The Don is a USC alum, originally hailing from NY, who currently lives and approaches women in the city of Los Angeles. In his civilian life, he is an accomplished writer, having sold and optioned several screenplays over the past several years.

A member of Mensa and an avid reader, The Don uses a combination of intelligence, humor and strategy to find and attract women of top quality; inside and out. In seminar, he focuses on teaching students the external tactics to generate attraction and internal ways to reshape their beliefs regarding what they are capable of with women. He believes firmly that success with women is a teachable skill and prides himself on being able to demonstrate and communicate Love Systems to help men transform their lives.


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The Don was the lead instructor and I honestly believe that many of my teachers and professors throughout high school and college could learn alot from him. He handled the classroom with efficiency and ease and got through all of the material in good time. In the field I had major approach anxiety and he pushed me into approaching women and even came in and saved me from awkwardness a couple times. The ease in which he handles himself both in the class and in the field was really impressive.

Source: The Attraction Forums.

I just want to say that the bootcamp was really useful for me. It helped me to fill up the dark spots of my game and it's very impressive how different is to read about things than to listen to them and see them in the field. I got a lay immediately after I came back from Stockholm with a really hot woman that I would not have probably even approached before and I think that sums it all up. It was, all in all, a great experience that I only discovered in its entirety when putting all that knowledge into action after the weekend. Very recommended.

Source: The Attraction Forums.

(The Don is) the most natural of all the instructors, an alpha male with great bantering and role-playing skills. A little older (early 30s) which was good because he had a ton of real world experience to add to the theoretical stuff that he talked about during the day. Every question he had an answer for, and he seemed especially knowledgeable about relationship management. Real easy to wing with as well, I have a second date with a woman I approached with him the second night.

Source: The Attraction Forums.