labyrinth, biography, instructor, dating coach, puaIn 2004 Labyrinth moved to London from his home town of Pristina, located in South Eastern Europe and known for its rich culture and beautiful hard-to-get women. While struggling to fit in with London lifestyle, he wanted to pursue every opportunity to build a successful social circle and master the science of dating and relationships.

Furthermore, he wanted to be able to help others with the skills he learned. Seeing guys fight in night clubs over women, couples argue and break up because of silly arguments, and the 40 year old virgins who see the world as unfair encouraged Labyrinth to conquer the art of dating and master the way of teaching it.

However, before discovering Love Systems, Labyrinth used techniques he describes as "Throwing mud at the wall and see what sticks" - "I was approaching a lot of girls, but I was only dating women who were below my league."

He decided that he didn't want to go for quantity but quality. However, that meant he needed to improve his skill-set with women. After several years of trying to backward engineer his behavious through nights out, Labyrinth discovered that one of the biggest obstacles in human interactions and dating is the so-called 'Halo Effect' that says our judgment of someone's character can be influenced by our overall impression of that person. So the journey began, and he decided to break down all the attributes of his personality and reshape them so that he could be the best version of himself in any social interaction.

However, after six years in action trying to discover and improve his social and emotional intelligence, he finally found out about the Love Systems community. After reading Magic Bullets he recognized everything he believed in, the skills he had gained the hard way and much more in this mind-blowing book. "Finding something so life-changing, and in a structured and clear objective manner that could be taught to others fast and effectively, was like a treasure chest for me."

labyrinth, biography, instructor, dating coach, puaHe then immediately signed up for a Love Systems Bootcamp with Keychain to advance his skills further. It wasn't long until we heard that he had seduced a celebrity from the 'Dirty Dancing' show. Labyrinth's ball of success with women kept rolling and he became known for having dated some British aristocratic women with whom he enjoyed several long term relationships.

Not long after his bootcamp, Labyrinth was offered to be trained professionally as a Love Systems instructor. Nearly two years later, having been trained by some of the world's best dating coaches like Keychain, Mr. M, Braddock, Vercetti and Venture, Labyrinth was assessed by Savoy in London where he successfully achieved all his objectives and was officially offered the position of a fully qualified dating coach!

Outside of Love Systems Labyrinth holds a first class university degree in computing and has won an award for business entrepreneurship from BBC's Dragons Den. He is also a professional basketball player and an IT Specialist for a financial firm in the City of London.

"If you do what you've always done, you'll continue to get what you've always gotten."

So, are you going to settle for the girls who are not worthy of you? Or are you going to aim for the girls whom you really want? Get in touch with Labyrinth and use his expertise to help you get the woman of your dreams.



Labyrinth offers one-on-one mentorship through Mastermind (a program based on our instructor training program).

If Labyrinth is not teaching a bootcamp in your area, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to apply for elite individualized training.


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