November 06, 2007


Build Your Confidence

By Braddock

When I first entered the dating community I was excited, and not because I was fooling myself by hoping to find a few magic lines that would trick women into liking me. I was excited because I finally felt like it was in my control, for the first time in my life, to determine the quality (and amount) of women that would be in my life. Up until that point I felt like it was completely up to chance, God, or luck. It had nothing to do with me.

One thing that has helped me my entire life is that I'm slow to blame and quick to learn and look for answers. I've never shied away from paying the price for my deepest desires. However, until I discovered the community I felt like this was the one situation in life in which hard work was just not going to help change my plight. The important point here is that I have never entered a situation with the "quick fix or nothing" mentality. This community finally showed me a road map to success with women! It didn't matter how much work or time it was going to take.

I'm in no way comparing my mentality to someone else's in order to feel superior. Really, I'm not. However, I will say that this way of thinking is the crucial roadblock for a lot of guys I see in live workshops who get mad when they don't leave as master pickup artists by Sunday.

Would you tell Bill Gates that he knows nothing about computers if you had a workshop on how to start a computer business with him and he gave you three days worth of pure gold on how to be a success, but he said that it would take you six months to a year to become amazing with his principles?

You wouldn't get mad if you thought like me. You would appreciate the great advice and get busy paying the six month price. I have a feeling that the same guys who leave frustrated from our workshops are the same guys who would leave every seminar of any kind frustrated and annoyed.

I also feel that if I could take a look at these peoples' lives I would see that this is a recurring theme in multiple areas. These people quit everything they start and can't name on one hand things they have taken from start to finish.

If you want to be successful at this game you have to stop blaming. Stop blaming those around you, stop blaming your boss, stop blaming women from your past, and stop blaming life for not giving you any cool friends to be "wingmen" for you. Stop blaming your busy schedule for not allowing you enough time to go to work, work out, practice with women, pet your dog, etc.

If you are not having the success you want with women, are you looking for someone or some reason to blame or are you rolling up your sleeves and becoming a better student? Are you looking for answers or excuses?

Try and remember the famous quote, "The responsibility of education falls upon the student, not the teacher."

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