April 29, 2009


Playboy Playmate Field Report - 2

During a recent visit to Los Angeles, Mr. M had an interesting experience with a top Playboy model and cover girl.  It was entirely “cold approach” – no one introduced them.  Here’s the story, as told by the man himself, Mr. M:

Hey guys! I usually don’t write field reports, but Savoy personally asked me to document this pick up. The name of the Playmate will unfortunately not be divulged because I’m still in contact with her and she has a high media profile – TV appearances, reality TV shows, magazines, etc. But this was a textbook pickup straight out of Magic Bullets and what we teach, and I hope you enjoy it!

In the book ‘The Game,’ Neil Strauss talks about how he got a Playboy Playmate’s phone number, but couldn’t take things further. Things have changed since then. You only have to read Magic Bullets to see how much more advanced and different the technology has become since then.  Standing on Neil’s shoulders, I am pleased to report that I too got a Playmate’s phone number.  But, unlike Neil, I managed to take things a few steps further.

A few weekends ago, I led a bootcamp in Los Angeles. The first day was amazing. Almost all of the students at least hooked up or got solid phone numbers. Dahunter was teaching with me, he and I were absolutely buzzing from such an amazing in-field portion - it gives me a phenomenal high helping and seeing students succeed.

At the beginning of the second day of the bootcamp, we were waiting for the elevator to take us to the seminar room.  As we were waiting, Dahunter tapped me on the shoulder and whispered: “Check it out; that girl is incredibly hot.” Dahunter has notoriously high standards so I was curious. I looked over my shoulder. He was right. There was a phenomenally beautiful woman waiting in the hotel lobby. Even in gym clothes, you could tell that she was a genuine “10.”

The elevator ‘dinged,’ telling us to get in. Experience has taught me that there are always 500 excuses not to approach and only one good reason to just do it. Even the best of us get approach anxiety, but a concept covered in Magic Bullets is that guys who get good just DO IT – they don’t hesitate. It’s exactly like Savoy says in a recent interview series on Taking Chances: “Who dares, wins.”  So I walked over.

I think about the social “matrix” as I approach her. I’ve done this hundreds, possibly thousands of times before. But as I get closer, I realize that this woman is actually a lot hotter than she was from a distance. In fact, she gets a little more beautiful with every step. Long blonde hair, a voluptuous figure and gorgeous features. I needed to get a solid, non-flaky, phone number from a genuine “10” in the ten minutes I had before the start of seminar.

How do you open a “10” in the daytime (a.k.a “Day game”)?  If you’ve taken Jeremy Soul's Day Game Workshop, you probably have some good strategies.  In my experience, “direct game” works fine, but for a genuine “10” with high social value, a well-executed indirect approach is more likely to lead to success.

I teach some self-developed innovative techniques and concepts in my bootcamps, and the one that I used to open the Playmate is one of my favorites. In summary, when a woman is stationary/static in the daytime, I’ll approach any group or person near her with a functional opener (one of the six opening types covered in Magic Bullets). The reason I use the oft-maligned functional opener is because, in this situation, it has some key advantages:

  • Functional openers are extremely fast to deliver and respond to.

  • Everyone will respond to a functional opener.  It requires very low “compliance.”

  • It is easy to bring nearby people (including the woman you are interested in) into the conversation.

  • If you are talking to someone nearby and say something to quickly demonstrate high value, it almost counts as a powerful Learned DHV for her as opposed to the weaker and commonplace Told DHV.  Chapter 7 (Attraction) of Magic Bullets explains how this works in detail, but I’ll just assume everyone understands this and move on.

  • I’m really good at Transitioning, so the usual downsides of functional openers don’t apply to me as much.

So I approached the guy next to her.

Mr. M: “Hey buddy… do you know if there’s a place around here where I can get some quick food?” [This is an example of a functional opener, delivered just loud enough for her to hear.]

GUY: “Hmm...”

Mr. M: “I’ve got to lead a seminar downstairs in five minutes [this is both a time constraint and a demonstration of higher value] but I’m starved and there was something wrong with the meat in this burger (pointing to fast food paper bag in my hand). I think I might have gotten mad cow disease.

[Humor is one of the eight attraction switches – also from Chapter 7 of Magic Bullets and if you have trouble with humor be sure to see Sinn and Future’s interview on Storytelling and Humor.  Status is another, and I demonstrated that by “leading a seminar.”]

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her smile. Two attraction switches engaged, a time constraint, good sub-communication, and presto – she’s ready to be approached. I use the same functional opener on her, but am careful to do so over my shoulder, making myself seem a challenge (another of the eight attraction switches).

Mr. M: “Do you know where I can get healthy beef burger?”

Playmate: “There’s a burger shop down the road.”

Mr. M: “Do they have good burgers?”

Playmate: “I think so.”

Mr. M: “Made from healthy cows?”

Playmate: [Laughs]

At this point, I had taken the opener as far as I could, so now it was time to Transition.  The idea of Transitioning and the system of four different transition types is one of the major breakthroughs in Magic Bullets.  One of the innovative concepts that I teach in my seminars is that you can pretty much open with anything (even lame functional openers), if you have a strong enough transition. So far I’ve found two ‘super transitions.’ A ‘super transition’ is basically a transition strong enough so that the opener itself really doesn’t matter.

Mr. M: “Thanks. [I start to move away, but then I pause and hold eye contact.] You know, you remind me of a friend of mine that I used to hang out with while I traveled in Australia. She was a little weird, but fun and adventurous - they don’t make that type of girl much anymore. Her name was Brenda but we used to call her Bertha. I don’t know your name so I’m just gonna call you Bertha. Thanks Bertha.” [Hold hand out to shake her hand.]

Playmate: [Laughs] “I really don’t like that name.” [Shakes my hand.]

Mr. M: “Wow, you’re pretty demanding, and I’ve only known you for like two seconds.”

The interaction continues. I used a few routines that I’d actually stolen from my copy of Routines, which I’d read the night before.  It’s a great book, by the way, and some of my own personal best routines are in it.  Anyway, I demonstrated higher value - mentioning my ex-girlfriend, framing my job and what I do as fun and interesting, push-pulling, teasing, using role-play, etc. I can’t cover all these concepts now, but I teach them in my programs, or you can read Magic Bullets.  I make sure to re-frame, which I believe is the key to getting the especially beautiful women. If you are interested in this technique – and you’d be a fool not to be – the only decent explanation of framing, re-framing and frame control was Sinn and Savoy’s excellent interview on the subject.

Anyway, under a barrage of my social weaponry, she started to come around from her original somewhat closed-off demeanor.  Knowing I was under time pressure, I went for her phone number:

Mr. M: “It was cool meeting you. Let’s catch up tonight [based on us having previously agreed to meet up]. What’s the best way of getting into contact with you?”

She pulls out a card from her purse, gets a pen and writes her phone number on it. I take the card. It says, ‘[Her Name], Playboy Playmate, FHM model, Cover Girl on [a bunch of magazines], TV appearances on [about ten programs].’ And the card had a half naked centerfold picture of her on it. I tease her for being a poster girl, say goodbye, smile, keep good eye contact, walk away and get into the elevator. The doors close. I hand Dahunter the card. He looks at me with excitement.

We both start to laugh.

Not bad for a guy who had his first kiss at age twenty.  (Check out my bio for the gory details on that).

After getting the phone number of the Playboy Playmate, I still had a lot of work to do. It was a solid pick up, but lasted only 10-15 minutes. I needed to establish comfort.  Future developed a system called Breakthrough Comfort with its own one-day seminar.  I strongly endorse these and you’ll see elements of breakthrough comfort in the rest of this pickup.

I called her the very same afternoon to arrange to meet up. We had made plans to get together later that night, but with exceptionally beautiful women of high social status, there is a risk of “flakiness” or of the plans not coming together.  I’d used a couple of things I remembered from Future's interview on Dates to minimize this, but I was still prepared for problems.  By the way, the dates interview is one I really like.  There’s no excuse for dates to go badly or for persistent flakiness.

I dial the number. The phone rings. And rings. And rings. No pick up.

The fact that there is no answer does not necessarily mean rejection. A woman picking up the phone can, for some women, require a high level of compliance. The important thing is that if a woman doesn’t respond to you, keep an abundance mentality! There are a lot of beautiful women out there. You must get your inner game sorted out if you are going to get hot women. Beauty cannot have a crippling effect on you. It didn’t matter to me a single bit that she didn’t pick up that phone.

I throw the phone to Dahunter and go have a shower. Five minutes later, I come out and he’s sitting on our hotel bed, smirking at me. “Text game,” he says, “The low compliance alternative.” He then throws the phone back to me. I look at it. Dahunter had used solid text messaging strategies to get two replies from her already. The guy is a text game legend.

That’s all I needed. Solid text game followed - we teased, mocked, bantered. After about five exchanges, she started qualifying to me and asked me if we could meet up.

Throughout the evening, I followed basic text game principles:

  • Don’t appear too eager.

  • Try to be light-hearted, succinct and funny.

  • Always appear to be having a more fun and interesting time than she is.

  • Use the distractor technique.  If you don’t know this one, you need to keep up with instructors’ posts on The Attraction Forums.  Here’s the link to Dahunter’s succinct distractor post.   

These principles, and many others, are covered in a recent interview series on Phone Game with Savoy and Sinn.  The title of that interview is a bit of a misnomer, because there is a lot about text messaging in there.  Again, I’d strongly encourage anyone who is serious about improving their success to get all of the interviews that Savoy and Sinn did together.  There are only three – Phone Game (Vol. 10), Opening and Transitioning (Vol. 1) and Frame Control (Vol. 5).

Anyway, in the course of the text game, she asked me to come and meet her at the bar where she was. I told her that I was having too much fun and that she should come and meet me instead. This is something attractive women will often do to you – ask you to come to a place where they have their friends and where they have high social value. But if you can be perceived as having more fun than they are – then they will come to you. Bring them into your reality. It can be a good idea to engineer the situation such that you have the social proof and she is the outsider. This way, you can ‘show your excellence’ and can demonstrate higher value more easily. Value is a crucial component of any pick up; I was glad to see the interview series do an interview with Future and Tenmagnet on the subject.  It’s a good interview and pretty advanced – which it needs to be because some people have an overly simplistic understanding of value.   

Very soon, after back and forth banter and solid text game, I was rewarded with the following text:  “Why don’t you just swing by my place and we’ll have a drink?”

That was an offer I decided to accept.  This is where things started to get really interesting.  I took Dahunter with me to add to my value (both the value interview and the new – amazing – advanced winging interview with Savoy and The Don go over this, from different angles).  It turns out that she is staying at another hotel as a celebrity guest.  We found her room, and she invited us in. 

I think this may have been the most solid two hours of game that I have ever executed. I have never had a woman who so thoroughly qualified, cold read, tested and reframed me. This is something that you will find occurs regularly – women of particular beauty will often test you by using some of the seduction techniques that you use... against you. The important thing is to be non-reactive – don’t let them have their intended effect. For example, when she began to mention her list of celebrity ex-boyfriends, I consciously realized that I was beginning to assess my suitability for her. She was doing something that all hot women do unconsciously - trying to test me - and I was about to fall for it!

As soon as I realized this, I immediately corrected my train of thought. “You should have the self-belief and confidence to know that you are just as good as any celebrity!” I thought, and I acted accordingly.  I teased her about how she was a name dropper and made sure a little while later to casually mention my ex-girlfriend – which DID have the desired effect.

As a side note - Dahunter was an incredible wingman in her room that night. Wingmanship is a lost art – but if you can find yourself a wingman who knows all of the cool advanced winging tactics that the guys have been developing, the two of you will form an unbeatable pair.

Dahunter agreed to write up what happened in the hotel room, from his point of view:

Let me start by saying Mr. M is not what you would imagine at first.  You hear about his mad skills, but he’s definitely not the best looking guy and he comes in “under the radar.”  But as soon as he opens his mouth, you realize that he’s a monster of social value. His sub-communications are really calibrated for what Braddock and I refer to as “10 game,” which means dating exceptionally beautiful and high-status women.  He covers this really well in his bootcamps

So, back when she texted Mr. M to come over to her hotel, we had no details of who else was there or any other logistical problems that could come up.  I say “we” because I was highly interested in seeing my friend Mr. M succeed with one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen, so I was involved in the entire text messaging process through the night by learning from his “10 game” and also throwing out my suggestions on any ideas I had to send the perfect text message every time.  Like anyone who knows what they are doing, I first learned a lot of the basics from Savoy and Sinn’s interview on Phone Game.

We were in a cab thinking of the possible variables of the situation. He could get there and it could turn out that there were more people there, which would have made him the outsider. This is one of the reasons I offered to go in with him, so if there were other people Mr. M wouldn’t be by himself.  If she was by herself, I could have a drink and then leave, but my initial presence would also help, because it would imply that Mr. M didn’t just show up expecting sex, which might have initially turned her off.

When we get there, she was by herself.  We go in, I have a couple of drinks and just observe Mr. M’s game. She just starts talking naturally about the celebrities she hangs out with and things she has done, and Mr. M systematically demonstrates equivalent or greater value each time, showing that he is at her level and he is used to women of her level.  This is a key element to attracting exceptionally beautiful and high-status women.  I play a role in this by agreeing with Mr. M and chiming in to enhance the stories that show his value.  I also have fun with the process by sending him text messages saying things like “Tag Team!” – if you’re not having fun, then dating science isn’t for you.

After a while, it was time for me to leave.  It was a sort of celebration and a lesson at the same time.  I had done everything I could to help my friend get with one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.  The biggest lesson was that I was originally going to approach her, but I pushed Mr. M to do it instead, and now he’s the one with the Playmate story to tell.  As Mr. M says: “He who dares, wins.” 

Now back to Mr. M:

In retrospect, what got things really going in the room was reframing.  No one I know of other than Love Systems really emphasizes this enough.  As usual, Savoy was ahead of the curve on this – his interview on Framing and Frame Control was truly “the most important interview we’ll ever do.”  It’s even more critical for extremely beautiful and high-status women; they really respond to this.  The focus is to change the underlying assumption of the interaction and make her think that you are the sexual selector. A great one that I stole from Braddock is saying that the hot women that I hang with get drunk and can't keep their hands to themselves at bars.

In fact, with her, I'd reframed so much that she actually said to me, “I bet you're one of those guys who girls like me go crazy for all the time.”

I replied, “What do you mean?”

She said, “You know, FHM models, Playmates and that...”


“Well, because you think like us - women treat you the way guys treat us.”

This was hilarious seeing as she’d never even seen me with another woman! Such is the power of reframing properly, which is why it is something that I now emphasize in my bootcamps.

Then, after Dahunter left, there was nothing stopping me from pushing things forward physically.  The big step is the kiss.  Kissing is so important and there are so many dangers of kissing too early, too late, or in the wrong way.  A lot of it has to do with sexual tension – the biggest mistake intermediate guys make with this is that they set up the first kiss in such a way as to dissipate sexual tension, so the woman thinks “wow, we really needed to get that out of our system” as opposed to “I want more.”  (Chapter 17 (kissing) of Magic Bullets is the best source of information on this subject.)  I also followed all of the rules from the excellent interview with The Don on Physical Escalation and Kissing, which is another of my favorite interviews.  Our instructor crew is so varied and so good that it would be insane not to learn from each other, but instead of having to wade through hours of reading, the interviews are edited so well that they focus on the key insights.  When I was first studying dating science, I’d listen to the CDs and just go... got it... got it... it was kind of like loading a new program into your brain like in The Matrix.

Anyway, with the Playmate, it took me about an hour and about five different kiss attempts to actually kiss her.  Here’s an insight – when rejected for a kiss, don’t pout.  Don’t let it affect you at all.  Don’t talk about it.  Just keep talking and touching.  Out of this actually came what is now my favorite kiss close. The one that worked is the one I teach on my bootcamps now – and it has not since failed me. I’ll try to write a post up about it on The Attraction Forums.

I’m not going to go into the gory details of what came after the kiss – it’s not my style. But suffice it to say, we had a lot of fun together.

So - from the guy who couldn’t get a kiss until he was almost twenty-one, to picking up, from cold approach, a famous Playmate and TV celebrity. If a short, ugly guy like me can do it... anyone can! 

See Mr. M’s bio to learn about how Mr. M got so goodMr. M is a lead instructor based in the UK. He leads bootcamps in the UK, Europe and the USA, and is available for 1 on 1 instruction as well. For more information on his programs, check out our schedule, or contact us.

Mr M has also been a major contributor to the exclusive interview series.  Available now are his interviews on:


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