Nick Savoy Gives Love Systems-Approved Dating Tips to

AskMen offers a lot of advice to guys, and when it came to dating tips they sought out Nick Savoy.  Watch two exclusive videos as Savoy explains the ins and outs of First Dates, as well as the rules for wingmen (get these wrong and your night will end in disaster!).

Called "the greatest site known to men" AskMen has a little bit of everything from dating tips to fashion, entertainment, news, and more.


Cajun Unleashes His Inner Player for Game Magazine

Canada has plenty of elite pick up artists, but when Game Magazine sought out the best they interviewed Cajun.  Listen in as the master of body language discusses self confidence, inner game, and his powerful techniques on how to become your ideal self.  You can also watch as the lucky Cajun gets to star in his own photoshoot with a hot blonde model!

Follow Cajun's advice by thinking of your ideal self, who you want to be, and then acting like him.  One day, you'll find you are that person.


Nick Savoy Discusses Pick Up and How to Become a Love Systems Instructor on WCCO's Chad Hartman Show

When a local newspaper ran a story on the pickup phenomena in Minneapolis, WCCO's Chad Hartman went straight to the source and secured an exclusive interview with Nick Savoy!  Listen in as he discusses how Love Systems is changing men's lives all around the world, and exactly what it takes to join the elite team of Love Systems instructors.  Maybe you can too!

Chad hosts the Chad Hartman Show every afternoon on WCCO-AM in Minneapolis, covering news and current events.


The Toronto Star Sneaks a Peek at a Bootcamp with Tenmagnet and Cajun

"Pick-up knowledge is power."  And that powerful knowledge is shared by Tenmagnet and Cajun in all of their exclusive Love Systems bootcamps.  At a recent event a reporter from the Toronto Star tagged along to get the inside scoop.  Check out what he learned in this extremely rare sneak peek at the teachings of the Canadian masters.

The Toronto Star is Canada's largest daily newspaper with the largest readership in the country.


Cajun Reveals Love Systems Secrets on "The X" CIXX-FM

When it came time for Fanshawe College's "The X" radio station to do an expose on the pickup community, they went to an expert. Host Ryan Crits spoke with Canada's own Cajun for nearly thirty minutes and covered everything from advice and techniques to the current state of the dating science world.

CIXX-FM, "The X," is one of the hottest stations in London, Ontario.


Biskit Introduces Love Systems to the Francophone Media on 109

The art of seduction is often lost in a culture split up by virtual communication and social media. While most interactions are managed by internet sites, rules for seduction have to be re-learned, especially in the real world where most men don't even know how to approach a woman in a bar or a café anymore. In the 109  documentary "Love at All Costs" director Marie-Élaine Chénier watches Biskit, a Love Systems instructor, as he teaches eager young men how they too can be successful in love.

109, a news show on the influential Canadian Media outlet RDI, sits in on a Love Systems Francophone Bootcamp with Biskit.


ABC's Nightline Investigates the Love Systems Super Conference

The Super Conference is the biggest event in dating science each year, so it should come as no surprise that it attracted the attention of major media outlets.  Not all of them are allowed to see what happens behind closed doors, but those that are learn just a fraction of the amazing things Love Systems is doing for men.

Nightline, ABC's late-night television news program, takes a peek behind the curtain at this year's Super Conference.


Jeremy Soul Teaches British Music Star Navin Kundra to Find Love in Asiana Magazine

"It's never too late to start."  "Confidence comes from practice."  These concepts and more were part of British singer Navin Kundra's lessons in love when he went to a Love Systems bootcamp with daytime dating guru Jeremy Soul.  Witness his transformation from absolutely useless in the dating arena to enjoying newfound success with women!

Asiana, the premiere UK magazine for Asian women, takes an unbiased look at the Love Systems methodology from the perspective of the student and the women he dates.


Girls Gone Wild Checks out Daytime Dating with Jeremy Soul

"When I see someone I'm interested in, I want to be able to meet her right away, not hope to see her on some dark dance-floor sometime."  As you probably know, Jeremy Soul is the pioneer and world's number one expert on Day Game.  Girls Gone Wild gets the inside scoop on Soul's new breakthrough book, Daytime Dating: Never Sleep Alone!

Girls Gone Wild, the magazine with the hottest, sexiest, and wildest girls next door, has got your dating life covered by partnering with Nick Savoy and Love Systems.


Slitz Goes to the Daytime Dating Source in an Interview with Jeremy Soul

"Learn the art of getting a catch in broad daylight with one of the world’s greatest on the subject!"  Jeremy Soul sits down for in-depth interview to describe his thoughts on the evolution of dating science, day game, and his personal beliefs.

Slitz, the Swedish men's magazine focusing on entertainment, fashion, and image, has the inside scoop.