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Fader is a true success story. Growing up very outgoing but with minimal success with women he was humble enough to take a long hard look at himself. He realized that he was not living the life he wanted and began to slowly make changes. Devouring self-improvement material he began to reshape his identity. Love Systems was instrumental in him learning that being good with women was a skill-set that's obtainable by anyone who was willing to put in the time and live outside his comfort zone.

Thanks to Love Systems Fader has had the chance to not only improve the quality of both his life and his choice of women, but it has also allowed him to help many others on this journey. Because of his love of self improvement Fader excels in all aspects of both inner and outer game issues and helping students overcome them. Fader has a proven track record spanning years and hundreds of students of all ages and nationalities achieve the goals they want, whether it be marriage (12 of his former students are married or engaged), a long term relationship (there are too many to keep track of), or just to have casual relationships.

Due to his love of psychology/self improvement and "hacking away" at the social matrix Fader specializes in Inner Game, Approach Anxiety, Exotic Dancers, Bartenders & other women who are hired for their looks (shot girls, promo girls, etc). In his "civilian" life he is hired by banks and financial institutions to try to "break into" them and help them find security vulnerabilities and remediate them before hackers exploit them. He has taken the same analytical/critical thinking skills that has allowed him to be so successful in the information security field and with Love Systems' help applied the same logic to the social matrix creating the results and the 100+ reviews he has.

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Fader, Instructor, bios


Fader, Instructor, Biography, pick up artist




"No amount of lectures or at-home studying can really prepare you for seeing a true Master PUA apply these concepts in the field. It's one thing for someone to explain how they will walk on water at Six O'clock on a Tuesday. It's another thing entirely to watch him do it. Over and over again, Fader put his theories to the test, and without getting into details, let's just say there were several occasions when I had to scoop my jaw off the floor at how effective he was.

"For a guy who was really struggling with getting back in the game, Fader gave me the most valuable gift on the planet.


"And seriously. How do you put a price tag on that?"

Source: The Attraction Forums.

This bootcamp changed my life. Period. Fader's inner game stuff was genius and it permeated into the rest of the material. He's just a fantastic teacher mostly because of his honesty and genuine love for teaching this stuff. You could tell he was working hard for us and truly made it our weekend. Play2win! He formed a strong personal connection with us for the weekend. Anyway, a big thank you to Fader. Overall this bootcamp was a short Colombian 10, his teaching ability is a 10, and his game is a 10.

Source: The Attraction Forums.

At the conclusion of the course he invited me out to lunch with him and another old student of his. We had a great long lunch chatting about a plethora of different topics and then he began to speak with the waitress. It was pretty amazing to see him in action. It's very different in a restaurant because you can hear and see everything unlike crowded and loud bars and clubs. Eating with him was a learning experience in and of itself. Love Systems probably could sell a course where you just hang out with Fader in a bunch of restaurants and watch him do his thing. It was pretty amazing.

Source: The Attraction Forums.

"The in-field experience was remarkable, it is one of those life altering occurrences that will change your perspective of yourself and the people you interact with. Fader prefers to assist the students during their interactions rather than demo his skills which are amazing. Having the opportunity to be in sets with Fader at my side to explain the interactions and help with sticking points as they happen is a priceless moment. Although Fader prefers to help students rather than pick up handfuls of girls he is able to demonstrate on the spot, the guys in our class wanted to go to a few strip clubs to see some hired gun material. Fader’s stripper game is out of this world! I could not believe that what I was seeing was even possible. Fader was able to get contact info and get stripers to come back to his room within a very short timespan. Furthermore just by being seen as a friend of Fader hired guns gave out their information to me. This was possible because of Fader’s strong skill set and ability to teach those skills to others.

"In the few weeks after the Bootcamp I have had more phone numbers, dates, lays, and women in my life than I have had in the last 10 years of my life. Love Systems Bootcamp should be taken by all who are interested in having women in their lives. Taking a Bootcamp from Fader will inspire you to reach your fullest potential with women and create a skill set that will be used every day to improve all aspects of your life. If Fader is not coming to your area I would recommend traveling to the nearest Bootcamp he is running. Fader truly does care about students making changes, having success, and spends the quality time to assist you. Thank you Fader!"

Source: The Attraction Forums.

"I probably spent about 80% of my time in the field with Fader and have to say that he was in my opinion the best instructor in the bootcamp. Super high energy and an awesome teacher. I got blown out of the water or left the interaction too early and every time he explained to me what I was doing wrong and how to try and fix it. Later on friday night I was starting to get the opening better and he coached me on improving my attraction and qualification. Kept me in the game and threatened to "jump in front of a bus" if I didnt go back in and stick out the interactions. For someone who is new to the game and needed to break down barriers and thought of what he could and couldnt do Fader really lit a fire under my ass.

"I'm pretty high energy/ADD myself and Fader was exactly the kind of teacher I needed to help push this material across and just keep approaching women. His infield commentary was dead on and I think that is what helped me make the huge leap in progress that I did from the start of the weekend till the end. He is basically like the John Madden of infield game when breaking down my interactions for me. Really helped me understand and internalize the info."

Source: The Attraction Forums.

"I have to say that this weekend was a eye opening and life changing experience. It was incredible to see the way Fader interacts with other people and the positive reactions he gave off and received. This weekend was not just an insight into day game but was also a spiritually enlightening experience. Fader is truly a master of his craft."

Source: The Attraction Forums - click here.

"What can I say about Fader, the kid's a MACHINE! We talked a lot about frame control, hoop theory, push-pull and basically came up with our own customized routine to use that night (we did the same opener, transition and attraction so that we could calibrate and find out what the variables were other than our delivery). Approaching women at the bars went well. He coached us in a manner that was very "hands on" and he stood by our side the whole time making critiques and little corrections. He would point, and either my brother or I would approach. It was a very worthwhile experience and we will DEFINITELY hang out and see him again."

Source: The Attraction Forums.


If Fader is not teaching a bootcamp in your area, contact us to apply for elite individualized training.


Fader's Events

Dates Program Availability Location Price Deposit Full Bootcamp
Seminar + In-Field
Seminar Only
Dec 4 - 6
Bootcamp 2 Seats Left Orlando $ 2,997 $ 999 Sign Up Sign Up
Dec 10
Strippers and Hired Guns 3 Seats Left New York $ 1,497 $ 0 Sign Up  
Dec 11 - 13
Bootcamp 3 Seats Left New York $ 2,997 $ 999 Sign Up Sign Up
Jan 29 - 31
Bootcamp 3 Seats Left Miami $ 2,997 $ 999 Sign Up Sign Up
Feb 19 - 21
Bootcamp 2 Seats Left Cleveland $ 2,997 $ 999 Sign Up Sign Up
Mar 18 - 20
Bootcamp 4 Seats Left Tuscon $ 2,997 $ 999 Sign Up Sign Up


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