Growing up, Sterling was always a motivated overachiever by nature. By his early twenties he had graduated from a top university, had a great group of confident, social friends, and was working at one of the world’s leading investment banks. However, while life was seemingly firing on all cylinders, Sterling was not happy. Deep down, he knew his ability to be with the women he truly wanted was severely lacking.

After a particularly tough night of wandering the Las Vegas strip at 4am, cold and miserable, Sterling knew something had to change. He was tired of living a life inhibited by fear and knew there was so much more to be had. Over the course of the next few months, Sterling attended his first bootcamp and accepted a full-time internship with Love Systems. As an intern, Sterling was quickly recognized for his teaching ability and was brought under the mentorship of Braddock, Mr. M, Future, and Jeremy Soul.

Later that year, Sterling became one of the youngest members of the Love Systems instructor team. The following summer, Sterling was invited by Venture to lead Project Rockstar, a revolutionary 9-week program designed to fully transform the lives of men in the areas of Game, Lifestyle, and Fitness.  

During Project Rockstar, Venture and Sterling set out to create a curriculum based on their take of what it meant to be naturally attractive. From this, their curriculum Simplified Natural (formerly “Game 3.0”) was born. Simplified Natural is based on the idea that men can develop lasting attractiveness from within, and that becoming a truly desirable man is a byproduct of building a life that is fueled by passion and defined by masculinity.

With the Simplified Natural curriculum as a basis, Venture and Sterling created the Love Systems 10-day bootcamp, which has received universal critical acclaim. Reviews of select 10-day bootcamps can be read here:

Venture and Sterling continue to teach their Simplified Natural curriculum on their 10-day bootcamps. Simplified Natural is also taught to the lucky few who are selected for each summer’s Project Rockstar.



"Sterling & Venture- These guys are the leads for a reason. They bounce off each other very well. Sterling leads most of the teaching. His ability to break down game is, as everyone else has said, amazing."
-The Attraction Forums
"Sterling has this genuine passion for teaching game. The reason the bootcamp was such a life changing tool for me was because Sterling was leading it. Game 3.0 is challenging and requires you to push your equilibrium and step outside of your comfort zone, but Sterling breaks it down to a practical level and with 10 days/nights of practice this stuff starts to stick like glue."
-The Attraction Forums
"Seeing what I had been taught (no lines, no weird routines) and then knowing how to take advantage of that because of Sterling and Ventures way of teaching is what really separates this program. That is what game 3.0 and this program will give you."
-The Attraction Forums
"Wow. Game 3.0 was literally everything that I had half learned throughout my time gaming reverse engineered to find the actual foundations of being a naturally attractive guy. You could tell from the get go the immense amount of time that had gone into every facet of the program. Sterling teaches with so much confidence in his material that its infectious and Venture often interjects with insights into the deep psyche that should underlie all the principals."
-The Attraction Forums
"Sterling has a wonderful ability to explain things. He teaches using the power of story. Every statement or claim, is either backed up and made clear by a vivid story, or else it is broken down and analysed in a way that is very logical and easy to understand. Sterling has an ability to teach far beyond any of my university lecturers."
-The Attraction Forums
"Game 3.0 stopped making me feel like a sleazy dude who was out trying to manipulate exchanges to my advantage and turned me into a guy that has the tools to become naturally attractive to the females that I want in all aspects of my life, not just cold approach at night. It really stripped away all the negative thought processes that had been implemented from taking about girls as HB's and thinking of myself as PUA and took me back to a guy that just generally loves going out to have fun and loves meeting awesome girls."
-The Attraction Forums
"Sterling has the ability to take a boring story and turn it into a story that draws you in and keeps you engaged, his ability to teach is second to none. I found his classes to be very enjoyable and full of insights that just clicked with me."
-The Attraction Forums
"And thats the underlying strength of the 10 day curriculum. It's REAL. The real YOU. Venture and Sterling teach you how to be yourself around women… and what I mean by that is, how to express your masculine self, freely and without inhibition. And surprise, surprise… chicks dig that shit!"
-The Attraction Forums
"Sterling in field is awesome. this guy knows what he's doing. Open, hold, sexualise and close a set? piece of cake for Sterling. Sterling is quite advanced in Game and has the ability to capture his audience and control the exchange between him and a girl in set clinically."
-The Attraction Forums
"The whole ethos behind 'Game 3.0'. I came to this Bootcamp rather skeptical of the whole 'PUA scene', with its routines, progression models and jargon. What became very clear from the outset was that this was a radical revision of the whole approach to dating: a much more natural approach, with the emphasis on making yourself into an interesting and attractive person, and then learning how to communicate that to a woman so that she might find you interesting and attractive. There were almost audible sighs of relief and delight from us 'students' when Venture introduced this underlying philosophy on the first day."
-The Attraction Forums
"I observed Sterling many times in set and found him to be a book of knowledge worth reading the girls love this guy! many light bulb moments while watching him in set, Sterling I thank you immensely for the transformation you have caused within me Your worth your weight in gold.”"
-The Attraction Forums
"Game 3.0 is the most natural transformation you will ever experience regarding not only the ability to pick up girls (as this is only scratching the surface of the immense power Game 3.0 unleashes within you), but also the confidence and competence to reach for, and achieve much greater goals in all interactions and facets of your life. "
-The Attraction Forums
"Sterling and Venture have helped develop a method of meeting women known as Game 3.0. Its not only about initiating a relationship with attractive women, but also about becoming a more attractive man yourself in the long term making women and awesome people want to be a part of your world."
-The Attraction Forums
Project Rockstar
Lead Instructor
Simplified Natural
Love Systems 10-day Bootcamp
Co-Creator and Lead Instructor
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If Sterling is not teaching a bootcamp in your area, contact us to apply for elite individualized training.


Sterling's Events

Dates Program Availability Location Price Deposit Full Bootcamp
Seminar + In-Field
Seminar Only
Dec 4 - 6
Bootcamp 2 Seats Left Las Vegas $ 2,997 $ 999 Sign Up Sign Up
Jan 15 - 24
10 Day Bootcamp 8 Seats Left Stockholm $ 11,997 $ 2,999 Sign Up Sign Up
Jan 19
Inner Game 4 Seats Left Stockholm $ 997 $ 0 Sign Up  
Jan 20
Same Night Lays 4 Seats Left Stockholm $ 997 $ 0 Sign Up  
Jan 21 - 22
Day Game Workshop 4 Seats Left Stockholm $ 2,997 $ 999 Sign Up  
Jan 23
Relationship Management 4 Seats Left Stockholm $ 997 $ 0 Sign Up  
Mar 4 - 13
10 Day Bootcamp 8 Seats Left Melbourne $ 11,997 $ 2,999 Sign Up Sign Up
Mar 8
Inner Game 4 Seats Left Melbourne $ 997 $ 0 Sign Up  
Mar 9
Same Night Lays 4 Seats Left Melbourne $ 997 $ 0 Sign Up  
Mar 10 - 11
Day Game Workshop 4 Seats Left Melbourne $ 2,997 $ 999 Sign Up  
Mar 12
Relationship Management 4 Seats Left Melbourne $ 997 $ 0 Sign Up  
Apr 8 - 17
10 Day Bootcamp 8 Seats Left Montreal $ 11,997 $ 2,999 Sign Up Sign Up
Apr 12
Inner Game 4 Seats Left Montreal $ 997 $ 0 Sign Up  
Apr 13
Same Night Lays 4 Seats Left Montreal $ 997 $ 0 Sign Up  
Apr 14 - 15
Day Game Workshop 4 Seats Left Montreal $ 2,997 $ 999 Sign Up  
Apr 16
Relationship Management 4 Seats Left Montreal $ 997 $ 0 Sign Up  
Jul 19 - 28
10 Day Bootcamp 7 Seats Left Las Vegas $ 11,997 $ 2,999 Sign Up Sign Up
Jul 23
Inner Game 4 Seats Left Las Vegas $ 997 $ 0 Sign Up  
Jul 24
Same Night Lays 4 Seats Left Las Vegas $ 997 $ 0 Sign Up  
Jul 25 - 26
Day Game Workshop 4 Seats Left Las Vegas $ 2,997 $ 999 Sign Up  
Jul 27
Relationship Management 4 Seats Left Las Vegas $ 997 $ 0 Sign Up  


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