August 24, 2009


Pickup Lines to Attract the Girl - 2

The Love Systems Routines Manual by Savoy and The Don is an indispensable tool for men who want a method to take the mystery out of dating or seducing beautiful women.

It contains hundreds of word-for-word scripts ("routines") for every stage of the game: opening lines/openers, attraction, qualification, comfort, and seduction, all collected from the top pick up artists in the world. It solves the mystery of what to say at every step of your interactions.

With expert commentary from famous pickup artists Savoy and The Don (as seen on the Dr. Phil episode) on each routine, you will know how and when each routine in the manual should be used. And with hundreds of routines and a complete guide to making your own personalized routines (as well as how to personalize the routines that are already there), you'll never run into a woman who says "I've heard that before" (a common problem with using routines from public websites or forums).

Download the Routines Manual pdf sample pack here.

The Routines Manual also contains a bonus chapter adapted from Magic Bullets, by Savoy.

It's no mystery that with all of this content, there are over one hundred reviews of the Love Systems Routines Manual on the largest dating advice forum for men – The Attraction Forums.

About the authors:

Nick Savoy is the President and Program Leader of Love Systems (and joint copyright owner of The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed). He also writes a popular dating blog, The Real Savoy. The Don is a Love Systems senior instructor. Both have extensive experience in pick up artist training, as instructors on Love Systems Bootcamps and other specialized programs.

The Don has also written the Love Systems Routines Manual 2 – a great companion to the original with hundreds of all-new routines.

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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