The Love Guru Tells Us What Women Really Want To Hear

love guru, what women really want, women want, what women want from men The Love Guru Tells Us What Women Really Want To Hear

Being a single man in New York City is easy for some, but for others -- not so much. For those who aren't born with the gift of smoothness, there's Love Systems, a company that guarantees it could mold your average Screech into the smoothest guy in the room.


Here’s How You Pick Up Women During the Day

day game, jeremy soul, love systems, pick up artist Here’s How You Pick Up Women During the Day

Meet Jeremy Soul, an expert at day game. Metro went with him around town.


Sympathy for the Skeezy conference, pickup lines, Sympathy for the skeezy, Las Vegas Weekly, picking up women Sympathy for the Skeezy

Las Vegas Weekly reporter sits in on the Love Systems Super Conference and finds that most guys aren't out to get laid - they're just trying to fit in.


Girls Gone Wild Nov 2009

Girls gone wild, the art of pickup, GGW, pick up artist The Art of the Pickup: Dating

Dating tips from Savoy in the latest edition of the Girls Gone Wild magazine.



Seduction School

day game, Mr. M, pickup artist, seduction school, magic bullets Seduction School

Norwegian men are on course to make themselves attractive.


Seduction on the Streets of Stockholm

The Local, day game, fast seduction, want to meet women, fast seduction Seduction on the Streets of Stockholm

Wooed into learning the art of seduction, The Local’s Christine Demsteader follows a group of men in pursuit of a pick-up artist’s secrets in Stockholm.


The No-Fail Pickup Plan

pick up girls, pickup plan, dealing with logistics, mens fitness The No-Fail Pickup Plan

Our 5-Step Guide For Getting The Girl You Want...Tonight


Cure your approach anxiety

opinion openers, approach anxiety, overcome rejection, pua, You see an attractive woman at a bar, coffee shop, or party. You want to go talk to her…when all of a sudden that nervous feeling shows up. Sound familiar?


How To Pick Up Women on Airplanes - Pickup Lines for Travel

where to meet women, how to meet women, meet women on airplanes, travel, esquire How To Pick Up Women on Airplanes - Pickup Lines for Travel

A step-by-step guide to picking up that most elusive of holiday pleasures: the woman in Seat 18F


Phone Game

Phone game, Girls Gone Wild, text game, call back humor Phone Game

Let's say you've met a girl at a bar, a club, a game, the beach. You asked for her phone number and she actually gave it to you. Now it's a day or two later and you want to see her again. It's time to give her a call, but you don't want to blow it. What is the winning move here? Let's back up a little -- to the situation where you get her number.