"No more Mr. Nice Guy?" from The Sydney Morning Herald

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The other day I was out for dinner with a group of friends when a guy named Fred motioned me over, desperate to brag about his newfound sexual prowess. "I always used to be the nice guy when it came to women," he told me. "I'd be the guy to take them out for dinner after expensive dinner, pay for everything, treat them like a lady, only to find that they'd go back and have sex with their cad of an ex-boyfriend. I was sick of it. I want to be the bad guy that was getting lucky!"


Cosmo reports on "Booty Bootcamps"

New York correspondent BEC COUCHE discovers the lengths men will go to for love

Last month Love Systems held a workshop in Australia. “Sheriff”, who introduced the course here, says: “Australian males are seen as confident, attractive men. It’s macho culture. [But] if a guy doesn’t fit into that, women perhaps won’t look twice, and they need skills to stand up to that arrogant Aussie male stereotype.”


Develop a genuinely successful pick up routine" from FHM"

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You see a beautiful woman at the pub. You’d like to meet her, but she’s surrounded by friends. Do you:
A) Use a cheesy pick up line, like “What’s your sign?”
B) Ask her the same boring questions that she’s heard from every other guy, like “Where are you from” and “What do you do?”
C) Give up, and settle for a girl you’re not really attracted to.


Learning Their Lines from The Boston Globe

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My friend and I visited Gypsy Bar not long ago to watch a group of guys test their pickup skills. The men desperately wanted to know whether their lines were effective - mainly because they had paid about $3,000 to learn them.

They were students of Love Systems, a pick-up training program that claims to teach men how to decode "female psychology" for the purposes of dating.


Lawrence Leung learns from Pick Up Artist Savoy on Choose Your Own Adventure

Enjoy this video of Pick Up Artist / Dating Coach Nick Savoy helping Lawrence Leung find his dream girl on the Australian show “Choose Your Own Adventure."



FHM asks Savoy for Your Valentine's Day Blueprint

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What you do on Valentine's Day really depends on your status.  If you are totally committed, do the traditional boyfriend thing.  If you're single, Valentine's Day is a great night to meet women.  But if you're just casually dating, Valentine's Day is not your friend.  But if you're in this position, relax - at Love Systems, we've written a 'Blueprint' to help guide you.


FHM Online takes a look at the Art of the Wingman

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A "wingman" or "wing" is no longer a term used strictly by fighter pilots and aviation junkies. Today's use of wingman can also be applied to a friend who is willing to fall on the proverbial grenade in order to help you score a beautiful girl. Whether you’re a natural with women or not, your wingman’s skills can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful night on the town. In fact, a wingman today is your first mate in the meeting beautiful women.  He is not your competition, nor is he your crutch when you're game is too weak. No, a wingman is your number one fan, a teammate in the game of meeting women who don't roll solo. 


Norwegian magazine DinSide covers a Love Systems bootcamp

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Norwegian magazine DinSide covers a bootcamp with instructors Soul, Mr. M, and Keychain in the in-depth article "De forforer deg pa minutter." (Norwegian)




NY Post Investigates Love Systems

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A New York Post writer takes a bootcamp and learns the ropes in "A 'Booty' Camp for Wannabe Players."




5.0 Meets The Streets

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Even celebrities come to us to improve their dating lives!
Watch what happened when 5.0 taught UK hip-hop band, The Streets, the art of pick up and day game.