Strippers and Hired Guns


Hey Guys,

You've mastered the art of picking up 7s and 8s. But even the lion gets tired of hunting gazelle after a while. Step up your game, guys; it's time to bring home what average guys deem unattainable. These are the women your friends have only talked about - or rather lied about sleeping with.

“How do I sleep with Super-Hot Strippers, Waitresses, Bartenders, Bottle Girls, Etc?”

Picking up these sometimes seemingly unattainable girls requires an entirely different set of strategies added to the existing Love Systems model and you must acquire what amounts to a new skill set for learning to succeed with each of these..

That’s why we’ve created:

The New 1 Day Strippers & Hired Guns Seminar led by Fader

This revolutionary new seminar has honed in on knowledge developed through years of trial and error experimentation by Love Systems Coaches, Super Naturals, Exotic Dancers, and perfected by Fader to pinpoint the MOST POWERFUL strategies for seducing Strippers, Waitresses, Bartenders, Etc while they are working and have NO INTENTION of being picked up.

Why should you take this seminar?

Take smoking hot strippers off the stage and into your bedroom...

HIGH END strippers are often some of the most physically attractive women you will ever encounter. And when you go to a top strip club you’re in a building FULL of them. It can take weeks (if you're lucky) to find TRUE 9s and 10s doing cold approach at clubs and literally just a MERE FEW MINUTES in the strip club.

When you win them over, they are incredibly sexual and know how to please a man in bed better than ANY woman you’ve ever been with. Try it. You’ll see... ;)

Picking up the hottest strippers is HARD. It’s the Superbowl and requires the most finely tuned precision game there is. But, we’ve broken it down to a LEARNABLE and CONSISTENT system so you can do it too!

Get that sexy waitress to serve you breakfast in bed the next morning...

You meet tons of charming, sexy women every time you go out to eat. But, breaking through the “customer barrier” and getting that waitress to look at you as a potential mate without creeping her out is an art.

You have to learn to do this in small short spurts of time. Because she has other tables you have very little time to work and have to make a STRONG IMPRESSION, very, very quickly. We will teach you to do that in a way that is UNIQUELY effective on waitresses.

Bring that Bartender Home With You...

Your tab doesn’t need to be the only thing you close at the end of the night... But bartenders are the most hectic, busy, time-constrained pickup scenarios you will ever encounter. To get them to stop running around and listen you have to make a hell of an impression and have to have serious game.

Building on the “short set” strategies we develop to game waitresses we have honed them for the next level of difficulty for dealing with busy, but beautiful, bartenders.

90% of hired guns date guys who work in the same bar. Very few bartenders date customers. What are those 10% of guys doing to separate themselves from the pack? What we found is that these guys are hitting a distinct set of attraction switches SPECIFIC to hired guns.

Does that sound like something you want to learn to do?

Rather, does she look like someone you'd like to do?

Of Course She Does!

But, succeeding with these women is easier said than done. Strippers and Hired Guns have some of the biggest barriers AGAINST being picked up that you will EVER encounter. The bottom line is they are WORKING and are not there to meet guys... plus they are pressed for time. 95% of the time their flirting is to get more MONEY out of you and has nothing to do with you as a person. You’re simply a wallet with feet.

The Strippers and Hired Guns seminar is about how to BREAK DOWN those “all business” barriers and appeal to her as an individual on a fast track emotional level.

Not just anyone can pick up these women, and not just anyone can teach this material either. That's why Fader was chosen to teach the new wave of this advanced LOVE SYSTEMS technique.

What guys have said about Fader:

That doesn't compare to Sunday night though. The workshop was supposed to be done and we decided to go to a strip club. I don't expect anyone reading this to believe me, but out of maybe 10 or 12 strippers working Fader got 3 of their numbers. To see the jealousy on their faces as he would number close another was priceless.

If he says we should go to a strip club, immediately call for a cab. To me, that's gotta be the hardest place to get a solid pick up, and he owned the place. He actually turned down one of the strippers, and she was so into him I thought she was going to start crying.

Fader has mad game. I watched him work numerous sets of babes in the bars, three hot bartenders, two beer waitress, and the door girl all falling under his spell. Then only to watch Fader pull a smoking hot stripper from the strip club we were at back to his hotel.

After leaving with the DJ we went to a strip club to see some legendary Fader stripper game. He eventually had one girl on his lap in tears (not his intention) and she came to his room later for some action... so baller.

... bouncing two girls back to the hotel, or seeing this guy make two strippers putty in his hands, it was an awesome weekend!

We then hit the best bar/club in the area and within 5 minutes Fader had the place on lock down. First, he got the waitress (an HB 8/9 on his scale, but on everyone else's scale, somewhere around a 15), then proceeded to get 2 more, followed by the smoking hot manager chick. I'm in the middle of a random set and all of a sudden a hand with a glass of Moet pops into view. Fader got us free Moet by gaming the manager! Did I mention that we got in without a cover charge?

We went to a local strip club on day 2 and I was shocked when I observed Fader melt strippers and HB9s into libidinous puddles. Very impressive given that this is quite possibly the toughest local venue to attract girls and Fader is an average-looking guy (5’7” [170cm], grey hair, average build, 30s).

By the end of the week he had also picked up two, maybe three strippers. Don’t remember how many. He could have gotten laid if he wanted to, but he cared more about teaching us and being with us than he did about getting laid.

This guy has serious game. After seeing his stripper game first hand, I can tell you this guy is ridiculous. It made me really excited for the next few days. Not only did he pick up a few strippers...

As we were walking the crowd next thing I know Fader is hand in hand with a stripper on her way to work, proceeded to feel her tits as well and got a kiss for good measure. The shot girls at Razoo didn't stand a chance either; one in particular had an extremely amazing body and Fader in good ole Babe Ruth fashion called his shot, opened and closed her within 5 minutes with a solid number close.

... closing the hottest girls in every venue including hired guns and strippers. Simply put, this guy has GAME.

His stripper game is unbelievable. He had all of the strippers fighting for his attention. Strippers were drawn to him like magnets. He caused havoc at the strip clubs.

He closed the phone number of a hot stripper in just a few minutes and picked up a couple of strip club waitresses by getting them to compete with each other for his attention. It was really quite impressive.

With almost 200 reviews dating back over 7 years, there are no questions about his abilities. He was the first person IN COMMUNITY HISTORY, to have the audacity to march students into the TOUGHEST STRIP CLUBS IN LAS VEGAS, to put his game on display.

When you can learn to do this you have access to the HOTTEST women on a regular basis and you’ll know EXACTLY where to find them!

Once you apply the principles taught in this course,you will find yourself in that very small group of men who actually date the HOTTEST strippers and hired guns without having to become a bouncer or bar owner!!

The Strippers and Hired Guns Seminar is a private look at the MOST COVETED and sought after skills in the pickup community.

Fader spent the last three years working diligently to develop his own Stripper and Hired Guns game for his own “edification,” picking the brains of other master Hired Guns seducers and field testing EVERYTHING and the kitchen sink... In the process of his grueling trial and error he's created seriously groundbreaking new tactics that are devastatingly effective, CONSISTENT and EASY TO LEARN AND APPLY.

We will only be teaching this seminar for a LIMITED TIME in NYC & at Super Conference and then it’s OVER!

We don’t want strip clubs and bars to suddenly be filled with guys using our most privately held techniques. Their originality and uniqueness puts us at a TREMENDOUS ADVANTAGE and we have no intention of “mass marketing” these techniques to every guy out there... Let’s keep it to ourselves, okay?

If you are one of the lucky few who makes it to the Strippers and Hired Guns seminar, here’s some of what you will learn:

  • Get her out of "work mode" and to start seeing you as a potential romantic interest and not justa customer.
  • Learn to tell the difference between REAL and fake indicators of interest from Strippers and Hired Guns. (Most of the interest they show is BS. It's just the routine they use on YOU.)
  • Understand the psychology and perspective of Strippers and Hired Guns from an "inside" point of view and learn exactly what turns them on... and what turns them off. (We've interviewed dozens of hot Strippers, Waitresses and Bartenders to understand their mentality and it's NOT exactly what you'd expect.)
  • A specific tactic to handle the opening moments of any Stripper interaction and how to decline her requests for a dance smoothly while simultaneously moving the conversation and baiting her to invest.
  • The most powerful topics of conversation to hold a busy Waitress or Bartender's attention and make her want to stay however busy she may be.
  • What is "stripper bait" and how do you use it to separate yourself from EVERY other guy in the club?
  • Strip Club "psychology" - how to understand and work the club to maximize your advantages and meet everyone from the DJ to the door people.
  • The MUST SET frames for creating attraction with Strippers and Hired Guns.
  • "High Octane" / advanced game techniques that can be used on everyone from the super hottie in a cold approach to a girl you meet during the day.
  • Surefire meetup strategies to ensure that you see her again once you have number. (Strippers and Hired Guns are easily the biggest flakes you'll encounter if you don't set things up just right.)


There’s much, much more we won’t even get into here but rest assured... This ISN’T going to be a bunch of abstract, mumbo-jumbo theory. Everything in this seminar has been exhaustively field tested by Fader and a select few who he's taught.

We’re going to be talking nuts and bolts specifics about exactly WHAT to say...

WHEN to say it...

And step by step HOW to seduce Strippers, Waitresses and Bartenders in a way that’s been developed and successfully TESTED IN THE FRONT LINE TRENCHES.

We’re talking about learning in 1 day is a concrete, consistent and powerful set of tools to get yourself into bed with the Strippers, Waitresses and Bartenders you’ve been admiring from afar for YEARS.

And it’s a skill set you’ll be able to reap the benefits of for the rest of your life.


The bachelor party may have been for the groom, but there's no reason the hired help can't go home with the best man. For a night of drinking with the boys, let your buddy pick up the tab... You'll be too busy picking up the bartender. Make a waitress care about more than just the tip. Next time you go out to dine with the guys, they'll be ordering what they want to eat, while you'll have the waitress eating out of the palm of your hand. Walk into a strip club and make the strippers compete over you while you tell them your charge per song.

Take advantage of this TEMPORARY opportunity to learn the most WICKEDLY EFFECTIVE techniques for sleeping with Strippers and Hired Guns WHILE YOU STILL CAN! This seminar will be taught for a LIMITED TIME only!


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