February 24, 2011


Older Men Younger Women

Do you worry that you have to “settle” for less attractive or less interesting women when you get older?

There’s a reason some older men feel this way. I’m not going to pretend that attracting beautiful women is the same if you’re 21 or 61. SOME women just won’t date an older man. Some women won’t date outside their religion or ethnicity. That’s life.

BUT…you’re not trying to be with EVERY woman on the planet. Even if you want a different woman every night, that means all the women you sleep with this year would fit into a large airplane, with seats to spare. For every narrow-minded woman, there are tons of women who are just as hot and just as interesting as the ones the 28-year olds are dating, who will want to be with you.

If you are with someone because you don’t feel you can do any better, you are cheating yourself.

Take my friend and colleague Jeff (aka Love Systems instructor “Bullet”). He turns 50 this year. He passed through the same tough criteria and infield tests as every other Love Systems instructor, and picks up the same quality women.

And it’s all with “cold approach” at coffee shops, lounges, and nightclubs. He travels the world helping out at Love Systems bootcamps, and doesn’t stay anywhere long enough to use Social Circle Mastery. But he has a network of beautiful women in their 20s and 30s in every port of call.

We’re not talking about desperate women either. One of the guys snuck a camera into the last Love Systems bootcamp to see if Bullet was for real. It’s not the best hidden-camera footage in the world, but she’s obviously attractive:


One of the things Bullet DOESN’T do is pretend to be rich. That can work, but isn’t really very satisfying. And since Bullet HAS done well in life, he doesn’t want gold-diggers.

What he has done is adapt the fundamentals of Love Systems to make it specific to men in their late 30s, 40s, and 50s. Kind of like what Jeremy Soul did when he saw how powerful Love Systems could be for Day Game, just by making a few changes and emphasizing some things more than others. Bullet has done the same for older men, especially older men dating younger women.

In a recent TV interview, Jeff (Bullet) said:

“When you’re significantly older than she is, there’s less margin for error. You’ve got to have tight specialist game both in verbal and non-verbal communication. If you’re already reasonably familiar with the Love Systems approach, I can teach you what you need in one day and one night.”

Here are some of the things that Bullet emphasizes:

  • Emotional range. As most guys get older they lose emotional range in communication and often appear too serious. It’s natural – your life is more serious than it was when you were 21. But for women, attraction is a purely emotional process – and you need to show her emotional range.
  • How to “get in the game.” If the age difference is big enough, she won’t even be thinking of you romantically or sexually when you first approach her. (He won’t let me elaborate on this one in a public newsletter.
  • Confident body language for older men. It’s OK for a younger guy to sometimes seem nervous or awkward but the older you get, the less room for error you have here.
  • When and how to escalate and turn things sexual. Standard Love Systems escalation works best in nightclubs where alcohol, music, and people of similar age allow rapid escalation. Doing this too early as an older man can risk coming off as “creepy.” Bullet has his own calibration tests, so you know exactly when she’s ready. (As with standard Love Systems, waiting too long can be just as disastrous as being too aggressive.)
  • How to dress. This is crucial when you get older since your aura of masculinity is one of your biggest strengths. However, older men are usually unaware of it and rarely dress to enhance that advantage. Bullet shows you how, without the tuxedo.

It’s not a completely new system. It can’t be if he’s training you on it in one day and one night. It’s the approach you already use (Love Systems), highly-targeted to you personally. Just like how Fader can show you how to refine Love Systems to pick up strippers or Nick Hoss can teach how to adjust Love Systems to pick up at malls and street corners, Bullet specializes in older men.

Life is short. Live it with the quality of women you deserve. Is it worth it to you to check this out, if Bullet can correct things you probably don’t even know that you’re doing that stand in the way of the life, and the women, you deserve?

Like I said, Bullet is always on the move, so I don’t have a schedule for him. To learn more about Bullet, contact us.

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