December 01, 2007


Superficial Society? An Interesting Look at Social Interactions

By Badboy

Society influences us in countless ways, sex being just one of them, to become better sheep and to serve our society complacently. A big part of this control is brainwashing people, making them sad and frustrated. Why? Because, you can't control happy people. If you are happy you won't buy things, you won't search for help, and you won't search for happiness. As long as you are frustrated, as long as you think about problems, and as long as you think you are full of problems, you will work to make money and purchase more things to buy your happiness.

Religion, school, television, and commercials are constantly trying to keep you frustrated to sell you more and more things. Their main strategy is: create a problem, then sell a solution.

For example, both men and women want sex and to be together, because that makes us happy. Of course, when someone is happy, he doesn't think about his problems and he doesn't need more money. He is happy. That person won't work hard, or at least not as hard as some unhappy person would work.

Somehow, in the last twenty years, something has come between men and women, creating an empty space between them. It's to fill up this space that they sell things: "you feel lonely... buy this!"

Women are made frustrated and unhappy, bombarded day in and day out with messages in television, newspapers, and magazines like Cosmo, etc. where they are told that they're not beautiful enough and what they must look like if they want to be desirable! Check Cosmopolitan magazine. Of course most readers will feel unhappy, because they can't possibly look like the models inside. As we all know, beauty equals money in our society. With lot of money you can get plastic surgery, dress in expensive clothes, and look hot! So that means if you want a good guy, you must look beautiful, and to get money for that you must work incredibly hard.

Women are constantly unhappy because fashion always changes, and they are constantly forced to buy new shoes, purses, and clothes every now and then, because the old ones are passe. Those few who are able to keep up are filled with false confidence; they are beautiful right now, so they expect every man to fall for them. This also has the side-effect of creating venomous competition between women.

If you take a look at the female beauty industry, you will understand the problem even better! Everything from makeup and haircuts to shoes, perfume, clothing, and more are part of "looking beautiful," and all of these things change every season. For a woman to stay on top of all of this she must spend quite a bit of money.

And just what is beauty? Every culture and society deems beauty differently. Fifteen years ago, sexy meant curly hair and big breasts. More recently, the top models are all exceedingly skinny with few curves. It's no wonder then that many girls around the world become anorexic trying to look like the supermodels.

In our culture, society attaches high value to beautiful women, and a man's happiness with his having one of his own. But, there is also a link between expensive goods and beautiful women. Take a look at some ads for high-class merchandise, and you'll see a model next to the luxury car, or a model showing off that apartment or line of watches. Without one, you can't have the other. But is it easy to buy those expensive things? Of course not! Men too need to work hard and long to earn the money to afford the things that can get them the attractive women.

What happens, though, when a man spends his whole life working until he has enough money and then goes for the high-class women? All too often, alone in a bar without his fancy car or job, he doesn't have the confidence or personality to attract those very women.

Here's the structure of an average Joe's life: He finishes college with an average apartment, an average car, and a decent job. As he works hard over the years, he makes more money and so can afford a nicer place to live, better car, and finer wardrobe. All of this hopefully allows him to attract more beautiful women. He spends his life working for money to get things that will make him happy, and with which he can seduce women.

On the flip side is a woman's life. A young woman finishes college and gets an average job. As she works and makes money, it is spent on her beauty in increasing amounts as she becomes more successful and can afford more. The better she looks the higher quality man she can attract. Some women spend up to 90% of their salary on their looks: beauty salons, tanning beds, new shoes, new purses, etc.

Unfortunately, while these things may make a woman happy, they are all temporary.

Our society is based on these rules. The beauty industry does billions of dollars in business because women feel unhappy with the way they look. If magazines suddenly told their readers that it's okay to be fat and ugly, then the entire industry would go out of business. This is why they keep the population frustrated with ultra-thin models.

As a counter example, let me tell you about myself and my friend Shark. We used to try to spend as little money when going out with women. We were the worst customers in the country, drinking only tap water, but we still got the hottest women in every club. Not only that, but we got these women to cook for us, clean our apartments, take us out to dinner, etc. We were truly happy.

Can you imagine what would happen if most guys were able to succeed like this, getting what they want and being truly happy? Who would buy drinks, drive expensive cars, or wear Armani suits? Who would spend money if it wasn't required for happiness? The economy would collapse! This is the reason why men are not supposed to succeed with women, because fewer people being happy means more people buying things to make them happy.

Here's why what society teaches you is wrong:

First, women like nice guys. In reality, women hate nice guys. Have you ever asked yourself why you always see beautiful women with jerks, guys who treat them so poorly? And then, when you date a beautiful woman and treat her well, do you get "let's just be friends?" Women in general hate nice guys because they are boring, predictable, addicted to routine, insecure, not fun, and serious.

Women are emotional creatures, and they want to feel emotions. Compare a nice guy who instills only one emotion, love, and a jerk who is going to give her love, hate, pain, pleasure, passion, anticipation, disappointment, etc. And all of that's in just one day! If you were a woman, would you choose some boring, average guy who is going to give you sex like a routine, always the same, and have a monotonous relationship? Or would you rather choose some adventurous, crazy guy who will be totally unpredictable, interesting, challenging, and give you crazy sex? Of course you would choose the second guy, just like every woman does.

Predictability is the killer of attraction! An ex-girlfriend of mine once told me "you know, I really like nice guys. But you know what? I get bored with them very quickly, so I just dump them."

Another thing that society tries to tell us is that women don't like sex. This is completely false; women love sex just as much as we do, if not more.

Another thing that society tries to tell us is that women have all the power and control. In reality, they don't feel that way at all. Women are incredibly insecure; just look at how many hours they spend in front of a mirror to look beautiful for other people. They are trying to attract men, which gives them the power.

The biggest mistake guys make is falling into the woman's trap at the club. These men actively try to make themselves seem worthy to the women, "impressing" them with money, cars, etc. But, by trying to make himself worthy, a man is really communicating that he is of lower status than the woman. He desires her, he needs her, and she is above him. Women, though, are looking for dominant men who are above them.

A model once told me "we all want a guy who is just a little bit above us, a guy who has more power than we do. It doesn't matter what it is, a car, job, money, or career."

For millions of years, women have been choosing the strongest men for mates. For most of humankind's history, this has a meant strong muscles, leadership qualities, and the ability to protect family. Even today women are insecure, searching for men who can make them feel safe. These men are preferably leaders who take control. Women, no matter how much they may say they don't need a man, are still heavily attracted to powerful men.


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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


3 Responses


January 09, 2017

Actually I do feel like I feel like I have a lot of power and control. Any female with anything even remotely attractive about her does, but ONLY if she also understands and conducts herself in a way that shows she is much more than just how she looks. I know it’s rare, but it does exist. No, I don’t want some man who will make me feel lots of negative emotions in one day. No, I am not arrogant, I am simply stating a fact. However, I do agree that most women are the way that you have described above, unfortunately, and it’s due to societal and media grooming tactics, also like you mentioned above.

In this way, I can see why your tactics work. But then people like me have to deal with them :/ However, it’s never for long as it’s not too difficult to figure out the plan.


January 01, 2017

I am turned off by superficial, simplistic and mean people. I am personally into deeply thoughtful and empathetic men, usually with an academic and creative mind. They don’t need to be privileged/rich/muscular – these actually, in my experience, correlate with negative “alpha male” traits.

alessandra Harper
alessandra Harper

January 08, 2016

Nick, I couldn’t agree more. I don’t think social media helps with any of this at all.

Do you have any other articles similar to this subject?

Stay Vigilant.


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