January 19, 2009


Magic Bullets Sample

Magic Bullets is the number one ebook download to help men date or seduce beautiful women.

Download the sample pack (pdf) for free here.

Written by Nick Savoy, the Magic Bullets handbook is a complete dating guide for men. Click here for a full description of the Magic Bullets Handbook by Savoy.

The Magic Bullets mystery that takes newcomers by surprise is the money back guarantee on the book. If using the Magic Bullets book doesn’t immediately improve your dating life, it’s free. Since it was first published in 2006 (revised and updated every year), the refund rate has been less than 0.3%. And that's from tens of thousands of satisfied men.

The book was originally written by Savoy when he was President of the company that came before Love Systems (after making huge breakthroughs past what was included in The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed). After first publishing the Venusian Arts Handbook, Savoy replaced it with Magic Bullets.

The book is also automatically updated. So, once you have a legal (not torrent) copy of the book, you get the newest version, free, in your inbox. Just like magic.

Click the button at the top of this page to download the sample chapter or the following link to learn more about the content of the Magic Bullets Handbook.

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Latest review:

Magic Bullets is the best and the most comprehensive book written in this community I've ever seen. It simply includes everything, every detail that you can think of. Like The Mystery Method, it gives both the theory and the practice of the act of seduction.

The book is designed to be read in parallel with the Routines Manual. If you read these two books together read Magic Bullets first and you can totally change your life.



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