January 25, 2010


Picking up Women on Airplanes

I’ve never revealed my secrets of how to pick up hot women on airplanes...

But, I’m going to do it here). And no, there’s no cheesy “buy this for more information.” It’s all right here. Here’s why:

The “Tyra Banks” effect has turned our little world upside-down. A couple months ago we proved that we can turn a “lovable loser” into a guy picking up hot blondes in a New York City park.

Even Tyra Banks had to admit – on air – that we were onto something. If you’ve seen her show, you know that she’s not exactly the type of person to admit that something like Love Systems works unless she had no other choice...

If you missed it, check out Tyra Banks vs. Love Systems.

That opened the floodgates. Our bootcamps are filling up and going off the schedule weeks in advance. Every journalist under the sun wants a piece of the action. Most I don’t even bother with, but when Esquire magazine called, I thought it would be fun to help them with a piece on picking up women on airplanes.

I think it’ll be in a future article – but my answers about the mile high club were a bit too racy for them and they cut it down to a few quotes.


That’s still no reason for you to suffer.

Savoy’s Secret (until now) Guide to Picking up Women on Airplanes

The hardest part of picking up women on airplanes is getting a seat next to the woman you want.

Sure, you can get lucky and your boarding pass can just happen to put you there. Just like you can know nothing about Love Systems and get lucky at a bar. But, the whole point of Love Systems is to put the odds in your favor.

In my first job out of college, I traveled constantly, probably more than 1,000 flights in four years. How often did I “get lucky” and find myself sitting next to a hot woman?


Two out of a thousand. Those odds suck. And, they remind me too much of my “luck” going out to bars to meet women before I started to put the pieces together of what eventually became Love Systems.

Tip #1 - Fly airlines without assigned seating 

When I’m in the U.S., I fly Southwest Airlines because you can sit anywhere.

But, DO NOT simply hope that there will be an empty seat next to an attractive woman. That’s a backup plan, not a strategy.

Start talking to the woman you want in the departure lobby. If you’re stuck, ask something like, “when does boarding start?” and then do a Love Systems Transition into a “normal conversation.”

If you’re still having trouble starting your interactions, don’t wait - get the help you need. Check out our Interview Series volumes on The First Five Minutes (with The Don and Tenmagnet) and Overcoming Approach Anxiety (with Future and Calabrese). Each interview features two Love Systems masters breaking down a specific topic with in-depth insights and techniques you can use tonight. And, you can listen to the first ten minutes of every interview, free! Check out the entire list of topics in our back catalogue.

If you miss the chance to talk to the woman you want in the departure lobby, don’t worry. You have a second chance when boarding starts - join the line right before or after she does and start talking to her then.

In both situations, keep the conversation going while you board, and then sit down next to her like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

This relies on one of the key Love Systems principles of female psychology:

If you act like it’s a big deal, it will be. If you act like it’s not a big deal, it might not be. (This applies to a lot of different things... especially relationship management, dating multiple women at the same time, or friends with benefits – all covered in our Relationship Management course.)

Advanced Tip: Yes, I know it can look awkward when you sit next to a hot girl when there are plenty of empty seats. Take the hit and do it anyway. Better for it to be a bit awkward at first and you have the whole flight together than for you to be too cool for that and spend your flight between Mr. Fat Ass and Mr. Body Odor while you watch someone else picking up your girl.

The same thing applies if you’re a college student. If you can sit anywhere on the first day of class, sit next to the hot girl. So what if it looks weird for a few minutes? You’ll be sitting with her all class – or the whole semester if they make a seating plan. (And if you’re in college, you really should check out the Social Circle Mastery.)

Tip #2 – If you have assigned seats anyway... 

Start talking to her in the departure lobby like normal. If you can get into the “Comfort” phase of the Emotional Progression Model, it’s worth trying to change your seats. Say something like:

“You know, I always get stuck sitting between two 300-pound idiots who won’t shut up the whole flight. You seem kind of normal, except for (something she said that you can tease her about). If you promise to be good, I’ll switch seats so we can sit together. Where are you sitting?”

Then, when she shows you her boarding pass, take it from her so you can have a look. Say, “I’ll be right back” and go to the gate agent with both boarding passes and say that you and your friend want to sit together. Do not ask her first or act like what you’re doing isn’t 100% normal. Then come back with both of your new boarding passes and tell her she can have the window seat for rescuing you from the 300lb talky twins.

Some airlines (like Virgin Atlantic I think) have panels at every seat where you can “chat” with anyone at any other seat. At this point, it’s just like normal text message/instant message game.

Love Systems instructor Kisser was telling me about a hottie he picked up on a plane doing this.

Tip #3 – If you’ve ignored everything so far... 

Alright, so you’re 0 for 2 at following directions but you still want to sit next to a hot girl. You get on the plane and see an empty seat beside someone you want to meet.

Sit there.

I learned this one when I was living in Dubai (in the United Arab Emirates – a small country with lots of oil stuck between Iran and Saudi Arabia).

Back then, Dubai wasn’t exactly a place you went to meet women. The local Arab women were mostly wearing the head-to-toe black chador so all you could see was their eyes. You’re not allowed to approach them either, unless you want to risk deportation or worse. Attractive, foreign, single women were rare.

So, on my way to the Dubai airport for a flight to visit a friend in Istanbul, the last thing I was thinking about was meeting women...

... until I got onto a virtually empty plane and saw a stunning, gorgeous (local-looking but in Western dress) woman sitting by herself about halfway down.

I checked my boarding pass. 5A. That was going to leave me at least ten rows short.

Screw it, I decided. I’m sick of being 2 for 1000 at getting seated next to the hot girl. This time, I’m going to win.

I ignored my boarding pass and plopped myself down one seat away from her. Worst thing that could happen, they’d ask me to move if someone happened to actually be seated there.

Turns out this girl was a local princess. (Now, in the U.A.E., seemingly all of the local population was related to the royal family, so “princess” doesn’t quite mean the same thing as it would in, say, England.) Normally, she wore the chador. But, at the airport on a plane to (much more liberal) Istanbul, she changed into her “party clothes.”

It was a once in a lifetime thing – I would never have met her in any other situation. And, it was one of the craziest relationships I’ve ever been in.

So – what’s the step-by-step plan here?

  1. Sit next to the hot girl. Now you’re in a seat that’s different from the one on your boarding pass. (You rebel, you)

  2. Skip ahead to Tip #4 for a second – start talking to her right away. 

  3. If no one else has that seat either, you’re in the clear and no one will know it’s not “your” seat. If someone does have that seat, here’s what you say:

    “Oh sorry, my friend and I got split up and they said to switch seats in case no one else had this one. Are you dying for this seat, or would you be willing to trade? I originally had [seat number] which is a window/aisle/First Class, etc.” (This works best if your original seat was “better” so try to check in early and get an exit row window if you can.)

It’s a ballsy move, but it’s never failed for me. And when it works, it definitely ticks off the “social intelligence” switch – one of the eight “attraction switches” from Magic Bullets.

Tip #4 – Talk to her right away

Don’t wait – or she may fall asleep or put on headphones. Even if she doesn’t, waiting twenty minutes and then all of a sudden starting a conversation can feel awkward.

It’s a similar dynamic to touching a girl as soon as you meet her, especially at a nightclub.

If you meet her, start talking for a half hour, and then tentatively venture your first touch – it can feel calculated, unconfident, and awkward.

That’s why the Love Systems Triad explicitly lays out the pacing for your emotional, physical, and logistical progression.

Tip #5 - The Mile High Club 

It’s like a bathroom pull in almost every way.

Lead. Assume the sell. And anything not “smooth” is death. By the time you grab her hand and say “Okay, come with me” you should have already accomplished all of these:

  • No seatbelts on either of you.

  • Aisle is clear of carts, flight attendants, and other passengers.

  • Armrest between you two is down.

  • Time your move for a high point – right after she escalates your sexual talk, or things get nicely physical under the blanket, etc.

  • Bathrooms are unoccupied.

Any obstacle, even a minor one like undoing a seatbelt, that is a logical, conscious process that risks being a “state break,” which is the opposite of how women respond to seduction.

Tenmagnet and Sinn did a great interview on Seduction that’s still considered the gold standard on the subject. They’ll teach you how to handle any scenario you might encounter when trying to seduce a woman, from same night lays to logistical difficulties.

Tip #6 - The Mile High Club Consolation Prize 

A.K.A. “Don’t forget the arrival airport.”

Just like a bathroom pull at a club, the mile high club just isn’t going to happen sometimes, no matter how good your game. But, I can’t count the number of times I’ve met someone on the plane, suggested “one [final drink] for the road” when we land, and escalated from the airport bar to the bathrooms.

Unlike nighclubland, airport bathrooms are usually huge and unpatrolled by bathroom attendants.

This works before or after your flight, or even while changing planes.

Airports are actually fantastic places to meet women. Earlier today I was reading a review from someone who did a one-on-one with us that took place entirely at the Chicago O’Hare airport.

Tip #7 - Speaking of airports...

Some flights are going to be more filled with young, attractive women than others. Any Friday flight from anywhere to Las Vegas, Ibiza, or any other party destination is going to be full of attractive women.

That’s partly why we put the Super Conference there.

Good luck, and I want to hear all of your stories about how you used these techniques on flights to make your own personal entourage of beautiful women.

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