October 11, 2018


10 Game Insight #1 - Sexuality used as a weapon

As I posted in my first social circle article I have been re-establishing links in the nyc club scene with some of my old friends. This has led me to play social circle game and generally be around hotter girls. I had a very interesting experience in the poconos a few weeks ago when we rented a house for the weekend and went snowboarding. Let me set the scene, I know the alpha males of the group very very well however I dont know anyone else in the group (save 2 girls), all these people have been hanging out for years while I was gone. Basically that is how the nyc club scene works when you listen to house music. You follow one of two things, a) the party / dj who rotate or b) the club, you goto the club week in and week out regardless of the dj. People tend to do a blend of both. What's even more interesting is these are my Colombian friends, so I am one of a few white people (one other is the super hot blonde girl) and I am the only one who cant speak Spanish or dance (those are my two biggest regrets while having left that scene to learn pickup, I should have learned how to dance and hablar espanol).

So I am talking to not the blonde from the bar but one of her friends. Hot girls def travel in packs. They def get it, and they def dont allow girls into the group who are not hot because this will lower the perceived value of the group (at least in this conglomerate of mini social circles). Sometimes you will hear some community doctrine about how there is always a fat girl and she's the driver. I dont know if that is a joke or true but there is a big big premium on looks in the arenas I am talking about. If you want to see the kind of girls i am talking about goto napkinights.com and look at the slideshow on the bottom. There about 70 people in the house probably like 45 girls and 25 guys. One thing about Colombian culture that is very interesting is that because sexuality is built into the culture so is touching. Everyone touches everyone very intimately even if they are not banging. There is absolutely zero anxiety and most of these guys are nautrals.

So I am sitting with this girl talking to her english is pretty good and the blonde girl comes and starts talking to this kid. I was kind of watching out of the corner of my eye their interaction and what i noticed was her giving him not only bedroom eyes but acting very suggestive. Almost like a stripper (I swear this girl is def in the sex industry). What happened next was very interesting, he started hitting on her and immediately she lost interest. Why was this interesting? It was interesting because much like being in a high status club, just being in the house meant you had value, so she used her sexuality to try to pull him into her sexual frame as a way of testing him. By biting on it with improper techniques, he failed. I then began to notice with hotter girls that they will do this all the time; because they are so sexually confident and they know they are hot, they will use sexuality as almost a routine to see how you will respond. This is a great litmus test for measuring your value (and also the reason checking out the girl in the social circle article was a mistake, by doing that, at the wrong time, I fell into the every guy frame). This is NOT to say you cant hit on hot girls, of course you can, it just means your game has to be tight, the timing right, and you have to do it in a way that is not needy but very alpha and dominant. If they bring their sexuality out and you come off anything but as unreactive / dominant (dominant is probably the better response but until you can do this unreactive will suffice) you will fail. The reason I thought this was interesting was because this was a technique they used on purpose as a way of screening.

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