St George & Sutherland Shire Leader Talks to Jeremy Soul, Love God

day game, pua, St George, Sutherland Shire, Jeremy Soul, Love god The Leader goes to the source to find out daytime dating secrets from the #1 Daytime Dating expert in the world, Jeremy Soul.

Australia's best community news site learns what it takes to meet and attract women during the day, as well as the mindset and dedication Soul has for teaching men to succeed all over the world.


Erotic Knave Magazine Goes On a Seduction Weekend with Keychain

love systems, pua, Erotic Knave Magazine, seduction weekend, keychain Erotic Knave learns just what Love Systems can do by sitting in on a weekend of learning - a real life London Bootcamp with Keychain.

With a proven system that can work for any man, Love Systems proves yet again that it's the best in the business of preparing men for meeting and attracting beautiful women.


Keychain Gives Dating Advice Tips on BBC Essex Radio

love systems, Keychain, dating advice, the pickup artist, BBC, Essex Radio BBC Essex Radio host Mark Punter discusses dating, bootcamps, and more with Love Systems instructor Keychain.

In an exciting one on one interview Keychain reveals the methodologies and outlook of Love Systems, offering some useful tips in the process. As the interviewer suggests, "single guys, pay attention!"


Toronto's Sex Matters Examines Pickup Artists with Cajun and Chris Shepherd (Tenmagnet)

love systems, pick up artist, pua, Toronto, Sex Matters, cajun, tenmagnet Toronto TV show Sex Matters uncovers the world of Pickup Artists.

Sexy host Cynthia Loyst talks to Cajun live in studio about the state of Pickup Artists and the seduction community today. They also analyze real video of Chris Shepherd (Tenmagnet) and Cajun's recent Toronto bootcamp.


Toronto's CP24 Attends a Bootcamp with Tenmagnet, Cajun, and Keychain

Toronto, cp24, attends, bootcamp, tenmagnet, cajun, keychain Toronto seduction bootcamp teaches men to turn on the charm.

What happens when Toronto's Breaking News station takes a peek behind the doors at an exclusive Love Systems Bootcamp with Chris Shepherd (aka Tenmagnet), Cajun, and Keychain?


New York Times Gathers Field Notes on Valentine's Day with Savoy's Help

love systems, pua, New York Times, the game by neil strauss, valentine's day, savoy When looking for advice on everything from flirting to long-term relationship, the New York Times goes to the expert: Savoy.

Valentine's Day can be a "make it or break it" moment for a lot of men. Don't miss out.


Britain's Channel 5 News Investigates a Love Systems Bootcamp with Mr. M and Keychain

pick up line, love systems, Britain, Channel 5 news,  bootcamp, Mr. M, Keychain Live from Studio Five on Britain's fifth largest television channel gets a sneak peak inside a Love Systems bootcamp.

Mr. M and Keychain host a reporter among their students while Kate, Melinda, and Ian watch from the studio and offer their own perspective on Love Systems.


Fabulous Magazine Infiltrates a London Bootcamp with Mr. M, Keychain and Love Gods in Training

pick up line, Fabulous magazine, love systems, london, bootcamp, Mr. M, Keychain, love gods Fabulous Magazine (News of the World) Examines Love Gods in Training

A skeptical female reporter sits in on a London bootcamp with Mr. M and Keychain to find out what really goes on at an elite Love Systems training session. Will the blokes make the grade?


GameAxis Magazine Presents Becoming a Gaming Don Juan With Jeremy Soul

GameAxis, Don Juan, Jermey Soul, girls and video games, pick up artist Becoming a Gaming Don Juan - A GameAxis Valentine Special

So it’s February, a special month for couples to be sharing sweet moments and personal quirks. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be spending Valentine’s with a significant other bit by the same gaming bug as you are. If you’re not, don’t fret; GameAxis will help you through these awkward moments of non-gaming love. 


FHM Studies the Science of Seduction with Professors Nick Savoy and Jeremy Soul

pua, pick up artist, science of seduction, nick savoy, jeremy soul The major men's magazine delves into the mysteries of the brain to find out what makes men and women tick. Along the way they get some help from Love Systems' own Nick Savoy and Jeremy Soul.

No date this year?  Time you brushed up on your “womenthink.”  FHM's graphical analysis shows you what your brain is doing and how you can use scientifically-proven techniques to increase your success with women.