5 Tips for Getting Over a Breakup Like a Man - Dating Advice for Men - Men's Fitness

So, she dumped you. We’ve all been there. But while some guys get right back on their feet, others seem to be stuck in a tailspin for months. Well, we want you to be the guy who gets right back out there. That's why we tapped Nick Savoy, the author of the Magic Bullets Handbook and a master instructor with Love Systems, for five tips on how to bounce back fast.


The Pick Up: 4 Texting Mistakes You Don't Want to Make | Playboy

If you’re good at texting—especially flirting through text—you’re going to have more success with women. We’ve already done an intro on how to text women so today let’s flip things around and cover what not to text.


5 Ways to Break the Ice with a New Woman - Pickup Lines that Actually Work - Men's Fitness

Worried about coming off as creepy when conversing with the girl you've got your eye on? Try these opening lines…instead of whatever you were going to say.


The 5 Steps to Dating Multiple Women | Playboy

Most men want some sexual variety. It’s in our biology. A common dilemma for guys is whether to be in an exclusive relationship with the woman they’re dating or stick to one-night stands and friends with benefits. Most men think that having a great relationship and dating multiple women is impossible. At least, not without sneaking around.


The Holiday Pick-up: Meet Women on the Road

Some guys have their best success with women while traveling. Others never meet anyone. Like most things in the dating world, the men who succeed are the ones who know the right things to do and then get off their butts to go do them. To be a winner in love when you’re off traveling, try these four tips:


How to Get Laid on the First Date

Let’s face it: For most guys, if you’re interested in a woman enough to pursue her, ask her out, and take her on a date, then you’re probably interested enough to want to take things in a physical direction, too. So, how do you make sure the night ends with fun in your bed instead of a hug on her doorstep? Nick Savoy, publisher of Date! The Proven Handbook for Men is here to supply some tips.


What a (reformed) pickup artist taught me about modern dating

A few months ago, I wrote about my run-in with an area pickup artist (or PUA) and in short, advised readers to avoid them. My post caught the attention of Love System’s founder Nick Savoy (a reformed pickup artist turned relationship coach), whose team reached out to me last month with a challenge to prove wrong my conceptions of the pickup community, insisting that most PUAs are just “normal men looking for love.”


Cajun reveals to Esquire how to meet women on airplanes

Tips on how to meet women on airplanes 

Esquire visits Cajun to break down Virgin America's new-drink buying system and how you can utilize it to meet and pick up that hottie you saw boarding your flight! 


Chris Shepherd (Tenmagnet) Gives WGN Tips To Boost Your Dating Confidence

wgn, wgn news, wgn chicago, chris shepherd, tenmagnet, dating confidence, dating tips

Exclusive Tips From A Love Systems Veteran

Chris visits Chicago's WGN News to break down some of the most common myths and traps men fall into, with five great tips that you can use tonight to feel confident and be successful on your dates!


Playboy's The Smoking Jacket with Cajun & Tenmagnet

rowan radio, philadelphia, 897 fm, gil rio, love systems

Learning How To Love On The Ladies

Insight into one of the weekends at a Love Systems Bootcamp.  Learn how dating coaches give advice, help the students' efforts and send them out to "infield" for more.