October 25, 2009


The Story of Magic: How I Got Good, Part 2


A year or two ago, I met someone who called himself “Magic.” We introduced his story in a previous LSi. This week, we continue with how he got game.  

Over to Magic...

I am assuming that by now you have gotten comfortable with going out and meeting women or have at least started to use the tips from Magic Bullets or the bootcamp. I am also assuming that by now you have at least one date lined up for next week. In this letter I will draw a map for you for this upcoming date of yours.

As I mentioned in the previous issue, initially I would have lot of flakes who would not return my phone calls or show up for dates. I would also bore my dates to the point where they would say things like “my sailor boyfriend is coming back home tonight from a long journey and so I need to go.”

Magic Bullets and the Interview Series volume on Phone Game taught me that if I did not build enough rapport with girls in my previous interaction they may not answer my phone call or show up for the date. This is because they have lost attraction for me since I did not make enough connection to sustain attraction after we weren’t together. Magic Bullets and the Interview on Phone Game gave specific examples and routines to help me overcome this sticking point. I realized that I have to warm up the girl again before asking her out on a date. I learned that I have to start over from being fun again.

Between Magic Bullets, the interview, and the bootcamp, I felt I had more than enough material to deliver and overcome this sticking point.  I didn’t want to kill myself with theory.

Now I had to plan what to do on my dates. Before I discovered Love Systems I used to go to bars, Starbucks or expensive restaurants on my dates. The funny thing is I would set up a date to go to a bar when I don’t even drink. I made my dates as uncomfortable and boring as one could possibly imagine. This is because I used to follow the cliched dating rules.  This is where I was glad I already had Magic Bullets, since I’d seen Savoy’s 10 principles to keep in mind when planning a date. I realized that I was doing almost everything the opposite of what he said. Then I listened to the interview on Timebridging and Dates. I realized, again, that almost everything I’d been doing on dates was wrong.  I had to make my dates more fun and entertaining.

Savoy’s 10 principles opened the door to a whole new world for first dates which never existed for me before. Now I went horseback riding, kayaking, and rafting on my first dates. This made my dates very interesting and fun. We were on a positive emotional rollercoaster. There were ample opportunities for establishing mutual trust and building and escalating sexual tension.

For example, once I took this girl scuba diving with me. The first rule of scuba diving is to be in a team.  You have to check on your partner at every set interval, practice sharing the breathing tube, and decide on emergency codes and rules, not to mention the dressing and undressing in front of each other. Because of all this we had plenty of thrill and excitement.  The activity demanded that we establish mutual trust. Of course, at the end of the day there was no barrier to having sex with this girl. It was speed dating in a literal sense.

Comfort can be a deal maker or a deal breaker. If not handled right attraction can quickly fade away. For too long I did not realize that it was easy to get overly involved in the activity I chose for my date. At the bootcamp I talked about last time, they explained that the activity is to be used as an accelerator to accomplish the end goal, i.e. a sexual relationship. No wonder I was having a hard time getting past the friendship zone. I made this mistake for quite some time. I was having great activity dates but I was not utilizing the moments from the activity to progress towards a sexual relationship.

The Love Systems bootcamp took care of this sticking point for me. At the bootcamp the instructors devoted a big portion of the seminar to discuss comfort and dates. They presented lot of material and ideas. They explained how to use these tools to build trust and progress towards establishing sexual relationships. I learned at the bootcamp that it is not the activity itself but the high and low points within the activity that one has to take advantage of. My scuba diving date was an idea that I got at the bootcamp. The instructors broke down the activity step by step for students. I simply had to put it to practice on my dates. From my scuba diving example, the instructors explained that just going on scuba diving for a date won’t build trust automatically and bring the girl to your arms. I would have to use the moments from this activity to build comfort and escalate sexual tension. The activity will provide me with opportunities to use the tools that I learned.

The instructors gave specific examples like:

  • Right after you discuss the emergency measures for your dive, it would be a good time to look into her eyes or hold her hands and say with a smile “we will be fine together.”
  • Cash in the excitement of scuba diving right after the dive by telling her how comfortable it felt diving with her, etc.

The idea was that she is already in a good, positive emotional state because of the activity. I needed to make her realize that she was in this state because the two of us were together. This will form/strengthen the bond between us.

One also has to continue to escalate physical contact to build sexual tension. In Magic Bullets Savoy has given some really nice ideas on how to initiate the first kiss without the fear of rejection. After reading it I learned how to maintain and keep the sexual tension growing after the first kiss. I am sure many of us have experienced how the tension disappears after the first kiss. This ultimately results in the death of attraction unless the tension builds again. The interview on Physical Escalation and Kissing has some amazing tips on this topic as well. The interview gave me some cool ideas on how to keep escalating physical contact and grow the sexual tension which will ultimately lead to sex.

During the bootcamp I not only learned the steps for physical escalation but got to observe the instructors. They explained every step of physical escalation. They taught me when to and when not to escalate. They also provided us lots of cool tips to keep advancing with escalation. At night I got to see them demonstrating physical escalation using the same tools that they taught us during the seminar portion of the bootcamp. After this I really had no problem with building sexual tension and physically escalating with my dates. I applied all this stuff to my scuba date and as I mentioned earlier the date ended up with us having sex.

In my next letter I will cover the topic of seduction. Until then use these resources, and at least go out and fix your dating life to this point. Use the tools from my letters. I guarantee you that if you follow this map you will soon be having threesomes and spending your life with beautiful women around you. Don’t let fear stop you from making positive changes in your life. You have the entire community standing by to support you. So go out and improve your dating life. I wish you all the best!


We’re halfway through Magic’s story.  Check back next time for the next chapter in the four-part saga.  


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