Inner Game PUA Seminar: Attract Beautiful Women


The Inner Game Seminar - Powerful, Practical Inner Game PUA Secrets

The Inner Game Seminar is about achieving the highest level of ability with women. It will teach you how to become a true natural with a powerful inner game change that will skyrocket your ability with hot women (and we're talking the true 9s and 10s here).

In an unprecedented 5 hour seminar you will be taught the never heard before Inner Game secrets of how to develop naturally into a man who is able to attract and pick up the world's hottest women. 


FIVE MAIN GOALS of the Inner Game Seminar:

  • • To take your abilities with women to the next level.
  • • To improve the quality of the women you get from the 6s and 7s to 9s and 10s - i.e., the world's hottest girls.
  • • To make picking up women effortless and natural.
  • • To transform you into someone who generates attraction without even thinking.
  • • To create permanent, revolutionary inner change allowing you to become naturally more attractive and successful with women.

"I really recommend taking this seminar... it will improve your life."

- R.C. (Source - The Attraction Forums)

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Have you ever done any of these?

  • • Screwed up badly with a woman by doing something you knew you shouldn't have done? 
  • • Tried using lines and routines but still didn't get the results you wanted? 
  • • Seen a beautiful woman but were too scared to approach and talk to her? 
  • • Become insecure or emotionally dependent with a girl you were dating? 
  • • Felt emotionally attached or clingy with a girl you hadn't even known that long? 
  • • Put your life on hold for a certain girl who might not have even liked you? 
  • • Used a tested and proven pick up line or "method" and not had it work for you? 

If you've ever done ANY of these, you'll want to keep reading!

inner game, mastering inner game, inner game seminar In every situation you can have with a woman, there are really two distinct factors. There's the Outer Game and the Inner Game. While the two are fully interrelated, it's a fact that your Inner Game will always have a more profound, lasting and important effect on your interactions with women.

Your "inner world" will always mirror your "outer world" and your sub-communications, reactions and involuntary actions will always convey what's going on inside. That's why it's entirely possible for openers and routines to work for some guys and not for others! It's not the material that's not working, it's the Inner Game of the guy using it! This is also why 'naturals' are so good.

If you're insecure, women will feel it. If you think you're not good enough, women will know it. If you have anything but an abundant, confident and self-assured inner dialogue which is expressed through a game that feels natural to you, then you will never have the success you want - and deserve - with women.

The Love Systems Inner Game Seminar is the key to creating a rock solid Inner Game to improve your success with women. In fact, a lot of guys who have taken the seminar say that after applying Inner Game their entire oulook on game, women, and seduction changed and that is when they finally began to pull the hottest girls consistently.

Mr. M and Braddock have a huge volume of Inner Game experience between the two of them. They are two of the only dating coaches in the industry who have successfully seduced celebrities. The Love Systems Inner Game Seminar reveals the key discoveries that they made about how to overcome the most difficult barriers to achieve stellar success with women and create a truly rock star level of success.


"Have you ever met someone and you knew right away that THAT person has his life together? I certainly have and Braddock and Mr. M explain how that works."

- Bonsai (Source - The Attraction Forums)


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Here are some of the great topics covered in Love Systems Inner Game!

In Love Systems Inner Game you'll learn:

  • • How to be naturally confident and attractive around women.
  • • How to develop a new style of revolutionary natural game.
  • • The internal state necessary to get the hottest girls consistently.
  • • How to feel comfortable about sexual escalation and do it naturally.
  • • How to develop strong self-esteem and an attractive self-concept.
  • • How to overcome "social conditioning" and "brainwashing" to achieve rock star levels of success with women!
  • • How to defeat Approach Anxiety.
  • • How to get out of nice guy land and forever leave the friend zone.
  • • Why women lose interest in you.
  • • Methods to break free from depression and sadness and conquer anger and anxiety.
  • • How to never again be a slave to your emotions.
  • • Breakthrough methods for changing your behaviors around women quickly, easily, and permanently!
  • • How to generate attraction without thinking - "intuitively!"
  • • How to stop being affected by the opinions of others.
  • • How to make her feel attracted to you subconsciously!

"For me, this was worth the price of the whole weekend. Mr. M and Braddock have something that is worth millions. Fuck Chicken Soup for the Soul, fuck all those other self-help books, fuck the psychiatrist taking your money, fuck Prozac, fuck the countless number of hours you can spend memorizing routines and lines from these forums. Inner game is mostly all you need."

- D.D. (Source - The Attraction Forums)

In Love Systems Inner Game you'll also learn:

  • • How to handle all forms of anxiety, including anxiety about not being able to attract a woman, anxiety about being "good enough," social anxiety and, of course, approach anxiety.
  • • How to live in the moment, stay "out of your head" and always be the fun center of attention.
  • • Incredible techniques to overcome fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of sex and sexual escalation. Fear of embarrassment. And fear of social situations.
  • • How to control your thoughts and emotions.
  • • How to keep others from controlling your life. Take control of your world!
  • • How to forever destroy negative and limiting beliefs that are controlling you and holding you back from having the life you want.
  • • How to create core beliefs that are naturally attractive to women.
  • • How to internalize successful beliefs.
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In Love Systems Inner Game, Mr. M and Braddock will teach you how to understand your mind and emotions and make them work for you!

Other topics include...

  • • How to get all the information you'll ever need about yourself!
  • • How to use your self-concept to create deep and lasting behavioral change.
  • • How to motivate yourself to finally become outstanding with women!

You've probably studied dating technology for a while now. You know some lines, routines and techniques. But, to get to the stage where beautiful women are naturally attracted to you, you need to master your Inner Game.

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In Love Systems Inner Game, Mr. M and Braddock will give you the tools you need to finally take your game to the NEXT LEVEL!

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