September 05, 2012


How to Attract Women in College

Invest hard in your social life at the beginning of the school year, especially if you can catch up later on school, moving, etc.  

Not all friends are created equal. One of the principles of Social Circle Mastery (created by Braddock - a man who became a college legend himself) is that “value connectors” and “social connectors” are hugely important to introduce you to beautiful women and to help you build an attractive lifestyle that desirable women want to be part of. You’ll even have women hitting on you!

(There’s no way I can do justice to all of the Social Circle Mastery concepts in this article.  If you’re not good with the different kinds of connectors and how to spot them and influence them, then just do this: Try to make friends with guys who know how to be cool and make you look cool and don’t hit on every beautiful woman you see. Attractive women tend to be friends with other attractive women.

College is not like a nightclub, where everyone is anonymous. Attracting women with social proof is important because anyone you meet on campus will know someone who knows someone who knows you. Expect women to know (or find out) who you are and what crowd you hang out in, and expect them to look at you differently based on what they know. 

That doesn’t mean dumping your old friends. But Braddock is right (the man speaks from experience) when he says that to build a social circle and be a master on campus, you need to know how to manage your perception. And that sometimes means different friends for different things.

In a lot of courses, you can sit where you want on the first day but wherever you sit, you’re stuck there for the whole semester. If this is the case for you, sit next to the hot girl. I don’t care how freaking awkward it is when you climb over 12 people to get to the empty seat beside her. In a week, no one will remember. But you’ll be next to her every day for months. 

In sum…

You’re only in college or university once. It’s the single best opportunity most men ever have to pick up women in high quantities and quality. When I look at feedback forms from Love Systems training, one very common thought is “I wish I knew all of this when I was in college.”

Not “when I was younger”. Not “5 years ago”.  No – it’s specifically “when I was in college”. Because men who have experienced the Love Systems transformation know how completely ridiculous their life would have been in college with Love Systems skills. So take action! 

How to attract younger women

If you're not a student, so what?  Hang out on campus and go to the best places to meet women:

  • At the library
  • At various speakers, forums, debates, etc., that are open to the public
  • Or even take or audit one class (even a night class) so you don’t feel like an outsider
  • At parties (Say that a friend invited you. Or better still, use Social Circle Mastery to quickly make friends with the kind of people who will genuinely invite you to cool events with hot women.)

Pick up a student newspaper once in a while and check out the flyers in the student activity building, and you’ll be able to choose from dozens of good possibilities.

Too many guys think that you have to show how cool and young and active you are in order to pick up younger women. That’s backward. The question shouldn’t be: “Am I young and cool and active enough for you?” It should be: “Are you mature and sophisticated and cool enough to roll with me?” There are plenty of older men dating younger women.

(Don’t be dismissive or ignorant – that will just increase the distance between you two – but it’s not the ground you should compete on. If she wanted a guy who was immersed in pop culture, she’d date a classmate.)

Show her what you bring to the table that her classmates can’t. Use storytelling to attract women by telling her interesting stories and your life experiences. You’ve probably got more knowledge and sophistication. You’ve probably got more maturity and a more powerful persona.  Use it.

Either way, there is a ton of opportunity out there now that the school year has started again.  Take advantage!

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