Same Night Lays (One Night Stands)

Whether you want to play the field or get into a long-lasting relationship with one special woman, one thing all Love Systems instructors agree is that the sooner your relationship turns sexual, the better. Creating the conditions for your relationship to become sexual that night - the same night that you meet her - is far superior and more advanced game.

Still, we see too many men meeting women and getting phone numbers and setting up dates. It's true enough that sometimes you have no choice. It's possible, but rare, to seduce a woman who is at her sister's engagement party dinner, for example. But getting the phone number and setting up a date is a fall-back option and is not usually your best first choice.

Creating the conditions for your relationship to become sexual that night is quicker, more efficient, eliminates "flakes" and "phone game," and can create amazing emotional momentum with a woman if you want to see her again. And let's face it, it's more fun. It's an exciting night when your friends see you approach the most beautiful woman in a nightclub - and go home with her, having that "high" the next day that comes from spending the night with a beautiful woman who you put under your "spell," and sharing something amazing with someone who is up to your standards.

It's for this reason that Love Systems has invented the first ever guaranteed, rock-solid, one-night stand seminar. Similar to our other specialty one-day programs, this intensive small-group seminar will walk you through everything you need to know to get the kind of results that we do.

The price is $1,197 and of course the usual Love Systems money back guarantee applies - if you don't think it was worth every penny, you get it all back. That's how confident we are in what we teach. (It's easy to be confident when it works.)

But, this material is advanced. You need to have a good understanding of "regular game" to use it. You should at least have read Magic Bullets or attended our comprehensive bootcamp first. (If you haven't done these things but still think you're ready, call or email one of our program managers.) This is an elite-level class, and we want to focus only on students who are prepared and committed to using the material.

These seminars are taught by top Love Systems instructors who have developed their system over the past few years while challenging themselves never to take women's phone numbers. Their results have been breathtaking.

At the exclusive one-day One Night Stand seminar, you will learn:

  • Low Investment openers - a new class of openers that allows you to open and instantly see how interested a woman is in you without fear of rejection or wrecking your social value in a room.
  • How to effectively use "social proof" and jealousy to make women fight to come home with you (yes, really!).
  • How to compete with other men, and even pull women from under their noses.
  • The types of women and groups that are most likely to lead to Same Night Lays. It's not what you expect!
  • How to frame your conversation sexually to make it seem like having sex that night is her idea.
  • A new model of qualification that rewards her for being sexual.
  • How to use the first women you meet at a club to figure out which other women want to meet you.
  • How to encourage women to approach without "peacocking" or dressing oddly.
  • Handling logistics - this is crucial - finding ways around "I came with my friends," "I have to work early tomorrow," not to mention the infamous drag-away girl who appears at the last minute to make sure you don't leave with her friend. She can be turned to your side. She can even help you "seal the deal."
  • One crucial thing your wingman can say that will get a woman to go home with you.
  • The magical "same night questions" that can determine how likely you are to go home with that woman that night.
  • Overtime – if you can't leave with her with her friends around, how to make sure she comes to you after the bar closes. Use our scripted text messages.
  • And much more!


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