What a (reformed) pickup artist taught me about modern dating

A few months ago, I wrote about my run-in with an area pickup artist (or PUA) and in short, advised readers to avoid them. My post caught the attention of Love System’s founder Nick Savoy (a reformed pickup artist turned relationship coach), whose team reached out to me last month with a challenge to prove wrong my conceptions of the pickup community, insisting that most PUAs are just “normal men looking for love.”


Cajun reveals to Esquire how to meet women on airplanes

Tips on how to meet women on airplanes 

Esquire visits Cajun to break down Virgin America's new-drink buying system and how you can utilize it to meet and pick up that hottie you saw boarding your flight! 


Chris Shepherd (Tenmagnet) Gives WGN Tips To Boost Your Dating Confidence

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Exclusive Tips From A Love Systems Veteran

Chris visits Chicago's WGN News to break down some of the most common myths and traps men fall into, with five great tips that you can use tonight to feel confident and be successful on your dates!


Playboy's The Smoking Jacket with Cajun & Tenmagnet

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Learning How To Love On The Ladies

Insight into one of the weekends at a Love Systems Bootcamp.  Learn how dating coaches give advice, help the students' efforts and send them out to "infield" for more.


CAVE Interview Series: Pick-Up Artist Nick Savoy

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Interview with the President of Love Systems

In life, there are certain texts that fall under the category of “required reading”. If you’re a male between the ages of 18 and 30, that list unquestionably includes Neil Strauss’ The Game.


Philadelphia's Rowan Radio 89.7 FM Discusses Love and Life with Gil Rio

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Love Systems Dating Coach Reveals All on "A Community Affair"

Gil Rio makes another media appearance, this time on the radio in Philadelphia! He discusses dating science specfic female psychology on how to meet and attract beautiful women.


Gil Rio Interviewed on Arizona's Power 98.3 FM

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Love Systems Tips Free Over The Airwaves

Popular dating coach Gil Rio discusses everything from setting expectations to what happens at a bootcamp, stripper game, and much more. He even takes questions live from listeners!


Relationship RX - Examiner.com

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Boost Your Dating Mojo With a Love Systems Seminar

Can't get her number? Don't fret. Our seminars have world-famous pick-up artists & dating coaches who share their best secrets in workshops, seminars and special events.


The Dating Game

I saw the term on Wikipedia this morning: Seduction lairs are an underground meeting group for men devoted to the study of seduction, as it is taught in the seduction community. They're all asking the same question: how do I find a woman?


AskMen Gets the Scoop on The Gentleman's Guide to Online Dating by Cajun

Cajun's new book The Gentleman's Guide to Online Dating is so revolutionary that even AskMen took notice. Full of incredibly useful information, this dating product for a new generation can and will increase your success meeting and attracting women online. AskMen examined the book and in this article reveal some of Cajun's best tips from selecting the perfect profile photo to writing about yourself, how to write messages, and even why it's so important to get her off of the dating site as soon as you can!

Called "the greatest site known to men" AskMen has a little bit of everything from dating tips to fashion, entertainment, news, and more.