April 11, 2012



"'Peacocking,' or wearing extremely ridiculous and out-of-place outfits, is outdated. Dress to attract some attention, but make sure what you're wearing fits together, supports your identity, and doesn't look ridiculous. Peacocking will attract a lot of attention, but it's mostly surface-level curiosity and entertainment." - excerpt from Magic Bullets by Nick Savoy.

Peacocking is probably one of the more widely-known or "tell-tale" signs that someone is trying to be a pick up artist. Originally popularized and most frequently used by early PUA Mystery and his followers, peacocking is only used today by a select few and is considered by most to be inappropriate in the pick up scene.

Archaic as peacocking may be, it was undeniably a starting point for PUA-specific fashion tips and advice that have grown into vast resources (and products) specifically tailored to those wishing to improve their knowledge. The core concept starting the trend was that if a man doesn't dress the same as everyone else, he will attract attention. Some of this attention will indeed be from women. Facets of peacocking that have been taken, updated, and widely used as fashion tips today include but are not limited to wearing something interesting that you can tell a story about, conveying your personal identity through clothing, and dressing not to "blend in" but to attract in a sexual way.

Many Love Systems products and live training programs include a fashion portion in some shape or form. For example, instructors may recommend students wear a unique or interesting necklace, bracelet, or ring when they go out. This not only helps set students apart from every other guy in a venue, but can prompt women to comment on something unique about them and in doing so give the men a chance to show their personality and positive qualities while emotionally connecting during a conversation.

Women often learn just as much (or more) about a man by scrutinizing what he is wearing as they do by his physical appearance. Everything a man wears is a choice and women see it as such. Choosing to wear specific articles of clothing together can subconsciously convey positive traits such as power and confidence. However, it can just as easily convey that a man has put no thought or effort into what he's wearing. Women may assume that if a man puts so little thought into his own appearance he may not put much thought into his relationships.

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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