GameAxis Magazine Presents Becoming a Gaming Don Juan With Jeremy Soul

GameAxis, Don Juan, Jermey Soul, girls and video games, pick up artist Becoming a Gaming Don Juan - A GameAxis Valentine Special

So it’s February, a special month for couples to be sharing sweet moments and personal quirks. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be spending Valentine’s with a significant other bit by the same gaming bug as you are. If you’re not, don’t fret; GameAxis will help you through these awkward moments of non-gaming love. 


FHM Studies the Science of Seduction with Professors Nick Savoy and Jeremy Soul

pua, pick up artist, science of seduction, nick savoy, jeremy soul The major men's magazine delves into the mysteries of the brain to find out what makes men and women tick. Along the way they get some help from Love Systems' own Nick Savoy and Jeremy Soul.

No date this year?  Time you brushed up on your “womenthink.”  FHM's graphical analysis shows you what your brain is doing and how you can use scientifically-proven techniques to increase your success with women.


Jeremy Soul Tells a Swedish Newspaper That He Can Help Anyone Get a Girl

Jeremy Soul, How to get a girl,  help anyone get a girl, Get any girl Major Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet interviews Jeremy Soul on his pick up and teaching techniques.

Today Jeremy Soul teaches the art of dating. As a school boy back in England he was very shy. “Only when I was 18 did I become able to talk to girls. Now I think of it as any other skill. Just like you can go to a gym to get stronger, you can train your social ability.”


Jeremy Soul Demonstrates His Day Game Skills on Swedish Television

Jeremy Soul, Day game, Swedish television, pickup artist Jeremy Soul shows off his Day Game skills on Aftonbladet TV in Sweden

Watch as Jeremy Soul does what he's best known for as he stops beautiful women on the streets of Sweden.  Also included are commentaries and live discussion with one of the women!


Jeremy Soul teaches Day Game on Norway's P4 Radio

Jeremy soul, day game, norway, P4 radio, What to say to women Jeremy Soul gives a lesson on the art of Day Game to radio host Anders van Dahl of P4 Radio in Norway

Anders van Dahl of P4 (Norway’s national radio) invited Jeremy Soul for an interview on what he does best: Day Game.  What started out as a discussion turned into live coaching, and with Jeremy’s assistance Anders approached women in the daytime on the streets of Oslo for the first time!


The Economist Examines Dating in the Downturn

pick up lines, PUA training, fun date ideas, first date ideas, cheap date ideas The Economist Examines "Dating in the Downturn"

What online-dating sites are learning from pick-up artists.


The Love Guru Tells Us What Women Really Want To Hear

love guru, what women really want, women want, what women want from men The Love Guru Tells Us What Women Really Want To Hear

Being a single man in New York City is easy for some, but for others -- not so much. For those who aren't born with the gift of smoothness, there's Love Systems, a company that guarantees it could mold your average Screech into the smoothest guy in the room.


Here’s How You Pick Up Women During the Day

day game, jeremy soul, love systems, pick up artist Here’s How You Pick Up Women During the Day

Meet Jeremy Soul, an expert at day game. Metro went with him around town.


Sympathy for the Skeezy conference, pickup lines, Sympathy for the skeezy, Las Vegas Weekly, picking up women Sympathy for the Skeezy

Las Vegas Weekly reporter sits in on the Love Systems Super Conference and finds that most guys aren't out to get laid - they're just trying to fit in.


Girls Gone Wild Nov 2009

Girls gone wild, the art of pickup, GGW, pick up artist The Art of the Pickup: Dating

Dating tips from Savoy in the latest edition of the Girls Gone Wild magazine.