November 18, 2007


Be a Pickup Artist

by Rokker

What's really cool about learning game is that you realize that you have to have other things going for you in your life in order to be truly successful. There is no "magic line" or routine that will get you a woman; they are simply tools to convey your personality and identity.

The misconceptions concerning these lines and routines are why a lot of people get drawn to Love Systems. They see it as "the quick fix" that will help them turn their previous failures and insecurities with women into success in a short period of time if they just know how to deliver the material.

By reading canned material and trying it out newcomers start to think they need to develop contingencies for every possible scenario. "If I just knew what to say if she says X, then... " or "What if she says X, is it better to say Y or Z?" To get stuck in this pattern of thinking is very dangerous!

Learning all possible contingencies might give you an amazingly technical outer game, but if your inner game is weak that will eventually shine through and ruin every interaction you have (with both men and women) and make you act weird. You don't want to be a robot running around delivering stock lines in response to everything you hear. Nothing is a bigger turn-off for a woman than a guy who's weird. And besides, the whole purpose of adding pick-up to your life is to make it better - not to make you a weirdo.

Why are questions like the ones above often linked to bad inner game? The reason is that if you have strong inner game, you don't worry so much and have confidence in yourself that you can confront any situation that may arise. You don't need the crutch of stocked lines for every possible contingency... you will handle the situation in your own way.

At the end of the day, canned lines don't mean anything. If you have your fundamentals down, you can come up with something on the spot that works just as well. Love Systems, then, helps guide you along the process to get to that stage.

Routines are somewhat different as you have a bigger purpose with them, but to be brutally honest you could do well without them too. I'm definitely not saying that you should throw canned routines out the window, I'm just saying that you should know why you are using them, and what you are trying to accomplish when you do.

If you develop the right attitude towards game (and indeed life in general), you are almost automatically going to be successful. The solution is not to learn 50, 100, or 1000 routines and one-liners and ignore other aspects of life - it's more or less the opposite.

Create the lifestyle that you desire with a social circle you really enjoy, pursue the career you really want... and top it off with some killer routines to convey your identity when you need to. For comparison I would rather have the "best" social circle in the world and zero cold approach game than the best cold approach game in the world and zero social circles.

Think of game as a house. Inner game is the foundation of the house, and outer game is decorations and furnishing. If you have a strong foundation, the house will only need some decoration and furnishing and still look good. However, if you have a lousy foundation you need a hell of a lot of furnishing and decoration to cover it up... and it's still a sub-standard house underneath it all.

So what am I trying to get across here? The main point is that I don't want you to think that learning only outer game will solve all your problems. We can teach you how to get an outstanding outer game, but you'll have to progress in all aspects of life if you want to be happy and satisfied with yourself.

We provide an excellent start with Love Systems, but it's up to you to take the opportunity and change not only how you game but also how you live your life and how you see yourself. Nothing could improve your game more.


CD Vol 17 The Right Way to learn Game (Samurai and Rokker)

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