Magic Bullets
Our premiere product and starting point for attracting desirable women. In this book, we give you a structure and plan to follow. A method you can use along the way from meeting a woman to managing your relationship...
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The Gentleman's Guide to Online Dating
Online dating can be a mystery: every man has heard of the potential but most men toil to make the perfect profile and craft witty messages – only to come up empty-handed. We put Master...
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The Ultimate Guide to Text & Phone Game
If you want to get more phone numbers and more dates with more attractive women, and set your dates up in advance so that she's...
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Daytime Dating Never sleep alone
This unique guide, teaches men how to meet and attract high-quality, hot girls in daytime environments such as coffee...
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Date! The Complete Home Study Course
This book teaches you everything you need to know from getting the date to planning it and even what to do in the bedroom.    
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Routines Manual 1
What is a routine? Which routine should I use and when? How do I generate attraction and escalate using routines? How can routines...
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Routines Manual 2
You're About To Access the "Secret Manual" Used By The Most Successful Dating Coaches In The World That Will Teach...
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The Breakup Survival Guide for Men
Handle breakups or rejection, so you don’t lose your edge and can bounce back stronger
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