Mr. M Sits Down With VirtualDatingAssistants to Discuss Text and Phone Game

Mr. M, co-author of the Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game with Braddock, is a veteran Love Systems instructor and master of phone game. When the guys over at VirtualDatingAssistants were looking for the perfect guest for their podcast on Text and Phone Game their choice was obvious. Listen to Mr. M discuss the pros and cons of phone and text, why inner game is so important, the best texts for certain situations, his secrets of callback humor, and much more.

VirtualDatingAssistants is a site dedicated to helping men meet women online and succeed with them in the real world.


You've Got feMAIL - The Medium Checks Out The Gentleman's Guide to Online Dating by Cajun

While online dating is more popular than ever, it's by no means easy. Lots of guys can find women online (on dating sites or Facebook) but have trouble actually attracting them and moving the interaction away from the computer. In this new article one of the staff writers at The Medium admits to his own online dating misadventures and explains how the Gentleman's Guide can help!

Serving the students and community of the University of Toronto Mississauga, The Medium features news, opinion, A&E, and much more.


Dating Doctor Mark V and the Art of Seduction in Dutch NUL38 Magazine

In his latest media appearance Mark submits to an in-depth interview that ranges from his childhood and goals to the definition of Love Systems, what happens when he goes out, and his future ambitions.


SF Appeal Offers a Woman's Perspective on a Nick Hoss Bootcamp

Nick Hoss has exploded onto the PUA scene in recent months, and he was recently the subject of an in-depth article on SF Appeal. One of their female reporters sat in on Hoss' bootcamp to reveal what really goes on behind the scenes, and how it's not what a lot of people think. As she describes, Nick Hoss is leading the way in a whole new PUA movement!

The San Francisco Appeal is the city's most popular online newspaper bringing headlines and interest stories to the Bay Area.


Cajun Reveals His Secrets to Dating Skills Review

Cajun is one of the most popular PUA Dating Coaches in the world, and so it's no surprise he's in high demand for interviews. Cajun sits down to discuss everything from his introduction to Game to becoming an instructor, appearing on "Keys to the VIP," his specialties in body language and physical escalation, tips for new guys, and much more!

The largest database of dating advice for men on the internet, Dating Skills Review covers everything that's happening in the dating science world with consumer and editor reviews and in depth interviews.


Nick Savoy Gives Love Systems-Approved Dating Tips to

AskMen offers a lot of advice to guys, and when it came to dating tips they sought out Nick Savoy.  Watch two exclusive videos as Savoy explains the ins and outs of First Dates, as well as the rules for wingmen (get these wrong and your night will end in disaster!).

Called "the greatest site known to men" AskMen has a little bit of everything from dating tips to fashion, entertainment, news, and more.


Cajun Unleashes His Inner Player for Game Magazine

Canada has plenty of elite pick up artists, but when Game Magazine sought out the best they interviewed Cajun.  Listen in as the master of body language discusses self confidence, inner game, and his powerful techniques on how to become your ideal self.  You can also watch as the lucky Cajun gets to star in his own photoshoot with a hot blonde model!

Follow Cajun's advice by thinking of your ideal self, who you want to be, and then acting like him.  One day, you'll find you are that person.


Nick Savoy Discusses Pick Up and How to Become a Love Systems Instructor on WCCO's Chad Hartman Show

When a local newspaper ran a story on the pickup phenomena in Minneapolis, WCCO's Chad Hartman went straight to the source and secured an exclusive interview with Nick Savoy!  Listen in as he discusses how Love Systems is changing men's lives all around the world, and exactly what it takes to join the elite team of Love Systems instructors.  Maybe you can too!

Chad hosts the Chad Hartman Show every afternoon on WCCO-AM in Minneapolis, covering news and current events.


The Toronto Star Sneaks a Peek at a Bootcamp with Tenmagnet and Cajun

"Pick-up knowledge is power."  And that powerful knowledge is shared by Tenmagnet and Cajun in all of their exclusive Love Systems bootcamps.  At a recent event a reporter from the Toronto Star tagged along to get the inside scoop.  Check out what he learned in this extremely rare sneak peek at the teachings of the Canadian masters.

The Toronto Star is Canada's largest daily newspaper with the largest readership in the country.


Cajun Reveals Love Systems Secrets on "The X" CIXX-FM

When it came time for Fanshawe College's "The X" radio station to do an expose on the pickup community, they went to an expert. Host Ryan Crits spoke with Canada's own Cajun for nearly thirty minutes and covered everything from advice and techniques to the current state of the dating science world.

CIXX-FM, "The X," is one of the hottest stations in London, Ontario.