November 26, 2007


Is a Bootcamp Right for Me?

By Jon Sinn

So even though the majority of the guys who got good really fast (myself, Future, Captain Jack) had done a lot of approaches prior to taking a workshop (I had done 750 or so, Future almost 1000), that's not really a requirement for success and getting the most out of a workshop. Instead, the best indicator of whether or not you are going to retain the information and get the success you want is you.

Don't be an apathetic loser who sits in the seminar portion not taking notes and staring off into space with a glazed look in your eyes, or arguing about a specific situation, or telling me that the material doesn't work without trying it. I want to work with guys who are motivated, dedicated, and who want to learn.

I don't care if you want to get hotter women, have threesomes, have an one night stand every night of the week, or get married. Your particular goals for your relationship life are all great. As far as we can prove, this is the only life you get. So, you would be stupid not to pursue happiness with as much zeal and passion as you can. Push the boundaries of what you can have and go after your goals 100%.

A live workshop should be a life altering experience, where your ideas about what is possible are shattered forever, and you leave with a roadmap and the tools to get the success you want. Workshops are not magic bullets. If you are not a super stud coming into it, you probably won't be one coming out.

But, you will have a map and the tools to succeed, as well as a detailed list of your specific sticking points and ways to get around them. You'll also have a better idea of how to dress and how to set up your life in a way that the trajectories of your passions and your path in life lead you to be surrounded by beautiful women, while developing the skill set to bring them into your life.

You will internalize our material if you do our prescribed workout course of 50 approaches per week for the next six weeks.  You will always understand where you are in the model.

Workshops are like information overload and if it weren't for the fact that most people have regular jobs that require them to be at work on Thursday and Monday I would like to stretch the teaching out over 5 days so that students get more time to digest the material. I probably have 30 hours of seminar info just on regular game (that's disregarding Stripper and Hired Gun tactics, Day Game stuff, and Same Night Lay stuff). Ultimately, I would love to teach a week-long event Tony Robbins style where I go over everything from Inner Game to sexual techniques and relationship management.

Finally, if I could address every potential student out there reading this, here are my list of ways to get the most for your money, maximize your results, and shave time off your learning curve while at a Love Systems program:

  1. Be completely honest with yourself and with the instructors. We will know when you are lying and more importantly you are only hurting yourself. Be real about what you don't understand, and what you have trouble with.
  2. Ask questions. If you don't understand something, ask. I may have you hold the question until a break or until I finish making a point, but I will always get to questions. Questions let me know you are paying attention and trying to figure things out for yourself.
  3. Take a copious amount of notes. I still looked over my notes from my workshop for a year and a half after I took it, still finding new nuggets of gold in my original notes. Make it a habit to review your notes once a week every week after your workshop for a year.
  4. Assume everything you know about women is wrong. I love discussing why things work, but I hate arguing and trying to convince students that their beliefs such as "it's hard to take women home the same night" or "women aren't like that" are wrong. I don't have time to argue as I have to squeeze everything I think can help an individual group into 15 hours including exercises. If you want an explanation for something, I'll provide it. I won't, however, have a 15 minute argument in class.
  5. Be willing to try anything. The students who get the most out of the courses are the ones who push themselves out of their comfort zones, the ones who approach the big mixed group rather than wait for the easy two-woman pair.
  6. Don't make excuses. "They aren't hot enough" is not a reason not to approach. You only have two nights with us in field. That means every group you don't approach is time I could be analyzing what you are doing wrong, and you could be polishing material for the future when a women you do want comes along.
  7. Don't take instructor feedback personally. We are not here to make you feel bad. Every single piece of advice I give is to help your game. I don't get any pleasure in telling a guy to wax his eyebrows or to be louder. Take it as it's meant, to help you achieve the goals that led you to take a workshop in the first place.
  8. Have a good attitude. Be enthusiastic and excited that you get the chance to have professionals give you feedback. Tell us you want to do approaches, rather than waiting for us to push you. Come up with more ideas during the story-telling exercises, write down what happened at night, and have questions ready for debrief the next day.
  9. Make friends with the other guys in the class first because they may live in your area and you can make "wingmen," and second because the better the atmosphere in the classroom, the better the workshop goes.
  10. Have fun. Find some sort of joy in the entire process. It's meeting women, not getting a root canal!

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