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Jon Sinn, aka Jonathan Lee, is a powerful Pick up Artist (PUA) instructor, famous for teaching Love Systems bootcamps. Sinn wrote the introduction to the powerful Magic Bullets Handbook (the “Bible” of dating and seduction for men) stating: “if there is any ‘magical’ way to get better with women, be it attracting, building or maintaining great relationships, it’s contained within these pages...”
As an instructor going all the way back to the The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed days and then with Love Systems, Sinn has been featured on a number of volumes of the interview series, including:
“This is essentially the ‘nuts and bolts’ of opening, defined. There are so many fine details explained, in an easy to understand way that, after listening to this, there will be absolutely no way to fail at opening ANY girl or group and transitioning into ‘attract game.’ If you open correctly, you will attract her and SHE will seduce YOU. Savoy and Sinn clearly know the game and revel in dissecting it to save you any trouble.” 
I have just changed my mind about stories because Sinn and Future’s breakdown of the elements of strong stories; it has suddenly clicked for me. A huge topic they talk about is what topics to avoid at all costs because they will subcommunicate that you are low value. This segment alone made the disc worth it for me. Finally, the segment on humor outlined how attraction humor is much different than humor for humor's sake, and how to get the most out of attraction humor. Awesome.” 
“This is the best of the audio series so far. After you've listened, you will agree how good this is because ‘if you own the frame, you own the game.’ This disk is your fix. If you've ever had trouble with controlling the frame of the interaction, that shouldn't be a problem anymore. I'm grading this an A, and I want to see more like this. It’s the new benchmark.”
“Identity is not the job you do... it's who you are at the core. Who YOU are is way more important to girls than your day job.  This volume is another important piece in your overall framework; it's going to help you display your value in an interesting way and make more intimate connections.   You shouldn't miss this one, especially if you have flake issues or trouble creating rapport. I got a huge amount of info out of it!”
“Personally, I think this is one of the most important volumes to help your game.  It explains how to calibrate your IOIs and IODs properly and how to make the girl jump through your hoops.  You also learn how to give the girl legitimate IOIs for qualifying herself to you and how to give her IOIs when her personality is not that developed. Sinn's most important statement: ‘Once you hint at accepting her, then at not accepting her.’”
“This is the volume I like most so far and with it, I'll likely overcome my biggest sticking point.  Sinn and Savoy outline in detail what they are doing exactly with a phone number: when to text, when to call, what to say etc. They are giving out "new stuff" that works better than any other information I collected so far on Phone Game. They really know their stuff and you immediately realize that this stuff has been intensively field-tested.”
“First off I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for releasing this volume in perfect timing for my date.  It covers pretty much everything there is to know about getting physical.  I focused on this a lot on my date (I'm usually not a touchy guy) and it really is a trip when stuff actually works just like they say.  I applied a lot of what was on this volume and even did the TV Test (which was gold!) which led to a very successful kiss close and fun night. 10/10!”
“All I can say is "WOW!" This volume has helped my Seduction game tremendously. I never had problems attracting girls before, but it was that final step that never seemed to work for me. No longer! The discussion and tips for dealing with the dreaded Last Minute Resistance are worth the price alone.”
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