February 02, 2012


Pickup Lines to Get the Girl

The purpose of using a pick up line is to start a conversation with a girl you haven't met yet. This is also called a cold approach (and the ones you're most likely to do in a bar, nightclub, sidewalk during the day, etc.).

Without a doubt you have more on your mind than just a nice conversation with this lady, so asking for the time is out. While "Do you know what time it is?" works in the movies, in real life it will get you only one thing: the time. It is definitely not a good pick up line.

A good pick up line is one that starts a conversation and even more, it puts you in a good light and furthers your interaction. As a "pua" you are trying to be the exception to the rule. Stand out from your peers and all the other guys who have approached her. There are many ways to do this, so here are three helpful ways to present an opener:

  1. The first is to distinguish yourself from everyone else. A straightforward, direct line works wonders for this. Going direct subcommunicates a lot of things at once, and she will automatically think you are confident. This is perfect because confidence comes from knowing the outcome (a romantic encounter). Based on your attitude and body language she will also believe you to be preselected. Finally, being sober and having the balls to approach her puts you in a whole different category from all of the incomprehensible drunken people.
  2. The second kind of useful pickup line is one you can use to make her distinguish herself from the rest of the girls at the bar. Mr. M's opener "I love this bar; everyone is so open and having a great time, it's hard not to do the same. What's your name?" is genius. It frames her in such a way that she has to reply in a positive manner, or else she is lame and not feeling the positive vibe you've described. Right off the bat she is qualifying herself to you.
  3. Finally, you can be cocky in a self-deprecating way. This is not the same thing as being supplicating. A good example is Daxx's "I've been standing here for five minutes and you still haven't said 'hi.' Are you shy or something?" opener. Anyone who says something like that to a gorgeous girl is obviously not shy. Cajun's, "You can't look at me like that and not say anything," is also not something a shy guy would ever say. With the right subcommunications it's saying to her "I would love to see you try to turn me down." Of course, she won't.

Going indirect (asking her for an opinion on something) can help you buy some time and show that you have value. Once again, any pick up line that you use, as long as it hooks her and starts a conversation, is a good one. But in going indirect you are not trying to sweep her off your feet with your confidence. Instead, you are trying to stay under the radar until you prove that you understand her life and are someone that she could see spending time with. Both methods work well and eventually get you to the same place, so practice them until you're comfortable going direct and indirect. You'll find that in different situations one will work better than the other so it pays to be prepared.

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