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Introducing Mastermind Lifeline, the first-ever long-term mentorship program for improving your success with women.

Mastermind Lifeline is designed to give you personalized dating advice, whenever you need it, until you've achieved all your dreams in your life with women.

This is a personalized program where we stay with you until you are happy with where you are in your dating life.

And even better, the program sharpens your skills with women while you're living your regular life.

This program is the ultimate training for men in today's world to meet, attract, and date gorgeous women.

When you enroll in Mastermind Lifeline, you'll get some of the top secrets of dating amazing women that most men will never know.

You'll get "missions" that are designed to help you conquer your sticking points.

You'll get email and "text support" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your personal dating coach!

You'll be invited to attend regular attraction webinars from a world-class dating instructor.

Before you read on, there are 2 important facts you need to know about getting good with women.

What You Get with Lifeline

  • A personal dating coach
  • Monthly audio interviews on the latest dating topics
  • Monthly interactive webinars on dating science
  • Phone consultations 2x / month with your dating coach
  • 24/7 email / SMS / text support from your coach

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2 Facts About Getting Good With Women

Fact #1 - Becoming "charming" with women is learnable

Has anyone ever said to you:

"You're trying too hard. Just be yourself" or "Women like confidence.  Just be confident?"

And left you wondering:

"How do I 'just' do that?"

With no concrete advice on what to change, you remain confused and frustrated!


Help is on the way! Love Systems has trained tens of thousands of clients over 10+ years and proven that it is a learnable skill.

Anything from...

Meeting a woman...

To attracting her...

To dating the hottest women...

To getting physical with them...

Or getting friends-with-benefits...

Can all be taught.

Fact #2 - Nobody gets good with women overnight

Instead, when you sign up for Mastermind Lifeline, what you're really doing is joining a fraternity of men who are all dedicated to improving themselves and getting better with women.

Whether what you're looking to be surrounded by beautiful women, to date hotter girls, or to find the future Mrs. [insert your last name here], our dating coaches here at Mastermind Lifeline will make sure that you make it happen, no matter your goals.

However, you and I both know there is no magic bullet or secret shortcut to finding the "one." 

Rather, you need to work on hundreds of little things -

From what your body language says...

To the impression that you make when you enter a room...

To how you come across when talking to an attractive woman...

To the people you hang out with and how they treat you...

To what you think and feel on the inside...

To how you can instantly trigger that tingly feeling women get when they're in the presence of a "real" man...


A Long-Term Mentorship

There are some dating programs out there that send you a few videos or some assignments to do every month.

These programs may seem like a good idea, but you'll find yourself wondering: 

How do I really know I'm "doing it right?"

Who can I watch and use as examples?

Who can help me figure out what to text a girl RIGHT NOW?

Who can kick my butt and get me out when I'm "too tired?"

How can I get good wingmen?

If I want to do X (i.e., date that super-hot waitress), what do I do?

That's why we designed Mastermind Lifeline to be interactive.

We understand how people learn. We give you professional dating advice, tailored to you, so you can understand your entire dating profile and what you need to work on.

You'll have an expert whom you can watch and learn from and who will watch you and tell you exactly what to do.

You'll have this expert available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our dating coaches meet with you regularly and we keep track of your  progress.

We'll help you find and fix everything from obvious mistakes to the small details when you attract women.


So what will you do as a Mastermind Lifeline student to unleash your "Inner Casanova?"

  • Join small interactive sessions where an expert dating instructor explains concepts on meeting, attracting and getting women and answers your questions.
  • Complete exercises on your own to make sure you can use the concepts.
  • Get personalized feedback from your personal dating coach so you can find and fix mistakes that you yourself are blind to.
  • Work with other students who are like-minded, supportive, and are working on the same goals at the same time. These guys also make the best wingmen and once you've worked with one, it's hard to go back.
  • Set personal goals with your mentor and go back to make sure you're doing everything you can do to achieve them.
  • Get expert advice any time something comes up so you don't miss a chance to get the girl (i.e., email / SMS / text support).

When you sign up for Mastermind Lifeline, you'll get all of the above so you'll never be left wondering:

"What happened with her?" OR "Where did I go wrong?"

You'll know exactly what to do and when to do it.


Mastermind Dating Mentors

The Mastermind Lifeline program works for you no matter how good you are right now.

The program is designed to help anybody bring out his "best self," whether you:

  • Have no clue how to meet, attract and seduce beautiful women, or where to meet them, how to approach or talk to them, and finally how to get physical with them.
  • Know the concepts of attraction, but have trouble using the techniques yourself or getting yourself motivated to get out and meet women.
  • Are pretty good with women, but could date more / hotter women if you had a master dating mentor who could give you feedback on what you're doing (e.g., body language and tonality), help solve day-to-day issues or just be a world-class wingman (game-changers).
  • Date beautiful women regularly, but want to take your game to the next level by having a "master" who not only inspires you but can teach you secrets that few people in the world know. You might be interested in dating actresses and super models, or younger women or having a rich dating life with many beautiful women.

Each of our coaches has been mastering the techniques for years, so they'll know the best way of getting the new guy results or giving the seasoned guy an edge.

They can help you make your dreams a reality, no matter who you are, or what your dreams are.

With Mastermind Lifeline, they will make sure that you see things even women don't know they pay attention to!

Join Mastermind Lifeline so you can become the kind of man that she can't help but be attracted to. 

And the funny thing is, by the end of the program you'll know more about attraction than any woman.


How Mastermind Works

Here's how the program works. When you enroll:

  • Pick your own personal dating coaching - a world expert in dating science who will help you with your specific goals with women and sticking points then help you overcome each one methodically (we recommend you pick one close to you)
  • You'll be able to join monthly dating science webinars, where you'll learn / review foundational concepts of dating and attraction (e.g., inner game, how to approach women, how to build attraction, dating multiple women)

  • You'll immediately receive a monthly audio interview, right after you sign up, where several dating instructors share their secrets on a specific dating topic that's relevant in today's dating world (e.g., phone and text, online dating, fashion, etc.)
  • You'll have phone consultations 2 times per month with your personal dating coach where you discuss specific problems in-depth or talk about progress and your goals moving forward
  • You'll be able to send email / SMS / text messages 24 hours a day to your personal dating coach. He will respond within 24 hours so that you'll get expert help on your dating problems as they are happening

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Features What You're Getting


Personal coaching A personal expert dating coach who knows you, your goals, your sticking points, your lifestyle, and how you learn best. N/A
Priority registration Priority Access when an infield night out spot opens with a professional Love Systems dating instructor. N/A
Webinars Monthly invitations to attend an interactive webinar, with Q&A, where top dating coaches will teach you relevant attraction methods. $200
Interview series Immediately download the Love Systems Monthly Audio Interviews of the newest dating topics. Plus a bonus vol. just for signing up. $40
Phone consultations Extended phone consultations twice a month to go over progress and solve any specific issues you're facing. $300
Email / SMS / Text Access to your personal dating coach 24 hours a day for personal advice and support. $250
Total value   $790
Special Discount () Special DISCOUNT for Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Montreal, and London. ($493)
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