October 25, 2009


The Story of Magic: How I Got Good, Part 4

A year or two ago, I met someone who called himself “Magic.” We introduced his story that covers his journey from loser to a successful man having the dating and sexual lifestyle he wanted. This week, we conclude his progression with his thoughts on threesomes.

Over to Magic...

This is my final post. I am so glad that Savoy gave me the opportunity to write to you guys. I am hoping that a lot of you guys took advantage of this opportunity and used the resources I mentioned in my previous emails. Here is a quick recap.

I started as an average frustrated guy who spent loads of money trying to win a woman’s approval when all I had to do was take a Love Systems bootcamp. I didn’t have much success with women before the bootcamp, and the bootcamp itself cost me less than ten percent of the amount I spent on trying to get women to bed with me by buying those expensive presents, taking them to extravagant dates, and spending fortunes on fashion.

I had severe approach anxiety until this point and had no clue how to seduce a woman. I used various resources to improve my situation with women. I read Savoy's Magic Bullets and listened to some of the volumes from the advanced Interview Series. I have to give a lot of credit to Jeremy at Love Systems who always diagnosed my issues successfully. He successfully pointed me every time to the next step I needed to advance my game. With his direction and support from the Love Systems instructors, today I am having threesomes. I never guessed this was possible. I used to be a guy who couldn’t even get dates.

Anyone who wants to improve his dating skills with women should read my previous letters. In those letters I have discussed in detail how I improved my skills when it comes to dating women. You should use it as a map and follow the road to a happier life full of beautiful women just like I did.

Today I will talk about the steps I took to enjoy threesomes with beautiful women in my life. One does not go out and get women for threesomes without putting some effort into it. I am sure some can but most of us cannot. You have to have a solid game plan to accomplish a threesome. You have to be very comfortable with women and sex before you can plan on having it with multiple women. I would highly recommend taking care of any sticking points that you might still have. If you can’t even meet and have sex with one woman on a regular basis it will be very hard to make threesomes happen.

For me, once I got comfortable with approaching women, getting dates and meeting women for sex on a regular basis, I become interested in threesomes. My biggest problem here was that this seemed like a completely different part of the game, and I didn’t know where to start. I looked back at my old posts on The Attraction Forums, and these were my questions at the time:

  •   Do I just go and approach two different women in a bar and tell them both that I want a threesome with them?
  •   How do I know if the woman is interested in having a threesome?
  •   Do I introduce two women to each other and then bring up the topic of threesome?
  •   Can I pick and choose the women or will one of the women do that?
  •   Who do I kiss first, etc?

Since I did not know how to proceed with these issues, I could not go anywhere with threesomes. At this point I contacted my savior Jeremy as always. He put me in touch with Savoy who everyone knows is an expert on threesomes.  

Savoy explained me the whole phenomenon. He gave me lots of material and the steps to achieve my goal. He gave me specific directions to screen women who are into threesomes. When I got my interview volume on threesomes a few days ago, it was like a great review or refresher.

I really like this interview, probably because threesomes are a special interest of mine. Here are some of the topics it covers:

  •   How to talk to women about threesomes.
  •   How to make a women feel comfortable about having a threesome with you.
  •   How to bring two women together.
  •   The Dos and Don’ts of threesomes.
  •   How to eliminate your girlfriend’s fears.
  •   How to “close the deal.”

I don’t want to get into too much detail here, but Savoy introduced me to another way of setting up a threesome by meeting two different women and planting the idea of threesomes in their minds, and then later bringing them together. He even coached me on what types of things to say specifically to make this happen. I always thought threesomes happened when you already had one woman interested in it and then met another, so this was new.

I took Savoy’s advice and did exactly what he coached me. I met two girls separately. Both of them told me they were curious and willing to try a threesome. Of course, they had their concerns and I took care of them based on Savoy’s coaching. I planted seeds for threesomes in their minds.

One of them actually became my girlfriend before we could have our threesome. This brought additional issues to the mix. My girlfriend was concerned about her status when the other girl entered the equation. I used the exact same line Savoy used in his threesomes interview to eliminate her objections. It worked like magic!

When they were ready I brought them home and introduced them to each other. I never mentioned having threesomes when we were all together because Savoy advised me not to do so. He talks on the interview why it is a good idea not to bring up the topic of threesome when you get together with girls. We had some drinks and then I started kissing one of them and the other and then it happened. I followed the material Savoy gave me and did exactly what he suggested. Voila, I had a great time that night and so did my dates.

With this I come to the end of my letters. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to write to you guys. There is no need to stay frustrated any longer with the relationship aspect of your life. Stop making whatever your excuse is not to get help and become better with women. My favorite excuse was that I am ethnic and why would a white girl go with a colored guy. I COULDN’T BE MORE WRONG! I am glad I found Love Systems and took care of my love life. No money and no other material commodity can bring you the status and happiness that women bring. So go out and work on it.

We love hearing success stories from our students, and get letters like these all the time.  Don’t you think it’s time to join the ranks of men who have proactively fixed their dating life and are now getting the beautiful women they always wanted?  Magic gave you the blueprint, so follow it.

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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