May 24, 2016


Big News From the NEW Love Systems

Hey guys,

It’s Derek Cajun here, and I just wanted to let you all know about some big changes going on at Love Systems.

As you may know from this afternoon’s email, Nick Savoy has moved on from  Love Systems and has handed over management of the company in an instructor-led buyout that is backed by an investor that has a great deal of experience in the online dating world. We really wish Nick the best of luck with his new business ventures and we’re extremely thankful for his leadership and mentorship over the past 10 years. We’ve put together a new management team and over the next few months this new team is going to be working hard to make Love Systems into a newer better version of the company that has changed so many lives.

The first big change is that I will be taking over as the head of Love Systems, doing my best to fill Nick Savoy’s gigantic shoes (they’re huge both literally and figuratively). But don’t worry, I also have a really great team behind me. Chris Shepherd (Aka Tenmagnet) will be in charge of marketing and developing the website. Behind both of us the entire team of instructors have also given their support and will be helping out where they can. We also have some investors that we’re partnering with who will help us redevelop the website and do a better job of using technology to give our customers the best customer service possible.

The second big change you’re going to see is in the way we interact with you - our audience. For a long time, the instructors and I have been working and talking with guys around the world in person, but we haven’t done such a good job of taking that real-life experience and applying that over the internet. Over the next few months we’re going to be working really hard to bring you new articles, podcasts and videos that answer the real problems and questions you guys have in a way that is fun and natural. We’re going to make things more interactive. And of course, more interesting.

Most importantly, we want to re-focus on you guys - the awesome people who come to Love Systems because you want to become awesomer. We want to be the world's best at helping men improve their dating lives. With that in mind, if you have any thoughts or ideas about how we can do a better job of teaching you guys, helping you guys, or anything, please join us on this thread at the attraction forums about the future of Love Systems. 

Anyway, you guys probably have a bunch of questions, so I’ll answer the most common ones here:

What’s up with Super Conference?

We are really pumped about this year’s Super Conference, and we’re going to be making sure it’s better than ever. We have reserved a whole section of the Flamingo Hotel on the Las Vegas strip specifically for this event. It will be happening August 18th to 24th and we’re expecting it to be even bigger than last year, with instructors from around the world coming out.

What about the brand?

Love Systems will remain Love Systems, but we’re going to be bringing out some new design work soon. We’ve hired some artistic geniuses to give our look a refresh and it should be out before Super Conference.

Oh, and we’re going to be ditching the superhero names. Expect to get taught by guys with normalish sounding names like Chris Shepherd and Dave Vox rather than Tenmagnet, Babeturnip or Lovebadger or whatever.

What about the office?

We are moving office locations. That means there will be a bit of technical difficulties over the next few weeks as we get settled in our new location. We really appreciate your understanding as we make the change. Please be patient.

I’m really pumped How can I help?

Oh man, there’s so many ways! The best (and easiest)  thing you can do is help out your brothers at The Attraction Forums. The next most important thing you can do is help us do a better job of being better coaches, so participate in the conversation at the attraction forums


Derek Cajun

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