The Love Guru Tells Us What Women Really Want To Hear

love guru, what women really want, women want, what women want from men The Love Guru Tells Us What Women Really Want To Hear

Being a single man in New York City is easy for some, but for others -- not so much. For those who aren't born with the gift of smoothness, there's Love Systems, a company that guarantees it could mold your average Screech into the smoothest guy in the room.

Love Systems claims to level the playing field, where how much money a man makes or how he looks doesn't matter. The company is based on a group of traveling instructors who go city to city, holding bootcamp seminars for clients looking for love.

During the day, the expert instructors teach what the company describes as "the best and most comprehensive method" to pick up women. At night, the group leaves the classroom and goes to local clubs and bars where the instructors become wing-men to the mac daddies-in-training.

PIX Morning News' Andrew Ramos spent the day with Love Systems' instructor "The Don" and got the 411 on what to do and not do when approaching women.




To learn more about Love Systems including the next time they will be in New York, visit their website

Watch the hilarious outtakes shot when PIX Morning News reporter Andrew Ramos went on the prowl in Midtown, cruising for single ladies while using the worst pick-up lines ever heard. (Basically, a "what-not-to-do when trying to pick up women")

Hear from "The Don" himself, give advice on what are some of the biggest mistakes men make with women.

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