October 26, 2009


The Story of Magic: How I Got Good, Part 3

A year or two ago, I met someone who called himself “Magic.” We introduced his story in a previous article. This week, we continue with his story of how he got game.  

Over to Magic...

So far I have covered how I fixed my game on approaching women and how I succeeded to organize prefect dates. Today I will share with you how I improved the seduction part of my game.  

But first, I want to make sure that you have made yourself comfortable with approaching women and have gotten used to having interesting and fun dates. If not then you want to take care of these areas right away. I have listed a range of tools that helped me so use them. Read Magic Bullets, listen to the Interview specific to your sticking points, or take a Love Systems bootcamp. If you are really confused about the whole situation, contact us and find out where you stand and what you need to do to fix your game.  

So, after I got really comfortable with meeting women and going on dates with them on a regular basis I realized that something was still missing. Often my dates were not ending with sex. In my mind I had done everything right. I had spent enough time on building rapport and establishing comfort. I also know that I maintained sexual tension and continuously progressed with physical escalation. I know the girls were into me. I would play with their breasts and what not but I still could not go into their bedroom and have sex with them.  

Here is a story for you: I went on a date with this gorgeous European girl with the cutest accent. We spent the whole day playing miniature golf. I cheated a few times while playing the game; I manipulated the score card and would tell her about it. This would give her a reason to come and playfully hit me. We would start horsing around (Physical Escalation). Sometimes other people would get involved and joke with us. I would kiss her in between the times when she would come to hit me. We had lunch and dinner together and bonded on many things. We talked about our families, our future, etc. She even told me during the day that she had been in a relationship with another woman in the past and lot more personal stuff. It felt like a closed deal - no doubt about it. But, I screwed it up because I did not apply the rules they taught me at the bootcamp. It was only after I read chapter ten in Magic Bullets on seduction that I realized that I had ignored the teachings from the bootcamp (there is a lot of information, and I wish I’d looked over my notes more after) and had actually done exactly the opposite of what they taught me.  

So, after I had dinner with this girl we drove back to her house. My car was parked at her place. We parked her car and then I pulled her on top of me. She was now sitting on me and so I lowered the back of my seat. We kissed for long time. I played with her breasts and removed her shirt to which she never objected. We had our hands in each other’s pants. Then I suggested that we should go to her bedroom. She told me that she had a roommate and we couldn’t disturb her. From this point on things just went downhill and I went home without having sex with her. I was very confused and so I called Jeremy at Love Systems the very next day. He pointed out my mistakes, and I could not believe how stupid I was. He asked me to re-read the chapter from Magic Bullets and listen to the interview by Sinn and Tenmagnet on Seduction.  

I could not believe all the mistakes that I made. They told us at the bootcamp NEVER EVER try to seduce a girl at a location where you cannot have sex. They used night clubs and cars among the few examples and I completely overlooked it. They suggested taking a girl to your place, not hers, when you plan to have sex with her for the first time. This is because she might not feel comfortable having sex at her place because of her roommates and neighbor situation. Damn, I ignored it! Oh, and the advice that a man never talks to the woman about going to the bedroom because you are implying you want to have sex with her and this will raise her defenses - I completely disregarded it! No wonder I was not having sex on most of my dates. On others either I got lucky or subconsciously I followed the bootcamp material.  

So, I re-read Magic Bullets and re-read my notes from the bootcamp. I cannot go into too much detail but here are some of the key points I refreshed:  

  1.   Make it feel natural.
  2.   Use your house instead of hers for the first time you have sex with someone.
  3.   Make sure the house is set up for seduction.
  4.   Arouse women ONLY after following the above three points.
  5.   Make her feel comfortable and safe. Let her know she has the power to stop anytime.

This is not all, but they’re the five most important things to me. Without this, seduction is almost impossible.  At the bootcamp they also talked about the objections and hurdles that come along when trying to seduce women and how to overcome them. Refreshing my memory with all this information I realized why it was so hard to have sex with women even after having a perfect date.  

Another problem that comes with seduction is the resistance at the very end. This can happen for many reasons ranging from lack of comfort to the natural female tendency to resist. The instructors at Love Systems are experts at dealing with that. When I realized that I was making mistakes with the seduction process so I decided to work on my seduction skills as well just to be on the safe side.  Jeremy pointed me to certain portions of the Interview Series that has specific information on ways to deal with seduction. I cannot believe I had access to this information all along but never used it. 

The smallest mistakes in seduction can really bite you, meaning that all of your efforts and buildup to the point of seduction go to waste. Some mistakes during seduction can be taken care of but most of them cannot. If you have worked hard and reached this far you definitely do not want to mess up with seduction. Trust me, it hurts!  I would recommend following in my footsteps. Use the resources I have mentioned here and in my previous letters.  

From reading my three letters you pretty much get an idea as to how I went from a frustrated guy to a man who is confident and successful with women. This did not happen overnight and it did not happen by magic. I sweated a lot and used every resource that came my way. But, I owe the most to the Love Systems crew. I could have never reached this level of success without their help. I wrote this letter series hoping some of you beginners, newcomers, or veterans might get motivated and take the necessary steps to improve your situation with women just like I did.  

In my next and final letter I will talk about my steps to successful threesomes. Until then, practice as much as you can. 

One more chapter to go, in which we’ll hear how this formerly unsuccessful man went on to having threesomes!  

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