you can find many exceptional beautiful women. In fact, there are many beautiful women that don't have the time to go out at night such as professional lawyers or medical graduate students. The same goes for men. Not all men can be out every night, especially if you have a demanding job or other obligations such as taking care of your children.

Day game is usually the best option for you when you want to pick up women during the day. Even if you are able to go out at night, understanding day game is still useful - you want to be able to meet the women you desire wherever they happen to be, not just if they happen to be where you are most comfortable. If you are running errands and you see a beautiful woman, you want to be fully prepared and know what to do.

Approaching and talking to women during the day is a little bit different from when you meet them at bars and clubs. In the daytime, there are a lot more attractive women by themselves than you would expect to see in a more social night-time environment. This makes approaching women very easy. For example, you don't have to worry about her friends dragging her away since she is by herself.

Women don't expect to be approached during the day. If you are approaching a single woman alone in the daytime, expressing that you are interested in her can come a lot sooner and a lot more directly than it would if she were surrounded by friends, and at night.

In other aspects, picking up women in the daytime can be more difficult. Sometimes you don't have that much time to make a good first impression. It will happen that the woman you want to meet isn't sitting by herself on a park bench, but she's walking fast down the street. You might only have 30 seconds to make an impression and get a phone number. In addition, some women aren't in a social mood to meet strangers like they are at night.

There are plenty of beautiful women that you won't find at night. Being able to approach and talk to women in the daytime will provide you extra options in meeting women, and in many aspects can be easier.

The absolute best resource for Day Game is the Love Systems Day Game Workshop taught by Jeremy Soul, the world-renowned master of Day Game.

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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