November 09, 2008


Venusian Arts Handbook (VenusianArts)

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The Venusian Arts Handbook was published in 2005, written by “Mystery” (Erik von Markovik). Mystery is also known for The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed (with joint copyright owner Savoy of Love Systems), the Venusian Arts Revelation, and the Venusian Arts Forum. For a long time Mystery's Venusian Handbook, the most popular of the Venusian Arts books, was the most widely used product in the seduction community, and because it was one of the first books dealing with dating science, some people even used to refer to pick up as "the Venusian Arts." But, that was 2005 and we've come a long way since then. The Venusian ways are now the old ways, and what was once called "arts" then is proven science now. With pick up artists appearing on television shows and offering live training around the world, we’ve moved past the mystical-sounding Venusian into the firm logic of Love Systems.

Legacy of Venusian Arts Handbook and Venusian Arts Revelation

Today, the Venusian Arts Handbook and Venusian Arts Revelation have been replaced by the powerful book “Magic Bullets” as the source of “revelations” in the dating and seduction world. Think of it as your new handbook for the art of the pick up, a new methodology (based on science instead of gurus) replacing the Venusian Arts.

Some of the contributions of the Venusian Handbook and Venusian Arts Revelation by The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed include the idea of a structured, step-by-step model (the now obsolete M3 Model which paved the way for the current Triad Model), the importance of building attraction before comfort, and some of the basic ways of approaching beautiful women whom you don’t know. The arts and the scientific method have combined to produce the best there is, a new handbook for a new generation of pick up artists.

Likewise, while Mystery's Venusian Arts Forum helped men find advice online in the early days, it has been replaced by the massively popular The Attraction Forums. There you can discuss everything from the latest pickup techniques to the classic stories in the Venusian Arts Handbook, Venusian Arts Revelation, and all of the other Venusian Arts books and ebooks.

Where to go from the Venusian Arts?

Years later, the Venusian Arts Handbook remains one of the valued sources of material on which today’s bible of seduction “Magic Bullets” is built. While the Venusian Handbook is long out of print and Venusian Arts Revelation outdated, you can start your journey with the new comprehensive book today. Continue your education from the Venusian Arts to Love Systems with Magic Bullets!

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