Breakthrough Comfort

Revealed: How the #1 Pickup Artist of 2009 uses SECRET TECHNIQUES to get out of the "Friend Zone" and make women FALL IN LOVE with him.
From the desk of Savoy
President, Love Systems
Since 2004, Love Systems has been the world's expert at getting beautiful women into bed. Whether it's a one night stand, friends with benefits, or even casual dating, the goal has been the same: a physical relationship.
But what if you want her to fall in love with you?
What if you want to set expectations – so she DOESN'T fall in love?
Or, what if she says "Let's Just Be Friends" - and you want more?
Introducing... Breakthrough Comfort
The special one-day seminar led by Love Systems Senior Instructor "Future" breaks the mold of typical dating training for men.
At the Breakthrough Comfort seminar, you will learn:
  • How to have a beautiful woman fall in love with you.
  • How to plant the seeds for intense emotions within just minutes of meeting her. 
  • How to avoid behaviors that make women clingy if love isn't in your game plan (I could have avoided so many stalkers if I'd known this stuff years ago...)
  • The step-by-step approach (details and specifics) for building a woman's trust on dates, on the phone, even long-distance, over a long period of time.
  • How to shape and present yourself and your background in a way that matches an individual woman's romantic needs. (Not being 'romantically relevant' to a woman is where a LOT of men go wrong.)
  • How to find the "golden mirror" to compliment a woman based on her innermost desires and self-image – without seeming 'needy' or an overly 'nice guy.' 
  • The proven system for getting out of the "Friend Zone" and into attraction – even if she's been saying “Let's Just Be Friends” for years (This is something every man needs...).
  • And that's just the start. Read on for actual case studies of men who have already invested in Breakthrough Comfort skills.
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Who is Future?
An actor, filmmaker, stand-up comedian, and a former US Marine, Future was just “Thompson” when I met him back in 2005. He was a client at a Love Systems seduction bootcamp I was teaching.
Like most men, he progressed very quickly when exposed to Love Systems, and was soon dating some of New York's most attractive women. But, Thompson/Future was definitely not a “natural;” in fact, he’s a self-proclaimed nerd, which is one of the things that now makes him such a powerful instructor. Since he had to learn everything from the ground up, he's great at teaching those same concepts... step by step.
Today, Future has earned the title of Love Systems Master Instructor, the highest level of dating coach / instructor in the world. He is recognized as a top leader in the field of seduction, and is the original inventor and developer of the powerful Breakthrough Comfort techniques.
In October 2009 Future was voted the world's #1 Pick Up Instructor at the Love Systems Super Conference in Las Vegas, the annual conference/training for the world's top seduction coaches.
Who should invest in Breakthrough Comfort?
Breakthrough Comfort isn't for everyone. Experience has taught us that the powerful Breakthrough Comfort techniques are best used by men who fall into one of these categories:
  • Men who are generally happy and positive with women. Breakthrough Comfort is a shortcut to making women feel good without sacrificing dominant male characteristics that make Love Systems so effective.
  • Men who “hook up” with women but can't consistently make the next step happen. 
  • Men who want to be able to turn one-night stands into girlfriends – at their option – or to be able to set expectations without sacrificing the initial pick up. 
  • Men who may be enjoying the player lifestyle and want to have rock-solid skills and knowledge when they meet “the one.”
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Breakthrough Comfort Case Studies - the Surprising Truth 
“It's one thing when you game a girl and get her into bed. But it's a whole other skill set when a girl starts chasing you to your bed.   This should be your next step in raising your game to the next level.”
- V. Seti, Las Vegas, October 2008
“In this course [I learned] more than I had learned in the past 20 years and I have been around the block as far as relationships go. Your father, best friend, and books combined don’t present information in a way that makes this much sense. This is the best $1,197 I have spent. I feel like I am walking around with a special set of skills that few people have. I feel armed to the teeth.”

- Al Coupland, San Fransico, October 2009
“Without your help, I never would have found a girlfriend... or I’d be more miserable for finding a girlfriend I didn't want. Now I have freedom of choice with the women I want.”

- D.S., Las Vegas, October 2009
“Future gives you a system that is easy to understand and can be followed to get results. It's not abstract and vague information. The information connects well and it makes sense. I was amazed at his level of knowledge and his ability to explain concepts and to teach them. I highly recommend taking this class with Future.”
- Jay, Miami September 2009
“First off, it’s really hard to do better than Future as instructors go.”

“The phrase that is often used to describe this course is ‘fishing with dynamite.’ Breakthrough Comfort is an advanced course. This material is to be used with discretion, or else it can backfire and you can blow yourself up. Breakthrough Comfort has given me a better understanding of the human heart, and a sort of deconstructed road map on the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ people tend to fall in love.”
- K.G., Miami September 2009
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A note from Future himself:
"How much of the copy above did you read? It made me want to take my own class and makes it sound like Breakthrough Comfort was mad science or magic. Sure, this class showcases some of the most consistent and powerful discoveries in the field of dating science.
But, the origins of Breakthrough Comfort are as mundane as any song on the radio: I fell in love with a girl, and she fell in love with me.
I’d been in love before, but this was the first time I’d encountered such strong feelings since I took my initial Love Systems bootcamp. I shared the insights that resulted from rigorous observation of that relationship with other dating coaches, and they returned to me with consistently astonishing results.
I had really uncovered the building blocks of love.
This class is the real deal.
It is an advanced course on the process and anatomy of love. I used to warn students that misusing the materials presented in Breakthrough Comfort could wind up hurting girls. But, student after student told me they had been just as deeply affected as the girls on whom they had employed the knowledge they learned in Breakthrough Comfort. I want to give you the most powerful tool in the armory of the human heart. Its misuse can wound not only its target but the wielder as well. Handle with care."
Breakthrough Comfort is a unique and uniquely powerful program. Only a small number of dates are on the schedule at any given time, and only Future is qualified to teach this material.
So don't delay to reserve your spot!
Take care,
Nick Savoy
President, Love Systems


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