October 23, 2011


Meet Women this Halloween (at Any Age)

Whether or not you like Halloween, it’s a great night to meet and attract women who you might never otherwise come across.

  1. If you have any costume (even a bit of one), it’s an easy excuse to talk to anyone else dressed for Halloween.  No more approach anxiety or worrying about the right opening line.  Just go up to her and role play.  If you’re a police officer, tell her you have to arrest her for whatever in-costume reason makes sense.

  2. Role-plays are a FANATSTIC way to attract women.  When Braddock and Daxx were breaking down in-field video at the Super Conference, you can see a bit of role-play in every pickup.  It’s fun for her, it’s different from what other guys do, and it can take the conversation in a romantic or sexual direction without too much risk on your part. 

  3. So choose a costume that allows for role-plays, ideally ones that can lead to attraction.  A police officer, a pimp, a pop culture icon, any of those can work. (Learn More about Role Plays Here)

  4. People act to fill the roles they put themselves in.  Halloween used to be about “scary”.  Now it’s about “sexy”.  Women dress more provocatively than any other time of year.  Because it’s a sexualized holiday, women are more comfortable meeting and getting physical with new men, because other women are doing the same thing.  Like Ibiza.   (This comes from female psychology.)

  5. You may have noticed this in your own life.  Have you ever put on a suit and felt more powerful or acted more professional?  There’s a reason the military insists on attention to detail with uniforms…

  6. Many people celebrate Halloween, including women who don’t go out much.  Women who meet men all the time will “test” you constantly.  Now there are ways of handling tests, but these women that don't usually go out... who are dressed sexier than usual... surrounded by other beautiful, scantily-clad women...They will want validation.

    It's important to give them enough validation to get them interested, but not enough to complete the circle. Always leave them wanting more.

    Giving and making a woman work for validation is what "Qualification" is all about. Qualification happens right after Attraction - so once she's attracted to you, qualify her.

  7. If you have a nice body, use Halloween to show it off. Women do. You'll be laughed at with an open chest most nights, but not on Halloween.

  8. Plan your role-play opener along with your costume. If you're a rock star, approach her saying "I knew Groupie #51 was around here somewhere." Smile. She'll play along.

  9. Make sure of your logistics. There are lots of house parties on Halloween, and these make great excuses to leave the club or another party with her. You have friends that you HAVE to introduce her to. If you get to the party and they aren't there, no one will care.

  10. Better still, use the gap to swing by your house "to pick up a bottle" or "to get my wallet." Only mention that once you start driving. She may not want to go to the next party either.


  11. Taking her home is easier than normal to separate her from her friends because no one can find their friends in costume anyway.  So are "bathroom pulls" or other more exotic encounters - the costumes give a feeling of anonymity. That can be a powerful fantasy for a lot of women.

    Even if you’re a bit older, have a light costume.  You’ll be amazed at how you can use this as an excuse to meet virtually anyone.

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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