February 02, 2012


Funny Pick Up Lines

What makes a pick up line work, and what constitutes a good one? Why do some guys just get women while others don't? How can I get more women... or the girl, that one girl?

These are questions every man asks himself, and many guys in this day and age find themselves searching online for the answers. A quick Google search of "funny pick up lines" and you're on your way. With 2.3 million hits though, there's a lot of useless stuff out there. So, what makes a good pick up line? What's an example of a really great one? Well there's a simple answer and a hard answer. Or maybe it's best put this way: there's an answer and there's a better answer... much better.

To start, what's a good, funny pick up line? Well you're going to want to stay away from anything overused or lame. Lines like "Why do you have to be so damn fine every single day? Can't you give me a break and let me concentrate on something else?" just don't work. At best she'll give you the "loveable loser" smile and then laugh... at you. You've just given the girl a compliment through a cheesy pun that is so bad it's almost funny. If she doesn't laugh, she’ll be cringing at you, just wanting you to go away. If she does laugh, you're the joke as much as the line and she'll still want you to go away.

You want beautiful women, right? Well, keep in mind that beautiful women get approached by tons of loser guys in a single night. The kind of funny pick up lines that are good are the ones that aren't overused. The minute you use a recognizable "pick up line" she slots you into the same category as all the lame guys without even giving you a chance. The good "lines" don't follow the pattern of making a pathetic pun - in fact they're not really pick up lines at all.

Take a look at this:

"Hey guys, I wanna grab your opinion on this real quick. Here's the thing. I've been fucking my secretary for the past couple months and she wants a raise. Now, I don't mind that - I'm the one who taught her that you have to give head to get ahead - but she wants her raise now and her performance review isn't for another 4 months. What do I do? How long should she have to put out before she gets a raise?"

Then you can add stuff on the end like "Would your answer change if I told you she was my sister?" Eventually, of course, she’ll realize that you're joking. This kind of opening line or story sets a fun and humorous tone to the interaction. It doesn't force the woman to quickly judge you in five seconds based on a lame joke/punchline.

Even more importantly, unlike the first pick up line I discussed, this one actually engages the woman (and her group if she's with other people) and asks a question to get her talking to you. It sets you up as a sociable and really funny guy. You're not dumped into the same category as all the other guys trying to hit on her. If you can get a beautiful woman laughing - not at you, but with you - then you're well on your way to attracting her. "Pick up lines" - as you know them - don't work. There's a heap of great examples of conversation starters in the Love Systems Routines Manual, a compilation of the actual things the top guys say to women.

You're on the right track if you've come to this article looking for a funny pick up line. The fact remains that if you want more success with women you will have to start talking to them. Say something to them. Searching for something to say is better than standing around at a bar or party hoping that the beautiful woman giggling over there in the corner will come to you. But even if you now have something good to say, what's next?

At the beginning of this article I said there's an answer and a better answer. Much better. No matter how clever or funny the first thing you say is, it's only the first thing - a tiny fraction of everything you will say to that beautiful woman standing in front of you. After she responds to the first thing you say, she's going to be looking at you expectantly, waiting for the next thing. Look at it this way; the first thing you say can lose you that woman, but it won't win her. It's the rest of the interaction that will win or lose the game. This is a crucial insight.

So how do you attract her? Make her feel comfortable around you... comfortable enough to sleep with you! There are things you can say and ways you can act that will astronomically increase the chances that the beautiful woman over there will end up on your arm as your girlfriend and/or in your bed. All these things come after the initial conversation starter. In fact, guys who have heaps of women, and who women find really attractive, tend to follow a certain pattern in their interactions. If we break down this pattern, we can learn how to pick up really beautiful women. Don't just take my word for it; this is exactly what we did to create the "bible" of dating science, Magic Bullets.

The great thing for you is that you're here now, reading this, ready to improve. And you're only just scratching the surface. There's a whole world of ideas, concepts, techniques, and routines out there for attracting beautiful woman. If you want lots of beautiful woman in your life and you are willing to commit and persevere with this then things are only looking up for you. You're on the cusp a massive breakthrough – a lifestyle full of beautiful woman is one you can have!

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