Toronto's Sex Matters Examines Pickup Artists with Cajun and Chris Shepherd (Tenmagnet)

Toronto TV Show Sex Matters Uncovers the World of Pickup Artists.

Host Cynthia Loyst looks into the not-so secret world of pickup artists – men who teach other men exactly what they need to land a date. Together with Cajun in studio Loyst watches video from a recent Love Systems bootcamp and discusses modern pickup artists and what Love Systems can teach you.

Check out the videos here:


SEX MATTERS, a new half-hour live-to-air program that takes a fun and frank look at sex. Viewers can kick back and enjoy a ‘Sex and the City of Toronto’ experience – cosmopolitan optional. Hosted by two-time Gemini Award nominee Cynthia Loyst, the show features an edgy, playful and honest look at a subject that everyone has questions about.

SEX MATTERS explores everything from looking for love to spicing things up between the sheets. Whether in a committed relationship or interested in exploring sex clubs, SEX MATTERS offers expert advice and candid comments from Torontonians. From the funny to the taboo, viewers can tune in every Thursday & Friday night at 10:30 p.m. for a tour of what happens behind closed doors for everything they want to know about sex but are afraid to ask.