October 25, 2009


The Story of Magic: How I Got Good, Part 1

A year or two ago, I got an email from someone who called himself “Magic.”  It wasn’t a particularly happy one.  He was down on himself for his lack of success with women, even though he seemed very successful in other areas of his life.  I gave him some advice and pointers on the way and helped him figure out what resources he’d need to get on his way.

I heard from him intermittently after that, eventually seeing that he’d signed up for one of our bootcamps.  Things seemed to be going better for him.  And then much better.

Not too long ago, I got an email from him – a very long email.  He told me about how his life was now full of the kind of women he wanted.  Most of all, he seemed happy.

He wanted my help in posting something on The Attraction Forums as a comprehensive guide on how to use Love Systems and to inspire others who are in his position.  Once I started reading what he had to say, I thought it was worthy of the LSi.

But, it’s pretty long, so we agreed to break it up.  So, keep up with Magic’s story from week to week, but don’t ignore all of the other content we have.

Over to Magic... 

I am thankful to Savoy for giving me this opportunity to write to you guys.

I wanted to write this to share my experience with the new members in the community. Being a member of the ethnic community I will also include some limiting beliefs that I have experienced in the past.

I am going to bring out my journey step by step. This will help you draw a map of how I ended up succeeding with women. I will start with a little background on myself, and I bet a lot of you will relate to me. I will also give you some suggestions as I go along. So here it is.

Background: I came to the U.S. from India in 2000. Soon after I met a French girl and got attracted to her. I acted really needy. I started to buy her flowers, bought her a $3,500 diamond bracelet, and gave her $1,000 cash every year on her birthday. Of course she wanted to stay my friend but nothing more because I was very needy. I had no value in her eyes.

Calculate the amount of money I spent and I could have taken four Love Systems bootcamps (but one proved to be enough). The very second day of the bootcamp I made out with a super hot girl. I never thought this could happen in my life. During my college years I met hundreds of women. Some of them were even attracted to me and showed interest in me but they never became more than friends. If I ever made the move, they rejected me. I can go on with stories but basically since I did not get the Triad Model down, I kept messing up my interactions with women and blamed my ethnicity, accent or some trait about my personality.  

I also ended up hiring a stylist hoping that somehow looking good would get me laid. I hired Elena Castaneda in New York. Go ahead and Google her. I paid her $3,000 for two days (this does not include the cost of clothes) to get a haircut and buy clothes for me. In reality, all I had to do was take the bootcamp for half the cost of my makeover. At the bootcamp they help you with fashion tips to attract the specific kind of girl you want. The Love Systems Interview Series also has a very popular volume on identity building with Tenmagnet, Sinn, and Future. Definitely listen to the Interview Series if you cannot take the bootcamp. I could have also hired a Love Systems coach for a one-on-one for pennies compared to what I spent, but I was dumb enough not to do so.

I went from a lonely frustrated guy to having a threesome last year. At the end of the fourth letter I will share with you how I did it. I was coached by Savoy all along and I thank him for that. He has since released his secrets and techniques for threesomes in another Interview Series volume.  It is a must have if you are into threesomes or multiple relationships.

So, today I will write the steps leading up to me meeting women.

In the next letter I will cover dates.

Seduction will be discussed in the third letter.

Finally, I’ll write steps about threesomes in the last segment.

When I decided to fix my dating life, I started by reading tons of material. The internet is full of information but we all know that 99% of it is junk. So, I would highly recommend reading Magic Bullets. This book does a very good job of explaining the process of pick up and will arm you with loads of material for every level of interaction. Reading the Triad Model alone will put you on fast track. It breaks down the interaction into stages.  This way you know where you are in the process and what you need to say or do next. It is like a silent GPS navigator that gives you turn by turn directions.

Once I read the material (unfortunately, Magic Bullets didn’t exist at the time but there was enough other good stuff out there to get me started) and armed myself with routines and techniques I started doing approaches. I had enough material to start talking to women and generate attraction. I succeeded at it most of the time. After I did a few approaches I started getting phone numbers but lot of them never answered when I called. Magic Bullets and the Interview Series volume on Phone Game do a phenomenal job of covering this sticking point.  After re-reading Magic Bullets and listening to the interview on Phone Game I realized that I had not established enough rapport in my initial interactions and that I needed to regenerate attraction on the phone before asking her on a date. No problem there!

Another problem I was having was that my dates would flake sometimes and other times I bored them to the point that they weren’t attracted to me anymore. It was then I decided to listen to the interviews on Timebridging and Dates and on Physical Escalation and Kissing. I was no longer arranging boring dates with nothing to talk about. I was bouncing to different venues and physically escalating to make my dates interesting and sexual. I was no longer in the friendship zone. Perfect!

Up until this point I was also only approaching average-looking girls. I did not believe I could ever get hot model-looking girls. I really wasn’t sure if the Love Systems bootcamp could take me any further. So, at this point I reluctantly decided to sign up for the bootcamp. I have to admit that this was the best thing that happened to me besides coming to America. As I mentioned earlier the very second day I was making out with a super hot girl. I felt like a king at this point. Everything was in slow motion. I looked around and every guy was looking at me wondering who I was. How did I get her and how did I manage to SPANK HER? This girl offered to let me sleep at her house the very same night but I got freaked out and apologized, saying I had to go with my friends. The instructors busted me on this the next morning. Well, in the end my confidence was boosted.

All of this did not happen automatically. The instructors at the bootcamp spent a lot of time fixing my body language and delivery of routines. From that day on I have never had a problem getting dates. At the bootcamp they gave us tons of material from openers to pulling tips not available anywhere else. This material is specifically designed to advance your level of interaction with women. I still can’t believe how women love these small games like thumb wrestling. I could have never imagined that such things could help with seduction. At the bootcamp they broke the interaction step by step, word by word. It was amazing. It was there that I realized that it is not only material but the timing and methodology of delivery that decides between success and failure. The instructors made us approach enough women to get this system into our muscle memory.  

I gathered plenty of material for my future dates from this bootcamp (I will cover this in detail in my second letter) even though I am a one date person. Future gave me the idea of meeting my dates during the day. Now I usually meet girls around 11 in the morning and spend all day with them doing things taught at the bootcamp. It almost always ends up with sex. Thank you Future! You are a genius! This is the best thing about taking the bootcamp: the instructors tailor their suggestions and advice based on your personality and level. You cannot get this by reading, listening or watching DVDs.

For anyone who wants to fix their situation with women, my recommendation is to invest yourself in the game. Figure out what level you are at and then become pro active. There is enough help available out there so use it.

I know this letter got pretty long and descriptive. But, the nature of its content demanded it. In my next letter I will break down my date step by step. Until then, make sure you first become comfortable at approaching women and generating attraction. Make sure you have a congruent identity and fashion. Have enough material and routines. Make use of the resources I mentioned. Getting dates and succeeding with women seems like the hardest thing in the beginning, but it is the easiest and the most fun thing to do. Good luck with the game.  

Look out for Part II of Magic's story!

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