Erik Royale, biography, instructor, dating coach, pua In his former job as a poker professional, Erik Royale traveled the globe and visited some of the most elite parties in the world. Having lived a life very much outside of the box, he's especially passionate about self-development and teaching others how to become the person they want. Both in and out of the dating context.

Besides being an instructor at Lovesystems, Erik runs successful internet businesses and applies a lot of the principles he learned in poker and business to pickup. When he started writing articles about these valuable principles, it immediately caught the attention of the pickup community.

As a result of this, he is currently one of the most successful instructors in Europe. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, you can expect him to coach at all bootcamps in Amsterdam. He's also the principle instructor of Mastermind Amsterdam.

He always knew at which stage I was and forecasted which problems will arise next, so that he could prepare me in the best possible way. I yielded epic results!
- Thor87
Erik is one of the best instructors in the world, hands down. His outstanding skills in-field, understanding of social dynamics, and insightful coaching are all elite level. Highly recommended.
- Keychain

As a dating instructor Erik has the ability to rapidly perceive what you need to to improve your game, whatever your current level. His no-bullshit and contagiously enthusiastic coaching appeals to beginners and advanced students alike. If you're willing to work hard to improve your success with women, Erik is the man for the job.

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Erik Royale offers one-on-one mentorship through Mastermind (a program based on our instructor training program) with options for infield training in Amsterdam.