Phone Game

Phone game, Girls Gone Wild, text game, call back humor Phone Game

Let's say you've met a girl at a bar, a club, a game, the beach. You asked for her phone number and she actually gave it to you. Now it's a day or two later and you want to see her again. It's time to give her a call, but you don't want to blow it. What is the winning move here? Let's back up a little -- to the situation where you get her number.


Is how you dress affecting your chances of hooking up?

love systems, How you dress, grooming tips, fashion tips for men, pua forum Is how you dress affecting your chances of hooking up?

First Impressions: A Love Systems Approach

When it goes to attracting beautiful women, there’s good news and bad news.


Sorry ladies, there really is a science to pulling

love systems, pick up artist, how to meet women, where to meet women How to talk to women

Five guys walk into a bar — an Englishman, an Irishman, an Asian, a West Indian and a Jew. No, it’s not the first line of a joke, it’s what happened the other week when I, plus several other blokes of varying races and creeds, went to a nightclub to try and meet women after learning how to score on a course run by an organisation called Love Systems.


How to talk to women

how to talk to women, how to flirt with women, talk to women, what to say to women How to talk to women

Don't show off, go easy on compliments and be wary of 'pretty girls'. That's the sentiment expressed by author Alec Greven, author of The New York Times bestselling book titled, "How To Talk To Girls"


Love Systems’ First Visit to Oslo (DinSide Magazine)

love systems, DinSide Magazine, PUA training, pick up girls Love Systems’ First Visit to Oslo

This weekend, the world’s greatest pickup guys came to Oslo. Read about our meeting with the superstars of pickup during their first visit here in an exlusive English translation of the DinSide article.


Tyra Banks Show with Savoy – The Bro Code / Secret Code of Men

pick up artist, how to meet beautiful women, tyra banks, savoy, bro code, secret code of men Supermodel Tyra Banks caught the buzz about Love Systems and wanted to test whether it really works. So the Tyra Banks Show asked whether they could film two of the world’s top pickup artists (PUAs) training an average guy to get dates, phone numbers, and more. Then she invited Savoy and Braddock onto the Tyra show to answer some tough questions from Tyra Banks herself. Is it really possible for average guys to learn how to date or seduce beautiful women from Love Systems?
And would Tyra Banks believe her eyes?



8 Woman-Approved Tips From Pick-Up Bootcamp

pua training, pick up lines, 8 woman-approved tips, bootcamp, asylum 8 Woman-Approved Tips From Pick-Up Bootcamp

Last week, I attended Day 1 of the Love Systems Pick-Up Boot Camp, where some of the world's best pick-up artists teach techniques to help hapless dudes "attract beautiful women in any situation." As a huge fan of "The Game," I was psyched to get a window into the insulated world of the master PUA.


How to pick up a Playmate

pick up a playmate, love systems, neil strauss the game, mystery pickup artist Picking up what you previously imagined was unattainable

So you’re at a hot party or event, having a cocktail, and suddenly notice a Playmate. Normally, you wouldn’t have guts or game to nab a Playmate, but following my tips below, the next time you’re looking at a '10' across the room, you’ll be prepared to close the deal.


Expert advice: getting back with the ex "from FHM Online"

1) Ask yourself, “Is she really is worth the effort?”

If you get her back, are you sure you’re going to want her? Or are your feelings just the result of wanting what you can’t have? The first step, which is the most important, is to make sure you’re not seeking her to just serve your competitive urges.


"No more Mr. Nice Guy?" from The Sydney Morning Herald

No more Mr. Nice guy, sydney morning herald, love systems, dating tips for men, how to be a bad boy

The other day I was out for dinner with a group of friends when a guy named Fred motioned me over, desperate to brag about his newfound sexual prowess. "I always used to be the nice guy when it came to women," he told me. "I'd be the guy to take them out for dinner after expensive dinner, pay for everything, treat them like a lady, only to find that they'd go back and have sex with their cad of an ex-boyfriend. I was sick of it. I want to be the bad guy that was getting lucky!"