June 09, 2008

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Mehow | Seduction | How To Pick Up A Woman

Mehow initially worked with Mystery Method and Venusian Arts from 2004, where he learned the Mystery Method system for meeting and attracting women.

In 2006 he went out on his own, founding Mehow.tv, with coaching that is very highly influenced by Mystery Method ( now Love Systems ), and on which Mehow has built integrating his own and other people's insights into dating which Mehow has built integrating his own company.

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The company set itself apart from the rest of the companies with its 'infield insider' program which was a first for the dating industry. The program has recorded live footage of instructors meeting and attracting women in many situations - these include Mehow himself, instructors from other companies including David Wygant, Hypnotica, Sinn, Carlos Xuman and Speer and Mehow Inc's instructors.

Mehow was born Michal in Warsaw, Poland, under the communist regime. (His Industry name, Mehow, is the phonetic English spelling of his Polish first name “Michal.”) His parents are both Ph.Ds, and his father was a Solidarity activist who worked as a government scientist for the United States. Under a program to rid the country of anti-communist activists, the Polish government allowed Mehow's family to immigrate to the U.S. in 1982, when Mehow was ten years old They settled in Charlottesville, Virginia, home of the University of Virginia, where Mehow later graduated as an Echols Interdisciplinary Scholar – a unique program based upon the Jeffersonian ideal of freedom of inquiry and the development of critical thought.

Mehow divided his work among computer science, electrical engineering, acting, and nursing, while also devoting substantial time to search and rescue work. After an expensive divorce from a Lithuanian dancer, Mehow moved to San Diego in late 2005. He did computer work on a part-time basis for a government contractor, but despite a comfortable lifestyle he became increasingly frustrated with his lack of social life. In early 2006, he discovered the seduction world through attending a “bootcamp” taught by one of the founders up pick-up. At that time the most famous Pick-up Artist (PUA) in the world. After a series of initial failures, Mehow learned to meet and “close” with beautiful women and began to coach with some of the biggest names in the seduction community.

Soon Mehow developed his own methodology, transforming himself from a lonely computer nerd to a successful PUA with more social life than he could handle. He formed his own company, Mehow Inc. in 2006 and established a website that has developed into one of the top producing websites in the seduction business with his now long time partner Mel, while also serving as a marketing model for many sites outside the business. Among the products sold though the site are the ground-breaking How to Talk to Hot Women audio set, a DVD set called Infield Exposed, and the combined book and audio sets: Get the Girl! and Group Attraction Manifesto Volumes 1 and 2 (all copyright Mehow, Inc.) Mehow Inc. also offers a variety of boot camps, workshops, and other training opportunities, including the first instructor training program in the seduction world producing a cadre of people. 

Mehow PUA has become one of the most well-known Seduction in the world and is often sought after for interviews. Among his media appearances are: Current TV, Wealth TV, MTV Canada, British Cosmopolitan, Saturday Night Magazine, TSB Magazine, Young Hollywood.com, Attraction Blog, and an upcoming episode of MTV's True Life.

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Devonte Smalls
Devonte Smalls

November 08, 2016

I’ve read your books practiced your systems and methods, hell I’ve tried to make them my own but for some reason the potential never blosss beyond a high and bye, I can’t even get a fucking number for Christ sakes

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