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The Breakup Survival Guide for Men

The Breakup Survival Guide for Men
Nick Savoy
Handle breakups or rejection, so you don’t lose your edge and can bounce back stronger.
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The Dating Essentials

The Dating Essentials
How would you like to go out tonight knowing for certain you’ll meet a drop-dead gorgeous woman and you’ll not just “meet” her, you’ll get her engaged in an intimate conversation almost instantaneously. You’ll be able to make her laugh and get her so interested in you she’ll hang on to every word you’ll say.
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Getting back together with your ex-girlfriend

Getting back together with your ex-girlfriend
Darwin and Nick Savoy
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Sometimes, especially during bouts of loneliness, getting back together with your ex-girlfriend seems like the easiest thing to do. However, as master instructor Darwin says, “Recognize that there are billions of other women on this planet and some of them you might enjoy more than her, but if you don’t get out and start meeting them, you’re never gonna know if she’s the right one for you or not.
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