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The Breakup Survival Guide for Men

The Breakup Survival Guide for Men
Nick Savoy
Handle breakups or rejection, so you don’t lose your edge and can bounce back stronger.
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The Dating Essentials

The Dating Essentials
How would you like to go out tonight knowing for certain you’ll meet a drop-dead gorgeous woman and you’ll not just “meet” her, you’ll get her engaged in an intimate conversation almost instantaneously. You’ll be able to make her laugh and get her so interested in you she’ll hang on to every word you’ll say.
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Forming an Approach Habit

Forming an Approach Habit
Keychain and Vox
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Many of you struggle with approach anxiety, but do you ever actually stop to think what the root of the problem is? Approach anxiety always starts with one negative thought and then that thought is continuously built upon until your mind is completely taken over by doubt and negativity. The only cure for approach anxiety is to form a positive approach habit , which on this interview, instructors Keychain and Vox will thoroughly demonstrate.
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