June 10, 2008


Ross Jeffries | Founder of NLP-based Speed Seduction

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Long consider the "father" of the seduction community, Ross Jeffries was one of the first figures in the PUA scene starting in the 1980s and 1990s.  He brought into the seduction community concepts borrowed from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Eriksonian hypnosis.  These techniques started out as forms of therapy and positive psychology and while they continue to be used in many areas of self-help, Ross Jeffries transformed their usage in specific directions to be use by pick up artists in generating and maintaing attraction.  The theory behind these techniques is to get women to access positive mind states and then get the women to associate these positive states with the seducer or pick up artist.  Ross Jeffries calls his method "Speed Seduction."

Speed Seduction involves first transforming the pick-up artist's belief systems regarding women and sex, getting them to acknowledge that women enjoy sex and that supplicating to women is not effective.  Ross Jeffries' techniques address inner game issues first and then expand into specific methods of generating attraction, fascination, and intrigue through stories and specific language usage in order to get women to feel specific emotions in a positive manner.  Ross Jeffries was the first person to start a business based around seduction seminars and products in 1992.

In 1998, Ross Jeffries set up an online discussion group (alt.seduction.fast) where discussions could take place between his students.  Expanding beyond its initial design, many pick up artists that would gain prominence and reputations in later years, including Mystery, would discuss their tactics and share techniques.  While his influence would remain strong, Ross Jeffries was ultimately surpassed by many of his students in terms of popularity, though he got prominent mention in Neil Strauss' book The Game.  However, Ross Jeffries has adapted his techniques to include more "natural" game and refined inner game technique over his earlier material.


Ross Jeffries primary product offering is Speed Seduction, which is one of the first systematic PUA products created and marketed.  The method is one of projecting an image of yourself and your qualities in such a way as to make the woman identify her attraction and positive emotions with you as the seducer.  Using the techniques of hypnosis and NLP, Ross Jeffries crafts a technique of attempting to get a woman to respond to you in the way you desire.

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Sexual Aggression Mastery is Ross Jeffries' product designed to encourage men to get in touch with their masculine energy and to take the role of initiator in sexual situations.

Nail Your Inner Game is Ross Jeffries' product for overcoming one's own mental issues and sticking points.  It is designed especially for those who know much of the theory of pickup, but who find it difficult to get past their own mental blocks into actually implementing that theory.

Ross Jeffries also provided live seminars where he goes over all of the basic (and advanced) techniques he uses in pickup.

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