Here you’ll find a list of current Love Systems Workshop Assistants.  A Workshop Assistant will generally have an extremely limited role in your training, and does not count toward the minimum ratio of 1 instructor for every 3 clients.  (In other words, any Workshop Assistants who are part of your training are a free bonus).  A Workshop Assistant should not be thought of as someone to model – while some Workshop Assistants are very talented across different areas of Love Systems and will be rising through the ranks to Certified Instructor and beyond, Workshop Assistants have only been evaluated on a very narrow skill set and are only used on programs in areas that reflect that skill set.  Your training will generally be led by a Master Instructor or a Certified Instructor.


By the age of 18 Alex had basically spent his whole life in front of a computer-screen, isolated from the rest of the world. When his gaming-career unwillingly came to an abrupt end, he realized he had a chance to break out from his isolation and change his life for the better.


Davin Flynn

Growing up with extreme social anxiety, Davin barely knew how to respond to girls that were interested in him, and the concept of attracting a strange girl in a club or on the street was out of his reality entirely. After a messy rejection and frustration he came across The Game and began to experiment with cold approaches on the street and in nightclubs.



Growing up in high school, Driver was naturally a funny guy, but he wasn’t getting the kind of girls he likes.

In the beginning of 2012, Driver came across the original Mystery’s Method in a book store, which leads him to find Love Systems's Magic Bullet. After being exposed that he can take the action now to shape his love destiny, he decided to dedicate his whole summer to going out and getting better with women all by himself.



As a young man, Hammy was a low self-esteem loner and geek with no success at all with women. Years later he immersed himself in the seduction community and changed his old ways but not without years of practice, re-calibration and learning from experience. Now Hammy is just the kind of man who goes for what he wants and knows his worth. Never the nice guy, always the sexual guy - a man without shame who has embraced his sexuality.



Kaizen got started with Love Systems on a bootamp taught by Keychain. He reported 'The weekend for me was life changing, even months after it, there is still so much that needs to be mastered, it's a never ending journey, but what I get most out of this is connection with similar guys with similar stories. It's the connection you leave with that lifts your game.' His main interest are in developing strategies in helping men become genuinely more interesting to women, with life pursuits that present our authentic selves. For Kaizen, Love Systems isn't only about meeting women, it's about never ending self improvement.



I was the guy that followed societies plan for life. Went to college and started my own business to live the American dream being self employed and independent. Found the girl I wanted to marry and start a family with. At the age of 24, was married and by 25 had a kid and was on the hunt for our white picket fence to live happily ever after. Life as it seems, had a different plan for me and things took a turn for the worst. My wife was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer and passed away at the age of 22. I was left with over a million dollar debt in medical bills and was forced into bankruptcy losing everything I had created for myself. Devastated by life's events, I lost all self esteem and self worth.



Relationships were few and far between for kids like Marcelo who grow up in small towns and attend technical schools. Despite strong ambitions of success, a persistent nagging frustration grew inside the teenager at the absence of romantic relationships. Circumstances improved during his early 20s when he took the initiative to befriend "naturals" and start grasping the patterns of the more attractive man. However, these new-found results were fragile and the girls he was attracting were not the women he dreamed of. He found himself trapped in the beliefs that looks, money and status matter the most when attracting beautiful women, beliefs that led him to focus on the wrong goals. Years went by and his dating life was still nowhere near where he wanted it to be.



Neko has been associated with Love Systems since 2009 and has assisted at Bootcamps and Day Game Workshops in New York, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich and Oslo. His main interests are daygame, multiple relationships, and improving your dating success by developing your life and identity as a whole. The past year he’s also been getting into online game with, frankly, overwhelming results. Neko is in his mid-30s and based in Berlin.