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Personal Life

Adam had the experience of being voted least likely to ever get a girlfriend in high-school. As a kid his hobbies included playing Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, and Live Action Role Playing and it seemed that this prediction would come true until he discovered the pick-up artist community in 2005.

Before his dating career Adam worked several different jobs including creating weapons and armor for live role playing events as a prop technician and a period working as a PR Manager for various companies helping people and businesses get media exposure.

He still enjoys his old hobbies of role playing and computer games as well as holding an interest in horror movies.

In June 2009 he married Amanda Torres (now Amanda Lyons). They had been dating for over 2 years at the time.

Dating Advice Career

After first discovering the pick up community Adam, by his own admission, spent a lot of time reading forums and material before taking action around 2006. He struck up friendships with many PUAs (Pick Up Artists) from the London Seduction Society as well as PUA Training and Mystery Method / Love Systems instructors.

He decided to take on the alias name AFC Adam since he still considered himself an AFC (Average Frustrated Chump – someone who is no good with women).

Adam was working in PR and club promotion when he realized that he could get much better results by using 'social proof' to generate attraction and guarantee a steady supply of girls in his life.

Together with Samurai and Sheriff from Love Systems he started Project Entourage. This was a party and club promotions company that got them paid to bring hot women to clubs in order to improve the atmosphere and help those clubs get a good reputation.

At this time, people saw how successful he was and started asking him to teach them. This is when he first started speaking at Mystery Method and Love Systems bootcamps and started teaching pick-up, eventually teaming up with PUA Training.

In 2007 he was asked to present at the PUA Summit in the USA which greatly increased his profile amongst U.S. PUAs. Adam’s style, which he named social circle game was quite new at the time and he quickly became popular with his plain speaking presentation style.

Amanda Lyons (then his girlfriend Amanda Torres) joined him to take up coaching herself in 2008 with PUA Training. They have since increasingly run seminars, bootcamps and other coaching activities together.  

In 2009 he moved to Austin, Texas in order to head up the development of the U.S. market for PUA Training. In 2010 he also began promoting his own Attraction Explained business with Amanda Lyons, while continuing to run PUA Training bootcamps.

AFC Adam Lyons Concepts and Techniques

Adam Lyons is well known for making a lot of use of pre-selection and social proof, concepts first introduced by Mystery, but where Adam took the concepts to extreme ends. At the height of his involvement with “Project Entourage” (see bio for more info) he would regularly be accompanied to clubs with 20 to 30 good looking women.

However Adam does have good all round skill set including being able to do cold approaching with success during the day and at night without being part of a large social group. For Adam however the effort / reward ratio of building a large entourage was a much more logical and efficient use of his time.

His friends that are former or current PUA Training, Mystery Method and Love Systems instructors claim he is a lot better at conventional game than he lets on and it is reasonable to believe this since he needs to be skilled in order to approach women in the first place in order to get their contact details before he can invite them out in the first place.

The methods that Adam has taught have evolved over the years although they have always involved using pre-selection and social proof to some extent. He often advocates doing lots of short sets in a bar or club in order to build instant social proof before approaching the women you are interested in or waiting until they approach you out of curiosity.

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